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Hi all!

Quick update from Zhen and the team at OGO HQ. Everyone here is busy working around the clock to get orders out for delivery by Christmas. (literally, 24-hour rotating shifts!)

We’re looking pretty good for the vast majority of Xmas orders - 99.9% of orders before Xmas cut-off have been printed and sent.

That hasn’t stopped us though - we’re continuing the push and a large number of orders placed after the cut-off have also been sent before the Auspost delivery cut-offs - hopefully that will make some of your customers happy for Christmas!

The only standout issue being out-of-stock products from AS Colour - more on that below!

New Status & Tracking Updates!

Last week we rolled out the new status and tracking update on the OGO Shopify app. You’ll now be able to see the status of pending, paid and completed orders within the app itself!

Click on the ‘Orders’ tab in the OGO Shopify app to bring up a list of orders. The new Status column is on the right-hand side.

The current statuses include:

  • Order Received
    An order with an OGO product has been received and pending billing/invoicing.

  • Paid
    The order has been invoiced and billed successfully by OGO and fulfilment has now commenced

  • Completed
    The order has been printed and despatched. Orders in Australia will have their Auspost tracking numbers in the Order Details page (see image below)

  • Not an OGO Order
    An order in your store does not contain any OGO products. OGO will not fulfil this order.

Auspost Tracking:
Click on the Order Number to open up the detailed Order Details page. Next to the ‘Completed’ status is the Australia Post tracking link.

International/DHL Tracking:
There is no published tracking available for international orders. we are still waiting for DHL to provide the integration for automated tracking. For DHL tracking details, please email us at

This is just the first phase of our new status updates. We’ll be adding even more statuses in the future, including one that will sellers to make changes to orders (address, items ordered, etc).

What the stock?

When Victorians finally got out of lockdown, we thought the worst was behind us! However, 2020 being as unpredictable as ever, has continued to serve us new challenges. The most critical this holiday period has been stock…or lack of thereof.

Here are some FAQs that will hopefully provide some clarity to the situation.

Q: Why have so many styles, colours and sizes gone out of stock?

A: In any normal year it was uncommon to see more than a handful of styles go out of stock at any given time. This year, however, we’ve seen products go in and out of stock daily. There a few factors involved:

  • COVID-19 has impacted global supply across the industry. The cost and availability of raw materials like cotton have been significantly affected.

  • Logistics and transport to Australia, primarily sea container transportation greatly reduced and cost significantly increased.

  • A massive change in consumer behaviour has led to unprecedented growth in eCommerce, especially print-on-demand and customised merch. The unpredictable growth has been global, especially so in big markets like the USA, Europe and Australia!

  • Our preferred supplier, AS Colour, are moving to a new warehouse in January 2021. As a result, many styles, both new and existing, have not been able to be replenished.

So we end up in a classic situation of high demand, and low supply. Exacerbating the issue is the big-name suppliers in USA and Europe taking up a lot of the available stock.

Q: Why have out-of-stock products been available for purchase by my customers?

A: Parts of the inventory and stock control are done manually, and as a result, we have experienced a lag in determining when a product is out of stock. The high number of orders means we’ve experienced delays in picking and registering a particular product is out of stock. Along side with some issues on Shopify’s side of requesting stock numbers to update your side, it’s not been ideal.

In regular periods, plentiful stock would usually be on hand from AS Colour and we could replenish stock by the following business day. But due to the aforementioned supply & demand challenges, we have often not been informed a product is out of stock until a few days later.

OGO understands this causes immense disappointment and inconvenience for sellers and customers. We had not predicted a situation where so many products would go out of stock suddenly, sometimes with no warning.

No excuses here, just reasons. We need to do better, and we will!

We’re genuinely sorry!

Q: What is being done to address Out of Stock issues?


  • Our new deeply integrated inventory system will be online soon - with this, we have sophisticated algorithms to help predict when an outage is going to occur (hopefully ahead of time!) as well as better demand predictions to enable us to try get the stock before you need it!

  • A new full-time inventory manager (hi Tom!) is now managing our inventory and stock control. Whilst it hasn’t eliminated the issue where an out-of-stock product is available for purchase, it has dramatically reduced the time it takes to register and synchronize inventory with all OGO products. We’ve also seen a reduction in the time taken to inform sellers when products are out-of-stock.

  • From January 8th, 2021, AS Colour will begin operating from their new, larger warehouse in Melbourne! Expect to see even more stock on hand, new styles (including the new Crew Neck Sweatshirt) and new colours!

    Expect many popular styles/colours and sizes to come back into stock in the weeks starting from January 8th. OGO will be one of the first in line to get these styles.

  • OGO is working with AS Colour to provide and integrate a live inventory feed, allowing OGO to know when an item goes out of stock immediately.

This will likely be our last seller update for the year. We’re so excited about 2021, and you’ll soon know what we have in store with my January update!

As always, OGO stays open throughout the Xmas and Holiday period, we are only closed for the major public holidays. So feel free to keep your stores open, we’ll continue fulfilling your orders!

All the best, and wishing you all happy holidays!

Zhen & the team at OGO

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