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Contents of Newsletter

  • Report of the February Meeting.
  • Practical Class: Plant Survival Tips.
  • Guest Speaker: Martin Sias on Tilllandsias: From Pesky Weed to Precious Wonder, An Unconventional Journey of Acceptance.
  • Results of February Popular Vote.
  • Upcoming Events.
  • 2019 Meeting Information.

Editor: Maxim Wilson

February Meeting Notes
President Barry Kable welcomed guests and new members.

Patrons' Day will be held on 5 May at The Olive Branch from 9.30am onwards. An email will be provided to members with more detail. Please ensure that you RSVP for catering purposes.

Field Day will be held in June on the Northside at Peter Ball's and Barbara Murray's houses. It will be self drive. More details closer to the time.

Autumn Show need volunteers for 6/7 April. Contact John Williamson if you can help.

Show Voucher - Members will be provided with a $20 voucher for the Show. Available for collection at the March Meeting.

Golden Broms Donation - A further $500 has been donated to the conference with a cheque being presented to Narelle Aizlewood. Narelle also provided a brief update on the conference.

Guest speaker
Martin Siaw from China spoke on an interesting approach to promoting Tillandsias.

Martin, originally from Singapore, is the the Xiamen Botanical Garden Curator,Tropical Collections and Beijing Botanical Gardens Editor, International Malus Registration. He talked about the gardens and how they used a unique approach to establish interest.

His staff comprise a mixed lot from countries around the world. He has focused on using people who have experienced mental health problems. He has also collected a number (seven) rescue dogs as part of his program.

The first display he prepared was challenging and his expectations were that he might have 50 people attend. He contacted friends, offered free lunch to those attending the display. At opening they ended up with some 32,000 visiting the Tillandsias. An expensive 'free' lunch!!!

He has since developed further displays to involve people and encourage people with disabilities and pets to attend. So far, his displays have been extremely successful.

The basic rules he uses are:

  1. Pray. Ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance.
  2. Go Beyond Plant Enthusiasts. Dig really deep and think outside the forest. How can we let the plants speak to the hearts and minds of a broader group of people.
  3. Make the plants accessible to EVERYONE. The blind, the wheelchair bound, the poor, the destitute, the young, the old, the rich, the scientists and the man and woman on the street.
  4. Collaborate with as many 'non-conventional' groups of people as possible. Shopping malls, private banks, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, museums, art galleries, restaurants and hotels.
  5. Spread the word. Leverage the power of ALL media formats. Think from the perspective of the media. Craft personalised press releases and pictures. Nothing generic. No one size fits all approach. Systematically contact all media.
  6. Make the impression last. Create memorable posters.
An opportunity to show at a Danish furniture museum came knocking. Expectations 50 or so to attend because of the poor location.
We planned and built using our motley crew.
They came - well over 30,000.
What they saw were spectacular Tillandsias.
We conducted many new shows. Always variety and never repeating ourselves.
Combining science with humour.
Finally, we made the impressions last with memorable posters such as the one above.
Our guest presenter Martin Siaw with Narelle Aizlewood (left) and Pam Butler (right).

Membership Renewal
Memberships fell due as of 31 December 2018. Please make payment immediately to ensure the continuing receipt of membership benefits.
Renew your membership online or in person at the March meeting.
To vote at the AGM you must be a financial member.

The AGM will be held on Thursday 21 March 2019. A separate email has been circulated providing the Agenda.

BSQ Facebook group
The Society now has a Facebook group where you can share your garden and connect with other bromeliad enthusiasts. Please join and share some photos of your bromeliads.

Watch for competitions and information about events.

Results of Popular Vote

  Plant Name Entrant
First xSincoregelia 'Galactic Warrior' Gilda Trudu
Equal First Tillandsia 'Jes' Gilda Trudu
Equal First Tillandsia 'Red Fountain' Steve Molnar
  Plant Name Entrant
First Tillandsia duratii Livia Doidge
Second Tillandsia fasciculata 'Tamata Pink' Pam Butler
Third Tillandsia ehlersiana Rick Cairns
Equal Third Neoregelia 'Orange Crush' Pat Barlow
  Plant Name Entrant
First Tillandsia carrilloi Bruce Dunstan
Second Guzmania 'Matilda' Stan Walkley
Equal Second Tillandsia jaliscomonticola Bruce Dunstan
  Display Name Entrant
First Living Wreath Gilda Trudu
Second Totally Inspiring Alfonso Trudu
Gilda Trudu's xSincoregelia 'Galactic Warrior'
Steve Molnar's Tillandsia 'Red Fountain'
Livia Doidge's Tillandsia duratii (#20 - centre).
Bruce Dunstan's Tillandsia carrilloi

6/7 April - Autumn Sales and Show
This will be held at Genesis Christian College at Young's Crossing Road, Bray Park.

There will be plenty of plants for sale, displays and competition.

Remember if you can help contact John Williamson.

5 May - Patrons' Day
This members only day will be held at The Olive Branch, 232 Cavney Road, Upper Kedron.

Come and enjoy yourself for a fun day of celebrating friendships, and making new friendships, with our wonderful society members.

Remember to RSVP to John Williamson by Friday 26th April to assist with catering and seating.

17 to 20 October - Golden Broms
The Australasian Bromeliad Conference will be held at the Gold Coast on 17-20 October 2019.

2019 Meeting Information

Meeting Show Schedule


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Bromelioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & Hybrids
(Acanthostachys, Ananas, Androlepis, Araeococcus, Bromelia, Canistropsis, Canistrum,
Edmundoa, Fascicularia, Hohenbergia, Hohenbergiopsis, Neoglaziovia, Nidularium,
Ochagavia, Orthophytum, Portea, Quesnelia, Ursulaea, Wittrockia)
Class 2 – Guzmania species and hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnia species and hybrids

Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids

Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display


Class 1 – Billbergia
Class 2 – Tillandsioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Alcantarea, Catopsis, Mezobromelia, Racinaea, Werauhia)
Class 3 – Neoregelia up to 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

September - POPULAR VOTE

– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display

October - MINI SHOW

Class 1 – Neoregelia over 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 2 – Tillandsia species & hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Brocchinioideae, Lindmanioideae, Hechtioideae (= Hechtia), Puyoideae (= Puya), Navioideae, Pitcairnioideae (= Deuterocohnia, Encholirium, Fosterella)
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species & hybrids
Class 5 – species


– any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
 Plant of the Month Schedule
Month Plant
March Problem bromeliads
April Aechmea
May Hybrids
June Bring your favourite bromeliad
July Commercial operations
August TBA
September Companion plants
October TBA
November TBA

Meeting Dates 2019

Month Date
March 21st – AGM
April 18th
May 16th
June 20th
July 18th
August 15th
September 19th
October 10th change of date
November 21st
December 5th – Christmas Party 
March Meeting
Practical Class: Pests.
Annual General Meeting
Plant of the month: Problem bromeliads facilitated by Bruce Dunstan.

Plant Competition: Popular Vote, see schedule below.
April Meeting
 Practical Class: Potting with Barry Kable.
Plant of the month: Aechmea
Guest Speaker: Lyn Hudson - Aechmeas

Plant Competition: Mini Show, see schedule below.
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