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  • Report of the October Meeting
  • Main Event: Bring Your Favourite Bromeliad
  • Plant of the Month: Guzmanias with Graeme Stay
  • Results of October Mini Show
  • Report on the Annual Spring Show
  • Upcoming Events
  • 2019 Meeting Information

Editors: Maxim Wilson

Main Event: Show and Tell

Barry Kable brought along Aechmea ‘Roberto Menescal’ which is a tissue cultured sport of Aechmea chantinii (dark form) registered by C. Skotak in 2000. It has central variegated stripes, with sepia red/black leaves cross-banded silver.

Barry’s plant demonstrated the instability of the sport in that some offsets were without variegation, and are called Aechmea ‘Black Zombie’, which is a reverted sport that has lost its central variegation. It was registered in 2011 by our own Mal Cameron.
Barry’s advice was to NOT throw out your plants when they lose their variegation, because it may come back with the next offset.

Aechmea 'Roberto Menescal', a variegated form of chantinii dark form.
Aechmea 'Black Zombie', a reverted sport of 'Roberto Menescal'.

The editor brought a variegated Ananas bearing a bright red fruit like a pineapple. I got it labelled Ananas comosus red form. It has variegation like Ananas ‘Candy Stripe’ which has a mid green leaf with a broad median central white/yellow longitudinal stripe that flushes pink in sun. This contrasts with Ananas ‘Tricolor’ which has a green leaf that is albo marginated. Of note are the savage spines which cause regular lacerations!

Variegated Ananas ? 'Candy Stripe'.

Barry Kable brought a stunning Alcantarea glaziouana variegata which is coming into flower. This species is known to throw lots of variegated seedlings. They are visible growing on inselbergs around Rio de Janiero (Bruce Dunstan 2009).
Barry grows them in full sun and advises regular watering into the potting mix, and onpot regularly.

Alcantarea glaziouana variegata from Barry Kable.

John Olsen brought along a selection of his favorite Tillandsias such as this Tillandsia capitata scarlet.

and this amazing clump of Tillandsia van-hyningii.
and a Tillandsia ionantha ball.
and Tillandsia 'Rosita'.
and Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid'.

Plant of the Month was Guzmanias with Graeme Stay.
Graeme has long been interested in Guzmanias, and grows large batches for sale.
He has 1,200m² of shade houses on the Brisbane River, and grows them under 70% shade or more.
Most Guzmanias come from Colombia and Brazil in the wild, but Deroose Plants in Belgium are the world’s biggest commercial source and they produce them by tissue culture.
Names of varieties have become problematic.
It has been fashionable to give new varieties girl’s names, but lack of controls has meant you may find the same plant with several different girl’s names.
Graeme has difficulty flowering his Guzmanias in recent years. He thinks this is due to progressively hotter summers. Whereas temperatures reached a peak of 38°C in his shade house 4 years ago, last summer the temperature peaked at 40.8°C. Sadly, only 20 flowered out of 1,000. 
Water quality is another issue: He expanded his property along the Brisbane River only to find high saline content in the river, making it unsuitable for his Guzmanias.
Also, he is changing all his Guzmanias into pots with a water well.

Guzmania 'Indian Night' was released by Exotic Plants, Belgium.
Guzmania 'Snowball' was released by Deroose Plants of Belgium.
A Guzmania mini.
Beautiful variegated Guzmania.
This Guzvriesea is an intergeneric, a hybrid between a Guzmania and a Vriesea.
Thanks Greame for another informative
talk on your Guzmanias.

Results of Mini Show Competition
Commentary by Charlie Birdsong from Bromeliad Society of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.

Class 1:
1st Neoregelia ‘Comet’ by Coni Smits.
2nd Neoregelia ‘A Bit of This’ by Coni Smits.
3rd Neoregelia ‘Tiger Head’ by Gilda Trudu.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia xerographica by Jenny Brittain.
2nd Tillandsia ‘Curly Slim’ by Steve Molnar.
3rd Tillandsia inopinata by Steve Molnar.

Class 3:
1st Deuterocohnia species by Gilda Trudu.
2nd Puya mirabilis by Gilda Trudu.
3rd Deuterocohnia brevifolia ssp chlorantha by Gilda Trudu.

Class 4:
1st Racinae dyeriana by Graeme Nolan.
2nd Orthophytum ‘Warana’ by Gilda Trudu.
3rd Vriesea 'Pahoa Beauty'  by Christine Brittain.

Class 5:
1st Tillandsia complanata by Graeme Nolan.
2nd Tillandsia tectorum by Jenny Brittain.
3rd Tillandsia juncea by Jenny Brittain 

Intermediate Section
Class 1:
1st Neoregelia ‘Imperfecta’ by Alfonso Trudu.
2nd Neoregelia ‘Bob’s Baby’ by Livia Doidge.
3rd Neoregelia ‘Down’s Paint’ x (‘Rufus’ x ‘Meyendorfii’) by Maxim Wilson.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia aeranthos by Livia Doidge.
2nd Tillandsia ‘Capetown’ by Maxim Wilson.
3rd Tillandsia ‘Pink Sugar’ by Pam Butler.

Class 3:
1st Deuterocohnia brevifolia by Maxim Wilson.
2nd Hechtia tillandsioides by Pam Butler. 
3rd Deuterocohnia species by Alfonso Trudu.

Class 4:
1st Vriesea ‘Nala’ by Livia Doidge.
2nd Tillandsia streptophylla x ehlersiana by Livia Doidge.
3rd Tillandsia ‘Druid’ by Pam Butler.

Class 5:
1st Tillandsia burle-marxii by Pam Butler.
2nd Tillandsia seleriana by Pam Butler.
=3rd Tillandsia cardenasii by Pam Butler.
=3rd Tillandsia lorentziana by Livia Doidge.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia chiletensis by Ron Jell.
2nd Tillandsia recurvifolia subsecundifolia by Ron Jell.

Class 4:
1st Vriesea pardalina by Barry Kable. 
2nd Orthophytum ‘Stellar Beauty’ by Barry Kable.

Vriesea pardalina by Barry Kable.
Orthophytum 'Stellar Beauty' by Barry Kable.
Hechtia tillandsioidaes by Pam Butler.
Tillandsia 'Pink Sugar' by Pam Butler.
Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid' by Pam Butler.
Tillandsia burle-marxii by Pam Butler.
Deuterocohnia brevifolia by Maxim Wilson.
Deuterocohnia species by Gilda Trudu.
Neoregelia 'Bob's Baby' by Livia Doidge.
Racinaea dyeriana by Graeme Nolan.
Tillandsia juncea by Jenny Brittain.
Tillandsia complanata by Graeme Nolan.
Vriesea 'Pahoa Beauty' by Christine Brittain.

Grace Goode, OAM recently passed away at the age of 102. 
She was introduced to bromeliads in her 50s, and her ensuing passion for them lead to the creation of many bromeliad hybrids by her, including close to 1000 named ones.

While she primarily hybridized neoregelias and cryptanthus, she also produced aechmea, billbergia, nidularium, and tillandsia hybrids. She received the Order of Australia Medal in 2004 for her bromeliad growing and hybridizing efforts.
Grace was an Honorary Trustee of Bromeliad Society International and The Cryptanthus Society and also was a life member of the Bromeliad Society of Australia, Cairns Bromeliad Society, Bromeliad Society of Queensland, and the Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society.

5 December: Christmas Party
Payment is required by this Thursday 21st November and can be made at the November monthly meeting.
Join in the Society's end of year celebrations. Food will be alternate drop for all three courses with an open bar tab (upto a limit). 
Date: Thursday 5 December
Location: Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main Avenue, Coorparoo QLD 4151
$35 per person for members. 

22 February 2020: Tillandsia Day 
Full day seminar including tillandsia sales. More detail will be provided closer to the date.

Autumn Show 18-19 April, 2020.
Genesis College, Youngs Crossing Road,
Bray Park.
Note increased Prize Money:
Displays win a shield and $250 for first,
$150 for second, $100 for third.
Plant Competition: $250 for Best in Show, $150 for Reserve Champion,
and $100 for others winners.
Exhibitors Draw: $50 for two entrants.

See other Bromeliad Events in Queensland

2019 Meeting Information

Meeting Show Schedule


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Bromelioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & Hybrids
(Acanthostachys, Ananas, Androlepis, Araeococcus, Bromelia, Canistropsis, Canistrum,
Edmundoa, Fascicularia, Hohenbergia, Hohenbergiopsis, Neoglaziovia, Nidularium,
Ochagavia, Orthophytum, Portea, Quesnelia, Ursulaea, Wittrockia)
Class 2 – Guzmania species and hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnia species and hybrids

Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Billbergia
Class 2 – Tillandsioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Alcantarea, Catopsis, Mezobromelia, Racinaea, Werauhia)
Class 3 – Neoregelia up to 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

September - POPULAR VOTE

– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

October - MINI SHOW

Class 1 – Neoregelia over 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 2 – Tillandsia species & hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Brocchinioideae, Lindmanioideae, Hechtioideae (= Hechtia), Puyoideae (= Puya), Navioideae, Pitcairnioideae (= Deuterocohnia, Encholirium, Fosterella)
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species & hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

Plant of the Month Schedule
Month Plant
February Tillandsia
March Problem bromeliads
April Dyckia/Orthophytum/Puya
May Hybrids
June Bring your favourite bromeliad
July Foliage Vrieseas
August Spring-flowering Tillandsias
September Billbergias
October Guzmanias
November Neoregelia & Nidularium
January 2020 Stigmatadon

Meeting Dates 2020
Month Date
January 16th
February 20th
March 19th – AGM
April 16th
May 21sh
June 18th
July 16th
August 20th
September 17th
October 15th
November 19th
December TBA – Christmas Party
November Meeting
Information Session:
Callibrating your Fertiliser Delivery.
Plant of the month:
Nidularia with Pam Butler, Neos with Barry Kable.
Guest Speaker:
Peter Ball on Paul Isley’s Fire Event in California.
Plant Competition: 
Popular Vote, see below for details.
January Meeting
 Practical Class: 
Scale on Bromeliads with John Olsen and Pam Butler 

Plant of the month:
Stigmatadons with Bruce Dunstan.
Guest Speaker: TBA
Plant Competition: 
Mini Show see schedule below.
Copyright © 2019 The Bromeliad Society of Queensland Inc, All rights reserved.

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