November 2015 Edition

50 Days To Go!

Whether you observe it or not, you will be hearing carols and bells soon. Christmas is just over 50 days away by the time you are reading this and my question to you is - how will you be passing the Season this year?

However, you decide to celebrate or just let the bells toll in the background - one thing is for sure, you will not fail to recognize that 2015 is coming to an end. Last issue, I asked you whether you have checked your list of resolutions or, if you are like me, your Vision Board to see what might be left for you to achieve. Have you done that?

Being accountable to ourselves is so important. There is no pressure to meet every goal you set at the beginning of the year. At the same time, if those goals were SMART ones, then the question is - why have you not made any progress on them?

If you have visited my blog recently, you would have noticed a few changes and additions. The one that most excites me is that I have created a "Letting Go" section, highlighting all our posts on one of the most troubling issues for many. How to release and move on and away from people, things and even situations that are no longer supporting your growth. Please check it out and make use of the information and tools available there if you feel that you are hanging on to "stuff" that is preventing you from reaching those goals or having your intentions manifest in your life.

Also on the blog, I shared my Fear S.W.A.P © tool for readers to use to help switching from fear-based reactions to faith-driven choices. Again, this might be something for you to use over the next 50+ days to help bring into your experience those last desires that you named at the beginning of 2015. 

I so want 2016 to be the best year of your and my lives! We can all create that - according to our idea and definition of success! What does that really mean for you - success? How does it look? Why not drop me a line and let us together start painting a picture of our Success Year - 2016? Something that I always say to my close friends is that I wholeheartedly celebrate their achievements because I know that when you fly with eagles - nothing but the best can come to you.

Let me fly with you into and during 2016. Send me an email and let us together chart the course.

As always, I love you and wish for you a notoriously wonderful November!

Coach and Founder, Daughters of Sheba Foundation

October's Best

October 1, 2015

Each month, the article that was the most popular for the previous month is highlighted here.


Where I Need To BE

As always, here is the link to this month's KB Life poster - one that I hope you will download, print and keep where you will see it most often.

This month's affirmation poster has a simple message - be still and allow Life to guide you. All the goals and intentions that you set earlier in the year or even today - listen in stillness for the best way to proceed.



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