July Edition

Friends! How Are You?

As you may have realized by now, I have been kicking butts across social media. The primary targets of my heels have been doubts and fear. With a team of fantastic designers and Wordpress experts, I have been learning - at my age - how to design my blog, HTML coding, social media marketing and much more.

Lots of changes have taken places in the last month - one of which has been the move from using Vertical Response to Mailchimp. While I hope it is the last move - who knows! As the 'construction' continues, fine-tuning the services and support that I offer and making it easier for you to access me are my objectives Please bear with me.

So, Who Is Kicking With Me?

Last month, invitations were sent to everyone on my list to give me a very brief introduction of themselves. With that, I would choose two people to take the a personal Kick Butt walk with me.Honestly, many of you did not respond - and that is okay.

Gave it some thought and I came to the conclusion that maybe we need more time to get to know each other. I offer private coaching and support to several clients and would love to do the same with you - no strings attached. That is the whole idea behind the offer - to support a couple of you as we move into 2016.

So, I am extending this offer for one more month and those who are interested will need to complete and return a short questionnaire. If you would like to participate, or know someone who might benefit from straightforward, no-hype, no b.s., practical support from someone who is walking the talk daily - write to me with "I Am Ready" in the subject line.

Forgot what I have in store for you on this KB journey? Visit my website and get the details from the June Newsletter.

Much love,

Coach and Founder, Daughters of Sheba Foundation

June's Best

June 18

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July's Joy

This month here is what I would like you to remember - Joy is a daily activity. It is free and everywhere if you are open to it.

Despite what you might have heard, no one can give you or take joy away from you. A friend, a family member or a lover may cause you pain, but they cannot take your joy.

In any moment throughout this month that you feel a threat of losing your joy, go find a quiet place, close your eyes and speak to these words to Her softly or loudly, whichever way you think she will hear you best.

"Joy, I need you more than ever right now."

Watch the magic happen.

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