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In this last installment of our Tales of Holiday Shopping may we present you with a question?  
In the deepest darkest depths of your soul... 

Do you miss having a Christmas stocking?

If so, join the club.  But is there a LAW that says no more Christmas stockings after a certain age?  Why?  It's only once a year.   

Join us in refusing to abide by this unspoken Christmas stocking tyranny.

But getting a stocking means giving a stocking (which is even a little more fun) so may we present some of our favorite stocking stuffer stuff.  Some things do cost a little more than those chocolate oranges, but the stuffing is up to the stuffer and there's something for everyone. 

Onward comrades!
 Papier Plume carries European sealing wax in dozens of beautiful colors, plus metallic highlighters, oil lamps and, BEST of all, a vast selection of seals.  

Each wax and seal purchase is packed in a little muslin bag with an instruction sheet and a link to our on-line demonstrations.
First image, from left:
~ Bortoletti interchangeable seals have Sapele wood handles accommodate
square gothic and round cursive initial tops as well as decorative and professional symbols. Also available: intricate handblown Murano glass handles in several colors.
~Brass Design seals use a laser to cut their petite and full size symbols and Florentine initials so their screw on tops are crisply detailed. Your choice of different hardwoods or Murano glass handle.  These work wonderfully with the Metallic Ink Pads
~ Petite interchangeable Fleur-de-Lis handle with screw on "coins" in initials and whimsical symbols.
~ From France, Potier d'Etain solid pewter seals with handles.  Very antique feeling creating dimensional, sculpture like seal. The oval Fleur-de-Lis seen in the right adjacent image is a favorite.
~ Brass Handle round or oval design seals from Italy in very Old World style designs.

Far right image, clockwise:
~ Four Murano glass handles for Brass Design seals
~ Bortoletti sealing wax lamps in Art Nouveau octagonal and simple cylindrical styles.  Also from Bortoletti: wax seal desk sets including a wax lamps and stand for your seal.
~ Large melting spoon, to mix and marble waxes.  Uses special wax "dots" or small cuts of stick wax.
~ Paraffin oil lamps are not required for melting wax (a candle will do) but they do elevate the experience, be they simple, like the one here, or ornate.

~ Little boxes of
metallic highlighter in silver, champagne (as shown) or bronze, copper and gold.

Flexible wax half-sticks to roll over a flame or use in a hot glue gun to make lot of seals fast.  Also available in full length sticks.

Interchangeable solid brass seals with your choice of handle.  Murano glass and different hardwoods available. 

Oh my Goddess!

Our newest and most exciting addition to the store is the solid pewter "Goddess" collection. An exclusive Potier d'Etain product line made just for us, this neoclassical maiden seal handle fits over 25 interchangeable symbols, everything from sea turtles to champagne bottles.

The Goddess collection includes a pen rest and letter knife.
 Our Super Pliable Sealing Wax comes in 4-inch or full length sticks.  
A seen below the color choices are beyond any mere rainbow. 

Made to resist damage in the mail, they also fit into full size hot glue guns.
The hard waxes come in almost as many colors, even more than shown here.
This Way to a Wax Seal Wonderland
These future heirlooms are crafted by 7th generation French pewtersmiths using their original molds, with the exception of the exclusive designs they have made just for Papier Plume:
Potier d'Etain Desk and Calligraphy Collection
~ also made in the natural pewter finish ~

Clockwise, from upper left:
A.) Triangle inkwell set in Filigree (shown) Garland, or Fleur de Lys motifs.
B.) Softcover leather wrap sketching journal small, medium, or large as shown.
C.) Small inkwell set, in
Flower (shown), Filigree or Fleur de Lys motifs.
D.) Feather quill dip pen (sold separately) Fleur de Lys,  Flower, Filigree, or Oak Leaf.
E.) Fleur de Lys pen stand, Single pen stands are available in many other styles also.
F.) Il Cartiglio Old World style leather-bound journal in small, medium, and large (as shown). Lined or unlined. Modern style leather binding also available.
G.) Small Inkwell Set in Filigree (shown) Fleur de Lys or Flower motifs.
H.) Marianne head dip pen stand.  (Heroine of the French Revolution, symbol of liberty, equality, fraternity and reason.)
I.) Il Cartiglio Old World style unlined leather-bound journal/sketchbook/guestbook.
J.) Flower quill dip pen also made in Filigree or Fleur de Lys motifs.

K.) Tripod pen stands for quills with floral detail.  Ballpoint pen version available.
L.) Oak leaf pen stand.Other motifs and styles available..
Coffee Bean dip pen also in many other motifs.
N.) Small  Fleur de Lys standing magnifying glass  Made in many other sizes and styles 
O.) Acanthus handle magnifying glass
P.)  Crescent style 5-bottle dip pen set in Flower(shown), Fleur de Lys, or Filigree.
Q.) Bortoletti refillable leather journal with bronze accents ,in small, medium,  large , extra-large.  Refills for all sizes come lined, unlined, (or agenda, medium size only).
A quintet of quill dip pen stands:
No singing the blues with that swanky
steel guitar.  

We're gettin' jazzed for that quartet of 
saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, and stand-up bass.  
(Or is that a
 violin for the classics? Or a cello?  Or a fiddle for some Zydeco?  Or would it just depend on the music you've got playing at the moment. 
 As Louis Armstrong would say,  "Solid Jack!" 
Yes they are! Literally.  Solid pewter. A Papier Plume exclusive!
Papier Plume exclusive! A solo homage to the sexy saxophone: Quill dip pen, pen stand, ink bottle, and nib box (or meds, earplugs, breath mints, etc).
Bookmarks!  A mason symbol to a music note,  frogs, feathers, felines, elephants and everything in between. Solid pewter and absolutely charming.
The full Potier d'Etain collection includes:
Classic executive desk accessories like business card holders, letter openers, blotters, and magnifying glasses.  

Exquisite nib boxes,  airtight ink storage bottles, wax seals, and more pen stands, quills, dip pen and inkwell sets. 

And then there is the new...  
Goddess Collection
Portal to Potier d'Etain
Rossi's gothic notebooks are sewn not stapled,  
with rich Italian paper printed on a 1930's Italian press.
Skull, Palm, Heart, Ancient Astronomy
Go Goth or Go Home
Clever "Comics" notebooks from Arbos in  Italy.  A5 and A6 sizes.  220 pages to have fun with.
Skip to Comics Notebooks
Chapter 1 of our Holiday Gift Guide is right here:   
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That's all for this year!
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