21st Edition | June 2022
June is Pride Month
Pride Colors represented through Chemicals

Pride Month is an opportunity to continue to raise the visibility of the contributions LGBTQ+ scientists have made in the areas of STEM and STEM-related fields.  

Looking for support? Check out the LGBTQIA Resource Center at UC Davis to sign up for the LGBTQIA Grad Community and Allies graduate student listserv and check out the Outlist: a way for scholars, staff, and faculty who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community to be able to connect with each other, and foster mentorship, support and community. To access "The Outlist" it may require you to login into your UCD account. 

How does your field highlight LQBTQ+ scientists? Send your contributions to to be included in next year's roundup.
Lab Safety Review Checklist – Updates 2022

The laboratory safety review program checklist has been updated in an effort to streamline the checklist and reviews.

The previous version of this checklist was a 14-page document. Lab personnel and safety coordinators often complained the document was too long to print when completing a paper self-inspection.

In order to reduce the number of pages, the action plan text for each finding was removed from the paper checklist. This information can still be found and will continue to be managed on the online checklist at

Download the updated lab safety review checklist and learn more about the changes.
Look at Me in my PPE Promotional Campaign
Satya Danderkar lab won in April
As the Laboratory Safety Review program celebrated its 9th anniversary, it launched an incentive program to reward positive safety behavior. The Look at me in my PPE promotional campaign aims to increase the wearing of “minimum attire” (long pants and closed-toe shoes), and to incentivize wearing the proper eyewear, gloves, and lab coat during active research. 

April Winners

  • Ming-Fo Hsu - Haj Lab, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • JoAnne Engebrecht - Engebrecht Lab, College of Biological Sciences
  • Bianca Sheth - J. Pena Lab, College of Engineering
  • Wendy Tsang - Dandekar Lab, School of Medicine
  • Lauren Camp - Shapiro Lab, School of Veterinary Medicine

May Winners

  • April Jungo - Westerdahl Lab, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Tammie Tam - Ralston Lab, College of Biological Sciences
  • Alex Vargas - Simon Lab, College of Engineering
  • Jesse Gipe – Roshanravan Lab, School of Medicine
  • Pavel Morales - Saeij Lab, School of Veterinary Medicine
Lab Safety Spotlight: Dr. Heffern
Image of Students in lab coats performing experiments at workstations

Dr. Heffern is one of the many Principal Investigators that uses her extensive knowledge, background, and creativity to ensure UC Davis is a leader in lab safety. 

Read more about Dr. Heffern's lab and their safety innovations.

Meet Kristina: Our newest member of the Laboratory Safety Review program
Pictured here is Kristina (Right) with her family

Kristina (pictured right) is the newest member of the Laboratory Safety Review program at Safety Services. She'll be taking over the role of Laboratory Safety Professional (LSP) for the College of Biological Sciences and half of the School of Medicine. John Lomas currently holds that position and he will be retiring at the end of June.

Read more about Kristina.

Changes to UC Travel Insurance
The provider for travel and medical assistance services has changed for the system-wide UC Traveler/Chubb insurance policy.
Formerly, the provider was United Global Health Care (Chubb-UGHC). Now, the travel assistance provider that Chubb contracts with is AXA (Chubb-AXA).

Contact information and more information is posted on Safety Services' Travel Insurance webpage.
Avoid Stinky Sinks and Drains
A p-trap is a u-shaped plumbing device which prevents odorous gasses in plumbing drains and sewers from rising up through toilets, sinks and floor drains. Water in a p-trap acts as a barrier preventing sewer gasses from escaping. Sewer gasses give off a rotten egg odor, which is often a good indicator that there is a dried-out p-trap. Although not a health hazard, odor concerns from sewer gasses may lead to discomfort directly affecting the indoor air quality of a space.
Odor concerns related to dry p-traps are frequent throughout the campus, and are the most common within labs with hidden, rarely used or historical (uncapped) drains. Odors from a dried p-trap can be easily remedied by pouring water down a drain. If drains are prone to drying out frequently, pouring a small amount of mineral oil down the drain after filling it with water will act as a barrier to the water from evaporating. So next time you experience a strange odor within your space, be sure to look for that hidden, stinky trap!
Lab Safety Course Updates

The Preparing for your Laboratory Safety Review course was recently given a new name, UCD Laboratory Safety 101: Overview. This course was initially developed for lab safety contacts/managers and/or Principal Investigators (PIs) to help prepare for their annual laboratory safety review. However, this course is valuable to anyone who has a need to work safely in the lab, and keeping their colleagues safe (e.g., everyone!). It is also a great overview for Departmental Safety Coordinators supporting departments with laboratories. 

The new name also reflects that this course will be part of a series of lab safety courses. The lab safety review team and the School of Veterinary Medicine are collaborating on a project to develop the hands-on course UCD Laboratory Safety 201: Application. This course is designed for laboratory personnel and PIs as a hands-on practical to increase their understanding of the “why” behind requirements and regulations.

UCD Lab Safety 201 will have interactive exercises to train you to identify common findings noted during the laboratory safety review program and will provide guidance on completing self-inspections and preparing for internal and external laboratory safety audits. Participants will gain an increased awareness of how to improve both safety culture and compliance in laboratory safety. Read more about the inaugural Laboratory Safety 201 course, including plans for a future collaboration with College of Engineering. 

Upcoming Training 

UCD Laboratory Safety 101: Overview 

Covering a range of topics related to the laboratory safety review program, this class provides laboratory personnel managers and Principal Investigators with guidance in developing, implementing, and maintaining laboratory safety programs and improving labratory safety culture. 

Thursday, June 23
9 - 11:30 a.m.
Register on the LMS

Online Lab Safety Tools Seminar

This interactive class will teach you how to use the UC Online Lab Safety Tools: Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT), Chemicals, Inspect, WASTe and Profile.

Monday, June 27
1:30 - 4 p.m.
Register on the LMS

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