What have we said on dating, sex, and true intimacy?
Dating someone who doesn't like your "Jesus talk"? Read, "Exit Stage Left." 
Listen to our interview with Bryan Sands, campus pastor at Hope International University and founder of the blog, Everyone Loves Sex: So Why Wait?, on "Why Hookups Are No Hook Up."
Listen to our radio interview,  “Sexual Abstinence: Understanding Who You Are and Whose You Are.”
In society's crush with the world, they've cheated themselves out of true love and intimacy. Read, "Fifty Shades of Chains." 

What is Voices Against the Grain? 

Founded in May 2013 by Nicole D. Hayes, Voices Against the Grain is a Washington, D.C.-based bold teaching ministry that offers written and broadcast content to help audiences “advance God’s Kingdom in a ‘do your own thing’ society.” Voices Against the Grain (VATG) operates with four key objectives: 1) to bring clarity and restoration from deception, 2) to educate and equip believers and non-believers, 3) to encourage, and 4) to show love while sharing the truth. Voices Against the Grain content equips Believers by revealing Satan’s counterfeit schemes and directs them to the One who’s Word, promises and authority is truth and remains unchanged: Jesus Christ.

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Our Ministry Partners 

It is our joy and honor to collaborate and advance God’s Kingdom with the following ministry partners: 
pureHOPE pursues a world free of sexual exploitation and brokenness by providing Christian solutions in a sexualized culture. pureHOPE’s content, resources, and equipping events help people live out Jesus’ love, purity, and justice in this pornified society.
The Family Hope Line, founded by Dawn Bauer, helps struggling teens overcome challenges by making decisions that “positively impact their lives emotionally, personally, relationally, academically, physically and spiritually.”

Meet the VATG Team!

Whose favorite food is hot wings? Which team member enjoys watching ‘90s classics like Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Martin? Whose birthday is on New Year’s Day?

Learn more about Ana, Destiney, Herbert, Jason, Jill and Nicole. 
Hear Us Online 

Is God sovereign in world chaos? How will sin take you further than you want to go? Why are hookups no hookup? Will more laws stop crime? These and many other thought-provoking, peel-back-the-onion-layer topics have been discussed by guests via our online Voices Against the Grain radio show. Launched on September 4, 2013, the show topics help bring truth to deception, deliver clarity to confusion and provide restoration from brokenness so listeners can successfully navigate today’s challenging issues. Authentic testimonies and kingdom work expertise shared by show guests serve to encourage and equip listeners. Curious? Listen to previous conversations here.

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