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Free at last!
This spring it REALLY feels like spring.  Our doors are open and we're busting out with new pens, calligraphy sets, note cards, some of which you can explore below.
Renew, refresh, and express yourself and bloom!

Oh honey.  The people who have resurrected the venerable American pen company Esterbrook know their stuff.

An instant classic, the Esties are already available in an amazing lineup of colors, but the this one in Honeycomb Gold edition is just plain sweet.  Like all Esties it has same uber-smooth feel, excellent balance, with a spring mechanism cap that feels like the pen just wants to get going and write!.  With a nod to vintage Estie collectors, an adapter is available to use the original Esterbrook nibs on these pens.  

These pens are enormously popular for the simple reason:  they write wonderfully, feel great in your hand, and are beautifully classic pens to look at.  In Evergreen, Lilac, Blueberry, Cobalt, Ebony, Tortoise (you can see them all here), every one is al knockout, but the warm golden glow of this Estie is really exceptional. With gold or silver metal color fittings. Esterbrook pens are made in Mineola, New York in the U.S.A. Shown with a leather Atelier de la Foret pen case in mustard.

Estie Honeycomb Express Lane
Call it a classic starter fountain pen.  We call it a gateway drug.  The Pilot Metropolitan has a special place in many a pen person's heart because it was their first fountain pen.  After which there was no turning back.  Sturdy, reliable, fun and amazingly inexpensive, the Pilot Metros are constantly enticing unsuspecting customers who happen upon our store while strolling the French Quarter. "A fountain pen?  You're kidding!  For $20?  Why not?"  And so begins the descent into the powerful, mysterious, rapturous rabbit hole of fountain pens.  

Comes in fine or medium, with a Pilot ink cartridge and converter, in a nice little box.
Catch the Metros

The Montecristo

This Montecristo set includes everything a poet, wizard, statesman, or pirate could want:  six sheets of parchment-style paper, a black chisel tip marker, and a scroll with a by-the-numbers diagram for making Medieval-style italic calligraphy. To properly authenticate your work, there is a stick of classic red sealing wax, and a pewter interchangeable wax seal stamp with your choice of letter or symbol. Unfortunately we could not include a raven to deliver your work.  But the fleur de lys handle looks pretty darn cool sitting on your desk.

Here in New Orleans, since we have a little experience with pirates and the problems encountered with buried treasure we guarantee this package of map-making supplies would satisfy Jean Lafitte himself.  

All packed in a nice gift box.  

Passage to Monte Cristo

The Scout
For field journaling, calligraphy, hand-lettering practice, designing, daydreaming, sketching and nature observations, The Scout set goes where you go - park, trail, cafe or just your own backyard.  If you look closely, there are fascinating things everywhere.

Included is a fine-line refillable red fountain pen, black chiseled calligraphy marker, a scroll with easy-to-follow calligraphy diagrams, and your choice of two notebook sizes, both of which are cleverly printed and filled with three kinds of recycled paper.  There is lined paper for prose, notes, journaling, poetry, etc, graph paper for practicing calligraphy, making to-scale nature drawings or designing bridges secret treehouses, fashion, teleporting devices, what-have-you.  In the middle are several sheets of brightly colored blank paper.  Go forth, express yourself, and explore!

Set Out to Scout
Papier Plume can neither confirm nor deny reports that new inks are in development.
Cleo Skribent has been making superb writing instruments in Germany for 60 years, but Papier Plume is the only shop in America where they are available.  Any Cleo is a study in understated elegance, with German craftsmanship for smooth writing, precise balance, and guaranteed reliability backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee.
Their new Colour Collection falls right in line, but understated?  Ahem, deeply anodized with cyan and scarlet, Cleo Colours are anything but.  Fountain pens, ball points, and mechanical pencils, all come in a beautiful dark blue gift box, take standard Parker refills, leads or international cartridges or converters.  You know you're an insider pen person if you own a Cleo.   
Take a Colour Tour
Fountain pens are the rockstars of the pen world, but let's not let their glamour blind us to the beauty of a well made mechanical pencil.  Cleo makes many amazing versions, but this Cleo Colour (yes, it's black, but technically black is a combination of all the colors) is our favorite. Gleaming chrome and matte black is always a winning combination, but the weight and balance of the metal body makes it almost immediately like an extension of your own hand.

These come in all the Colour Collection metal and color combinations.  Shown with the classic grid-line Rhodia  .7mm lead
Last month we asked: What contemporary fountain pen would best suit Mark Twain and the Esterbrook Estie won hands down! (and the new Honeycomb resin is a looker, see below)

This month we have Dr. Albert Einstein to consider.  Citing his sense of humor and volume of handwriting our vote is this Titanium Big Shot rollerball by Retro 51. Blazed with the classic mid-century atomic symbol, the consumer grade titanium body makes the pen feel solid, but for a pen this wide, it is relatively (excuse the expression) light.  Plus Retro's supremely smooth secret sauce ink makes for comfortable long writing sessions.  
And yes, it is a rollerball and not a pencil, as an homage to one of the greatest minds in human history.  Shown with an Atelier de la Foret leather pen sleeve. The Albert Einstein notecard sets with his favorite quotes and illustrated envelopes are beautifully printed and boxed by Princeton Architectural Press.  All or any other these make great dad or grad gifts.
What pen would you pick out for Dr. Einstein?  We'll post the results in the next newsletter.
Wormhole to the Titanium Big Shot
~Have you just had it with your handwriting?  
~Got burning questions about sealing wax?
~Not yet converted to converters?
Well now you can just...

Dear Papier Plume, I'm in my second year of high school.  My old school taught cursive so I've always taken my notes that way, but my friends give me a hard time about it.  Now my school is all online and we don't write anything, just type.  Why was I taught cursive in the first place? --  Frustrated in Philadelphia

Dear Frustrated -
Let's start with handwriting in general.  Studies have proven without a doubt that we learn things better and faster when we write instead of type. Writing a letter "a" is totally different than writing a "b", but typing works the brain in the same way no matter what the letter, or word, or sentence for that matter.

Cursive was developed because it is a quicker way to write than printing.  Instead of the constant up-and-down, character by character that printing requires, with cursive your pen lifts only when starting a new word, closer to the way we think.  So not only are you learning more by writing your notes, you are takin more information faster, because you can write in cursive. 

You have a secret super power, but with great power comes great responsibility.  Many states are re-introducing cursive into their schools now, but your friends probably won't have the opportunity you had  Practice modesty and empathy, and offer to teach them if ever they are ever interested.  They just might surprise you.
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