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  • Report of the March Meeting.
  • Annual General Meeting.
  • Guest Speaker: Bring Your Problem Plants With Bruce Dunstan.
  • Practical Class: Topics for 2019 with John Williamson.
  • Report on The Autumn Show.
  • Results of March Popular Vote.
  • Upcoming Events.
  • 2019 Meeting Information.

Editor: Maxim Wilson

Annual General Meeting
President, Barry Kable opened the meeting welcoming all members (69) and guests.

President’s Report
Summary of the past year:

  • Members have received many benefits in the past year.
  • There are 250 financial members.
  • Sixty new members joined.
  • Olive and Len Trevor were appointed as Patrons who entertained us generously at the Patron’s Day lunch at the Olive Branch Bromeliad Nursery.
  • Monthly meetings averaged 60 in attendance.
  • The quality of the raffle prizes has improved as has the quantity of prizes.
  • The Autumn and Spring Shows increased in attendance and sales, permitting a reduction in commission charged to sellers.
  • Volunteers were given a big thank you by way of a BBQ at Pam and Rob Butler’s home. 
  • The EKKA display continues to be rewarded with wins, while promoting our society to possible members.
  • The annual Christmas function is heavily subsidised.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Income was $53,000, an increase over 2016-7, and we recorded a small loss of $4,800, due to purchase of cash registers and a computer.
  • Assets remain at $80,000.
  • The average cost to members is $35 per person while benefits come to $60 per person. 
  • Graeme White audited the books.

Office Bearers
The new Office Bearers were elected unopposed:

  • President: Barry Kable
  • Vice President: John Williamson
  • Treasurer: John Olsen
  • Secretary: Pam Butler
  • BSQ Webmaster & Publicity Officer: Joy Constantino
  • Show Convenor & Membership: John Williamson
  • Bromeliaceae Editor: John Olsen with Barb and Rob Murray
  • Committee: Bruce Dunstan, Tom Isaac, John Smits and Fred Thompson
  • Chief Judge: Peter Ball
  • Library: Evelyn & David Rees
  • Newsletter Editor: Maxim Wilson
  • Hostesses: Ruth Kimber & Bev Mulcahy
  • Supper Stewards: Selga Boothby & Sharon Born
  • Plant Sales: Margaret Kraa & Lee Thorneycroft
  • Competition Steward: Greg Macleod
  • Fire ants: Greg Aizlewood
  • Raffle: Lesley Gibbs.

We acknowledge the valuable work of retiring secretary Alfonso Trudu and Gilda Trudu.

The AGM was then closed.

A Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Evelyn and David Rees for their years of managing book sales and the Library. For years, they have come early to set up the hall to be ready for the meeting.

March Meeting Notes
President Barry Kable welcomed members, guests and new members:

  • Nigel Webb
  • Pamela Elliott
  • Dave Watson 
  • Ray Reriti.

Patron's Day will be held on 5 May at The Olive Branch Nursery from 9.30am onwards. An email will be provided to members with more detail. Please ensure that you RSVP to for catering purposes.

Tillandsia Day was again a success with the maximum of 130 registrants. The entertaining guest speakers included Martin Siaw, Pamela Koide, John Olsen and Lesley Bayliss.

Field Day will be held in September or October on the Northside at Peter Ball's and Barbara Murray's residences. It will be self drive. More details closer to the time.

Golden Broms Donation - A further $500 has been donated to the conference with a cheque being presented to Narelle Aizlewood. Narelle also provided a brief update on the conference.

Bring Your Problem Bromeliads with Bruce Dunstan

Problem: Seedlings looking sick
Bruce diagnosed algae on the seedlings due to being too wet and/or too much fertiliser.

Bruce recommends Phytoclean, an algicide used in swimming pools. Use at 18ml/Litre, fine spray weekly.
It is useful in irrigation systems, available from Fernland in bulk.

John Olsen recommended cutting off the parachute from Tillandsia seeds reduces risk of algae.

Problem: Tillandsia neglecta pups, when to remove?
Bruce recommends wait till pups are two inches long before removal. Smaller pups will be difficult to mount.

Problem: Tillandsia plant snapped off at the mount, separated from the roots
Bruce suggested let it dry out so the flesh wound can harden, then remount it and spray with liquid fertilizer.

Problem: Vriesea fosteriana with no roots
Bruce found mealy bugs infesting the base of the plant, and recommended to dunk in a pesticide (Mavrik from Bunnings) or methylated spirits. Plenty of ants raises the suspicion of mealy bugs.

Vr fosteriana is from the mountains behind Rio de Janiero, and seems to grow better in the winter, with cooler nights.
Bruce recommends the broccoli box trick (polystyrene box with lid).

Put a few cms of water in the base of a polystyrene box, cut holes in the lid that permit the rootless bromeliads to suspend above the water. The closed box has high humidity that promotes root growth. Add some Phytoclean to the water.

Problem: Aechmea burnt by the sun
Bruce recommends keep it in dappled light until June, then bring out under full winter sun.

Please explain: Discolor plants
Aechmea ‘Shining’Light’ (Ae fulgens var discolor x ramosa)
A bromeliad with red underside of its leaves is an adaption to conditions of poor light. The red underside reflects light back to the chlorophyll plant to improve nutrition (see pic below).
eg. Guzmania vinacea has discolor leaves.

Many thanks to people who brought in problem plants, and to Bruce who gave expert advice.

Aechmea 'Shining Light' shows the discolor pattern,
with leaves with red underside.

Autumn Show Report

  • 1,124 people attended the show over two days, an increase of 56% over the 2018 Autumn Show.
  • 21 new members joined the Society.
  • Plant sales were higher than at the 2018 Autumn Show.
  • $1,000 will be donated to the Pine Rivers Special School Horticultural Program, $750 from the raffle and $250 from Show revenue. 
  • The Most Successful Novice Exhibitor was Alfonso Trudu, who wins the Grasselli Award.

BSQ Facebook group
The Society now has a Facebook group where you can share your garden and connect with other bromeliad enthusiasts. Please join and share some photos of your bromeliads.

Results of Popular Vote

1st Tillandsia vernicosa by Gilda Trudu.
2nd Tillandsia duratii var saxatilis by Tom Isaac.
3rd Tillandsia aff. streptocarpa 'Chicitos' green by Steve Molnar.

1st Tillandsia ionantha ‘Fuego’ by Livia Doidge.
2nd Cryptanthus zonatus by Livia Doidge.
3rd Tillandsia ‘Sparkler’ by Pam Butler.

1st Tillandsia duratii var saxatilis by Bruce Dunstan.
2nd Tillandsia makoyana by Bruce Dunstan.
3rd Tillandsia klausii by Bruce Dunstan.

1st ‘Fly With Me’ by Gilda Trudu.
2nd ‘Brainless’ by Gary May.
3rd ‘Mystical King’ by Gilda Trudu.

Gilda Trudu's Tillandsia vernicosa
Tillandsia duratii var saxitilis
by Tom Isaac.
Tillandsia aff streptocarpa 'Chicitos' green
by Steve Molnar.
Tillandsia ionantha 'Fuego'
by Livia Doidge.
Cryptanthus zonatus
by Livia Doidge
Tillandsia 'Sparkler' by Pam Butler
Tillandsia duratii var saxitilis by Bruce Dunstan
Tillandsia makoyana by Bruce Dunstan
Tillandsia klausii by Bruce Dunstan
'Fly With Me' by Gilda Trudu
'Brainless' by Gary May
'Mystical King' by Gilda Trudu

4 May - Bromeliad Beginners Group will start Saturday mornings.
Pam Butler invites members to her place to gain skills in growing bromeliads.
Starting 4th May, 9 am to 11:00 am.
Bring questions, problem plants, etc.
14 Sunset Grove, Samford Valley.

5 May - Patrons' Day
This members only day will be held at The Olive Branch Nursery, 232 Cavney Road, Upper Kedron.
Come and enjoy yourself for a fun day of celebrating friendships and making new ones with our wonderful society members.
Remember to RSVP to by Friday 26th April to assist with catering and seating.

20 July - Tillandsia Pop-Up Sale
Sponsored by Bruce Dunstan and John Olsen.
Saturday 20th July from 9 am to 12 midday.
Newmarket State School,
15 Banks Street, Newmarket, 4051.

17 to 20 October - Golden Broms
The Australasian Bromeliad Conference will be held at the Gold Coast on 17-20 October 2019.

2 to 3 November - Bromeliad & Tropicals Show & Sales - Spring 2019
Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd November.
Belmont Shooting Complex,
1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont.

2019 Meeting Information

Meeting Show Schedule


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Bromelioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & Hybrids
(Acanthostachys, Ananas, Androlepis, Araeococcus, Bromelia, Canistropsis, Canistrum,
Edmundoa, Fascicularia, Hohenbergia, Hohenbergiopsis, Neoglaziovia, Nidularium,
Ochagavia, Orthophytum, Portea, Quesnelia, Ursulaea, Wittrockia)
Class 2 – Guzmania species and hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnia species and hybrids

Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Billbergia
Class 2 – Tillandsioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Alcantarea, Catopsis, Mezobromelia, Racinaea, Werauhia)
Class 3 – Neoregelia up to 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

September - POPULAR VOTE

– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

October - MINI SHOW

Class 1 – Neoregelia over 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 2 – Tillandsia species & hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Brocchinioideae, Lindmanioideae, Hechtioideae (= Hechtia), Puyoideae (= Puya), Navioideae, Pitcairnioideae (= Deuterocohnia, Encholirium, Fosterella)
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species & hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

Plant of the Month Schedule
Month Plant
January Aechmea
February Tillandsia
March Problem bromeliads
April Dyckia/Orthophytum/Puya
May Hybrids
June Bring your favourite bromeliad
July Commercial operations
August TBA
September Companion plants
October TBA
November TBA

Meeting Dates 2019
Month Date
January 17th
February 21st
March 21st – AGM
April 18th
May 16th
June 20th
July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
October 10th change of date
November 21st
December 5th – Christmas Party
April Meeting
Practical Class: Potting with Barry Kable.
Guest Speaker: Rob Murray with Bromeliads Under The Microscope.

Plant of the month: Quirky ways to enter Dyckia and Orthophytum into Competition with Barry Kable.
Plant Competition: Mini Show see schedule below.
May Meeting
 Practical Class: 
Plant of the month: Alcantareas.
Guest Speakers: John Olsen and Tom Isaac on Mounting Tillandsias.

Plant Competition: Popular Vote see schedule below.
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