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Contents of Newsletter

  • Report on the October Meeting.
  • Details for this coming meeting:
  • Information Session: Barry Kable.
  • Guest Presenter: Andrew Devonshire.
  • Mini Show Winners.
  • Upcoming Events.
  • 2021 Meeting Information.

Editor: Maxim Wilson

President Pam Butler opened the meeting and welcomed new members

Our Christmas Party is on Saturday 4th December,
12:00 to 4pm, at the Victoria Park Golf Clubhouse,
and you need to book with TryBooking Link is

Final Registration is on Sunday 21st November.

Members Meeting 18th November.  Members Meeting Thursday 20th January.
Info Session
Clay Ball Aquaponics with Barry Kable.
 Info Session
Shadehouse and General Irrigation.
Plant of the Month 
Billbergia with John Smits.
 Plant of the Month
 Aechmea with Christine Malone.
Guest Speaker - Andrew Devonshire on Zoom. Guest Speaker – Greg Aizelwood.
Topic - 
Topic- His Travels.
Competition - Popular Vote.(see below) Popular Vote.(see below)

Plant of Month: Wallisia with John Olsen.
The genus Wallis was first established in 1870, named for Gustav Wallis. At some stage, this group of plants were shifted into Tillandsias.
But in 2016, after DNA studies revolutionised taxonomy, they were separated into the genus Wallisia again.
There are 4 species, a natural hybrid and several hybrids.

Wa anceps has a short scape, petals without a white centre:

Wa cyanea (was Till cyanea) 
has a short scape, broad spike, wide petals without a white centre: There is a three-cornered variant.

Wa pretiosa 

Wa pretiosa has a bract with a serrated edge. 
Petals are wide with a white centre.

Wa lindeniana (was Till umbellata):

Wa ‘Duvalii’ (was Till lindenii), the natural hybrid:

Cultivar Wallisia ‘Bernie’s Blush’ might be a cultivar of cyanea

Wa ‘Sandy Candy’ variegated
Till ‘ Creation’ is now xBarfussia ‘Creation’
xWallfussia ‘Feather Belle’ is the hybrid Barfussia laxissima x Wallisia cyanea 
xWallfussia ‘Creation’ is Barfussia platyrachis x Wallisia cyanea. It came from Bak in Holland, while Feather Belle was made by Peter Tristram. Feather Belle is more colourful with bigger spades. 

Cultivation: they do better potted, and like fertilizer.

Many thanks John for this excellent overview of Wallisia.

Our Information Session, members were asked to bring in My Favourite Bromeliad, and Plants with a Problem.
Favorite plants on show were Aechmea nudicaulis ‘Xavante’, a mature clump, formerly var. aureorosa.

This clump is at least 10 years old, and thrives high in the editor's shadehouse.
Tillandsia ‘Queen’s Delight’ by John Olsen (chiapensis x carisoniae), a stunning plant, with a spike 5 months old.

Tillandsia ionantha clump flushing .
Tillandsia tectorum in bloom by Pam Butler.

this plant brought in for identification is likely Aechmea 'Bert', a popular hybrid of Ae orlandiana x fosteriana:

Peter Ball told the story of his Garden and Shadehouses since 2015.

By 2009, Peter decided he needed more room for a big shadehouse, and bought undeveloped land.

He built a house and moved in October 2011.

To erect his shadehouse, he cut down about 25 trees, and used the tree trunks to border garden beds.
With the help of Barry Kable, he erected a 15m x 20m shade house, confident he would not need another (!).

He installed water tanks with 10,000L, 15,000L and 22,500L. capacity.
Olive Trevor donated plants and his collection grew.
Exposure to full sun damaged plants for a while, until planted shrubs matured and provided some protection.
His Bismarck palm eventually grew to be a striking feature.

Peter then bought two 6m x 4m shade houses at auction.

By 2017, Peter had a bey well developed garden.

But in 2017, a severe hail storm ruined many Alcantareas and frangipani trees. 

In 2019, Peter installed his ‘Display House’ 10m x 8m.
And he also needed a Tillandsia House. 
Peter got into growing from seed, and we see two cylinders festooned with clothes pegs bearing Tillandsia seedlings.

Picture of his Vriesea collection.
Peter and Denise’s hard work have transformed a block with trees into a wonderful garden.
Thanks for sharing.

Mini Show Competition Results.

Class 1:
1st Neoregelia ‘Angelita’ by Barbara McCune.

2nd Neoregelia ‘Inferno’ by Barbara McCune.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia chiletensis by Ron Jell.

2nd Tillandsia tectorum by Ron Jell.

3rd Tillandsia streptophylla x fasciculata by Ron Jell.

Class 3:
1st Hechtia texensis by Barbara McCune.

2nd Hechtia tillandsioides by Ron Jell.

Class 4:
1st Guzmania ‘Focus’ by Barbara McCune.

2nd Tillandsia streptophylla x ehlersiana by Ron Jell.

3rd Tillandsia ‘Graceful’ by Ron Jell.

Class 5:
1st Tillandsia straminea by Ron Jell.

2nd Tillandsia socialis by Ron Jell.

Class 1:
1st Neoregelia ‘Perfection’ by Livia Doidge.

2nd Neoregelia ‘Yellow Devil’ by Maxim Wilson.

3rd Neoregelia hybrid by Livia Doidge.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia albida by Alfonso Trudu.

2nd Tillandsia ‘Magic Blush’ by Gilda Trudu.

3rd Tillandsia tectorum by Alfonso Trudu.

Class 3:
1st Deuterocohnia brevifolia by Maxim Wilson.

2nd Hechtia tillandsioides by Alfonso Trudu.2

3rd Deuterocohnia brevifolia var. chlorantha by Gilda Trudu.

Class 4:
1st Quesnelia marmorata by Alfonso Trudu.

2nd Canistrum triangulare by Alfonso Trudu.

3rd Orthophytum ‘Warana’ by Gilda Trudu.
Class 5:

1st Tillandsia ehlersiana by Livia doidge.

2nd Tillandsia seleriana by Pam Butler.

3rd Tillandsia stricta albifolia by Pam Butler.

Class 1:
1st Neoregelia ‘Sexy Pink’ by Sue Hall.

2nd Neoregelia ‘Franca’ by Sue Hall.

3rd Neoregelia ‘Bullis Margaret’ by Sue Hall.

Class 2:
1st Tillandsia streptophylla ‘Belize’ by Steve Molnar.

2nd Tillandsia paucifolia by Sue Hall.

3rd Tillandsia pseudobaileyi by Sue Hall.

Class 4:
1st Acanthostachys strobilacea by Sue Hall.

2nd Dyckia ‘Talbot Ann’ by Sue Hall.

3rd Tillandsia fuchsii forma gracilis by Steve Molnar.

Class 5:
1st Nidularium longiflorum by Sue Hall.

2nd Racinaea hamaleana by Steve Molnar.

3rd Guzmania lingulata by Sue Hall.

  • The revised edition of Starting with Bromeliads is now available for purchase.
    Each member is entitled to purchase a copy for $5.00 plus postage. They can be collected at meetings.
  • Commencing in September, the committee has allocated
  • a further lucky door prize of an annual BSI electronic membership.
    The membership lasts for 12 months and includes electronic delivery of the BSI journal.
    This draw will last for 11 meetings.

BSQ  donated $1300 to Mount Samson State School for their horticultural program. 
President Pam Butler and VP John Williamson are standing in front of the vegetable garden
from which they harvest vegetables for their cooking program. 

Subscriptions to BSQ are now due for payment.
Please refer to recent email from Membership Secretary.

Upcoming Events
New Growers Sessions are held monthly
on the first or second Saturday of the month.

9 to 11am at Pam Butler’s place,
14 Sunset Grove, Samford Valley.

These will resume in April 2022
contact Pam at 0423173859 or
RSVP is required.

Growing from seed.
Peter Ball has revived the seed bank.
He wants to hear from people interested in growing from seed.
If so, what would you like to try to grow?
Please donate seed to the seed bank? 

The first BSI Judges School was held on Sunday 18th April.
 There are two Judges Schools a year,
each on a Sunday, over three years, a total of six.
The last School was held at Hervey Bay on sunday 31st October.
Contact Narelle Aizelwood on for more information.

Christmas Party is on
Saturday 4th December 12 noon to 4pm 
Venue: Function Room at Victoria Park Golf Complex.
There will be a 2 course meal with Christmas Cake to follow.
Limited drinks. Large Bromeliad Raffle.

Cost: Members $40, Non members $50.
Payment: EFT or Bank Deposit only.
BSB 633-000  AC
Registrations close sunday 21st November. 

The committee is looking at arranging a one day bus trip for March 2022. Please let us know if you are interested in attending. This will be discussed at the November meeting. Possible sites are to visit Steve Flood (Mooloolah) and Cheryl Basic (Yandina).

The World Bromeliad Conference has been rescheduled
for June 8-12, 2022, changed from June 2021.

The final New Growers session was held 2nd October and Chief Judge Peter Ball explained what judges looked at when judging plants in competition.In this photo, Rebekah Trevor showed people
how to prepare plants for competition.

2021 Meeting Information

Meeting Show Schedule

Month Show
February Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
March Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
April Mini Show
Class 1 – Bromelioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & Hybrids
(Acanthostachys, Ananas, Androlepis, Araeococcus, Bromelia, Canistropsis, Canistrum, Edmundoa, Fascicularia, Hohenbergia, Hohenbergiopsis, Neoglaziovia, Nidularium, Ochagavia, Orthophytum, Portea, Quesnelia, Ursulaea, Wittrockia)
Class 2 – Guzmania species and hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnia species and hybrids
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species
May Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
June Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
July Mini Show
Class 1 – Billbergia
Class 2 – Tillandsioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids (Alcantarea, Catopsis, Mezobromelia, Racinaea, Werauhia)
Class 3 – Neoregelia up to 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species and hybrids
Class 5 – species
August Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
September Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
October Mini Show
Class 1 – Neoregelia over 200mm diameter when mature, species & hybrids
Class 2 – Tillandsia species & hybrids
Class 3 – Pitcairnioideae not listed elsewhere in Schedule, species & hybrids
(Brocchinioideae, Lindmanioideae, Hechtioideae (= Hechtia), Puyoideae (= Puya), Navioideae, Pitcairnioideae (= Deuterocohnia, Encholirium, Fosterella)
Class 4 – any other flowering bromeliad species & hybrids
Class 5 – species
November Popular Vote – any genus species and hybrids + novelty bromeliad display
December No Meeting

Plant of the Month Schedule and Meeting Dates

Month Date Plant
January 17th  
February 21st Stigmatodon
March 18th AGM Orthophytums
April 15th Fosterellas.
May 16th Acanthostachys
June 17th Catopsis
July 15th Orthophytum
August 19th Spring-Flowering Tillandsias
September 16th Portea and Quesnelia
October 21st Wallisia
November 18st Billbergia
December 4th. Christmas Party
Insert the information about meetings here.

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