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Dear Community Members, Prospective Students and Families: In this issue, the Intellectual Virtues Academy, A Long Beach Public High School highlights some information about our science program to let you know what to expect from our classroom and labs.  This is the first in a series that discusses the Academy’s curriculum and why it has the support of some of the world’s leading experts in character education as we begin our search for our founding teachers.  

The Academy also reminds you that our fourth Information Night is this Thursday, January 14th, 6:30 p.m. at 3601 Linden Ave., Long Beach. Read more below!


Jan 14th  6:30 p.m.
Science, Innovation, and Wonder 
Science Curriculum Overview:
The scope, sequence and course descriptions for the Academy will be aligned to the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and  2016 Science Frameworks (Next Generation Science Standards, NGSS).  

The science curriculum at the Academy will promote wonder about the natural world in its past and present forms. It will provide students with an understanding of the scientific method through ongoing opportunities for scientific inquiry, while developing a genuine conceptual understanding of scientific principles and concepts. 

Scientific inquiry skills are embedded in the classroom dialogue, wherein students learn to ask scientific questions, form and test hypotheses, and use logic and evidence to draw conclusions about the concepts.  Lab activities reinforce critical thinking, writing, and communication skills and help students develop a deeper understanding of the nature of science.

Conceptual Physics:
In 9th grade, all Academy students will enroll in a Conceptual Physics course, in keeping with the Physics First approach to science and Next Generation Science recommendations. Placing physics first exposes students to the discipline that provides the foundation for understanding technology and engineering concepts and provides real-world connections to mathematical concepts. Students explore their own notions about common, everyday phenomena, discuss their observations with peers, practice data collection and graphing techniques, and draw conclusions that can be tested.

This physics foundation can provide a basis of understanding of the more abstract concepts of chemistry and biology. Threaded throughout the course are the CCSS Literacy Standards, so students can apply learned concepts as they hone their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. 
(Explore some online resources:  CK12 and Phet Colorado.)
Please email, Dr. Michelle Tubbs, Director of Curriculum and Instruction with any questions regarding curriculum.
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If you would like to distribute brochures to your community, please let us know. We have brochures in English, Spanish and Khmer. 

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We are seeking interested parents and students to join our founding community association. Your feedback is important to us. This is a wonderful way to become involved, take a leadership role, and participate in making our community unique. Contact Summer Sanders if you are interested. All ideas are encouraged and respected. 
All students who would like to attend the Academy must submit an application. You will not see us on the LBUSD Choice application. All applicants can apply online or mail an application c/o The Academy. 3601 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90804.
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