Mal and Michelle Cameron with Champion Bromeliad of Show
Vriesea 'Zeus' which won The Olive Trevor Cup.
Jerry Coleby-Williams presented the Trophy.
Rebekah Trevor Awarded Reserve Champion of Show
for Quesnelia 'Tim Plowman'.
The Nev Ryan Cup was awarded by Jerry Coleby-Williams.
Neoregelia 'Red Baron' was the best  Members own Hybrid.
This was won by Michelle Cameron,
and received by her husband Mal.
The Trophy was Presented by our Patron, Olive Trevor.
Best Bromelioideae of Show Awarded to
Rebekah Trevor for Aechmea  nudicaulus 'Rafa'
which wins The Bob Hudson Trophy.
Tillandsia tectorum won Best Tillandsioideae
for Peter Ball.
Peter Ball awarded Best Tillandsioideae. 
His Tillandsia tectorum
wins The Nez Misso Trophy.
Best Pitcairnioideae Dyckia delicata
went to Barbara McCune.
Dyckia delicata won Best Pitcairnioideae
for Barbara McCune.
Ron Jell won Best Species Trophy
for Tillandsia ehlersiana.
Tillandsia ehlersiana won
Best Species
Trophy for Ron Jell.
Pam Butler with The Grace Goode Award
for Best Cryptanthus.
Best Cryptanthus of Show was won by Pam Butler
with Cryptanthus aureliana variegated.
Display by M&M Bayside Bromeliads.
Beautiful Display By The Olive Branch at The Autumn Show.
Our Patron, Olive Trevor chats with Jerry Coleby-Williams
who brought his crew from Gardening Australia
to report on our Autumn Show.
Jerry Coleby-Williams interviews Rebekah Trevor for
ABC TV's Gardening Australia.
He hopes this report will be telecast within a few weeks.
Billbergia vitata aka 'Domingos Martins' was one of the quality plants entered by Rebekah Trevor, who was the
most successful Commercial Competitor.
Billbergia 'Hallelujah' was entered by Barry Kable,
who  was the most successful
Non Commercial Competitor.
Alcantarea 'Bobby Gold' was awarded the
Presidents Award by Barry Kable.
xSincoregelia carolina red x navioides 
won a Purple Ribbon.
Neoregelia 'Groucho' got a Purple Ribbon.
Neoregelia 'Whirlwind' won a Purple Ribbon.
Vriesea 'Purple Rain'  won a Purple Ribbon.
Vriesea 'Aphrodite'  won a Purple Ribbon.
Narelle Aizlewood conducts a seminar on bromeliad basics. Such talks were on 11am, both saturday and sunday.
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