When you feel there is a dead area in your life, all you need is a touch of Jesus to bring it back to life.
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"Do not be afraid; only believe." Mark 5:36 NKJV


Dear Beautiful,

If we look on the news today we will see nothing but sadness and discouragement. Each day shows just how much this world is getting worse and how less we can rely on the people in it. It’s like everywhere we turn it’s another reason to lose our hope and faith. People around you speaking death, no life in their words, innocent people are dying in the hands of those we are to feel protected by. Discouraging results are given to us by those we seek to give us answers on our health. It is even to the point of some of us losing our lives because of the faith we claim to have. If we took a second to observe what is really going on in the world, we would question, “Where is God?

God is right there, He is here, He has already been here waiting on us to believe in Him and not what we see and hear in the world. See God knows everything that is going on, and He has equipped us with what we need to endure what’s next to come. If only we would just believe; as Jesus said in Mark 5:36 “Don’t be afraid, just believe”, we can see the impossible occur. We have to believe that God will come around just in time. He will cure us just in time. He will open the right doors just in time. He will protect us at all times; if only we believe!

To summarize the story in Mark 5, where Jesus brings back to life a little girl: Jesus was on His way to see about a little girl that was dying and needed immediate attention from a healer. On His way there, word had gotten back to Him and the girl’s father that she had already died. While everyone was going crazy and started mourning, Jesus asked what's with all the chaos, and told them to not be afraid, but to just believe. Now, let’s just pause for a second, the girl was dead as in she was no longer breathing; but Jesus ignored the chaos around Him and continued on His mission. What Jesus did next, once He arrived on the scene, was something we as Christians need to start doing, and that is kicking out the negative. Jesus kicked out all those who had lost their hope and demanded only those who still had faith and was full of hope to come inside with Him. If He had allowed all the negativity to come into the home it could have interfered with the miracle. Jesus only allowed the mother, the father, and His disciples to follow Him inside. Then Jesus touched the little girl and commanded her to get up; for in His words she was just “sleeping”, and just like that the girl was awaken and alive by the voice and touch of Jesus. Amazing right? Just like that, what once was dead was now alive.

Well Jesus is still very much here and working miracles every single day. There may be something dead in your life right now, but I am here to tell you that God wants to bring it back alive. You may think it is dead, God says it was just sleeping. Don’t dwell on the news you read and see every day. Ignore what everyone is saying around you. Starting today, no more living in fear, it’s good to be informed about what is going on in the world but don’t let it bring you to the point of you losing hope. Life is not over. YOUR life is not over! If you are still here, then God is not finished with you, and He wants you to stop being afraid, and instead BELIEVE.

Believe that peace will overflow, believe that there is another solution, believe the impossible can be done with God, believe that you will pass the tests, believe that you will graduate, believe that you will be blessed with a godly spouse, believe that your family will be on one accord with love, believe that you will get the job, believe that loneliness will dry up, believe that you will be blessed with friends, believe that you will have a healthy pregnancy, believe that your family member will make it, believe that your ministry will be have an impact, believe what God promised will come to pass, believe you music will be heard, believe your dreams will come to pass, believe your heart desires are on the way, believe your dry season will soon be over, believe your financial situation will get better, believe that your confidence will grow, believe you will feel God’s presence, believe you can move that mountain, believe that you will help save souls, believe that your tears will become joy, believe He has a plan for you, believe He will give you back what the devil stole, believe He is the healer and restorer for the brokenhearted, believe He will end your addictions. Just believe, and stop doubting and losing hope at the first sign of failure. Stop allowing satan to come in and steal the little faith that you have. Allow God to help build your faith by trusting in Him when it seems crazy to. When you feel there is a dead area in your life, all you need is a touch of Jesus to bring it back to life. So go into prayer and repent and ask God to forgive you for losing hope and that you will trust Him. Wait on Jesus’ touch and next thing you know those dead areas will come alive. Trust God and you will have peace in the middle of chaos. Live daily in a way that pleases Him and you will be blessed in ways you never thought possible, because I have never seen the righteous forsaken

Love Your Sis in Christ,

Brittany La'Vell

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