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Join us next Friday MAY 1ST at 3pm Central Time when Papier Plume will be streaming LIVE via Instagram from New Orleans.

If you've never been to our store, or it's been too long since you visited, or if you just miss getting your Papier Plume fix, join us Friday May 1st for a short, fact-filled tour by owner and founder Patrick Rideau. 

 A virtual visit if you will.

This is a very interactive event.  Everyone  will be able to post comments and ask questions.   It will also be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
      You can find us on Instagram at papier_plume
For info on Instagram Live click here
Iconic PENS for Iconic People
If Emily Dickinson walked into our shop with a gift certificate, which pen would she choose? What about Abraham Lincoln? Albert Einstein?  Mark Twain?

These new amazing and inspiring notecard sets feature quotes and images from different historic figures and we got to thinking.. which of our fountain pens would they choose? We're narrowing it down to three likely candidates for each icon.  Now its up to you!

Which one do you think would satisfy Mark Twain?

The Karas Kustom INK fountain pen.  We thought he'd like to direct and honest tumbled raw aluminum (above) among the many anodized colors, solid brass and copper. A huge selection of easily changed nibs makes this pen extremely versatile.  Machined and built in Mesa AZ.

The practical, dependable Lamy Al-Star comes in many colors, but red was Twain's favorite so it's the burgundy aka purple. The large capacity cartridges and converters along with an ergonomic design make long writing sessions productive and creative.  Interchangeable steel, italic, and gold nibs.  

The classic Esterbrook Estie .  We think Twain would appreciate the perfectly smooth, balanced body with no sharp edges but the nib itself. The cap gives a springy little push when being removed like it just wants to write!  In cobalt, black, tortoise, two crackled purples, and evergreen with gold or silver fittings.  An adapter to use vintage Esterbrook nibs is also available.

Cast your vote via Instagram, Facebook, or just send us an email at Next week we'll announce the results! 

Mr. S. Clemens impatiently awaits your decision
They are not perfect, but through rain, or sleet, or snow, (or hurricanes, Mardi Gras, Second Lines, or inebriated libertines) they come through more reliably than any other carrier here and we are firmly unconvinced at any benefit of privatizing our postal service.

Join us in the resistance.  Write a note on a piece of copy paper and watch our 37 second Youtube video to turn it into its own clever little envelope:

Now buy stamps on and makes someone's day.

Welcome to our new newsletter advice column! We welcome your questions via

~Have you just had it with your handwriting?  
~Got burning questions about sealing wax?
~Not yet converted to converters?
Well now you can just...

Dear Papier Plume, my handwriting embarrasses me but I'm strangely drawn to fountain pens.  Help. What do I do?  --  Confused in California

Dear Confused - You are not alone. There exists a great misunderstanding that one has to somehow qualify to use a nice pen.  Once you discard this myth you will realize the pleasure of handwriting has its own deep reward.  And ironically, like a fine suit makes one stand a little taller, so it is for one's penmanship when writing with a fine pen.

Good starter pens are the Lamy Safaris, Cleo-Skribent Classics, and Pilot Preras.  Above all, choose a pen that inspires you.

Dear Papier Plume, I need ideas for Mother's Day and you've always saved the day.  But I can't visit the store due to the shutdown.  Can you help me somehow?  --  Devoted in Des Moine

Fret not dear Devoted. Watch your inbox for a special Mother's Day gift guide. Extra credit to you for thinking ahead, so get you started may we suggest one of them Italian Bortoletti glass dip pen sets...                                                                                                                                

These sets come in all different colors and styles.  Beautiful pen rests are available as well as ink bottles and wells, wax burners, and a range of dip pen sets, even a combination dipping pen and wax seal set.  Nothing is like Bortoletti !
Think INK
AL - STAR Gazing
The ESTIE Way Forward
~ for a limited time only ~
FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $45!
~We continue to go above and beyond the CDC and WHO guidelines~
We take all precautions to pack and ship quickly, safely, and carefully
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