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City Council President Marcus Griffith says "“f**king wife being six months pregnant” in email to Council Richard Thomas 
When residents came out of the council meeting, Wednesday night they were greeted by an envelope placed on their cars containing a 2 page copy of an email sent to Councilman Richard Thomas from the Council president Marcus Griffith.

In the letter, Griffith demanded a formal apology from Thomas for an alleged outburst which is said to have happened on a June 23rdcouncil meeting. What amazed many of those who read and received the letter, delivered in a clandestine style while the council meeting was going on upstairs, was how quickly a private incident was made public when matters of public record that the public has to right to know, never seem to be released in a timely matter, if at all.  While Griffith played nice inside during the meeting he had his people secretly planting evidence to the public outside.

What also was most hypocritical about this outlandish action was Council President Marcus Griffith demanding an apology for Thomas’ alleged outburst when he has never apologized to anyone for his own outbursts.

At the April 22, 2015 council meeting, Griffith told a taxpayer and homeowner, Bill Cappello, to ‘sell his home and move if he doesn’t like how things are in Mount Vernon,’ in front of the public and has never formally apologized to Mr. Cappello publicly.

So Mr. Cappello, when you come up here, and you write, you spend your time with your list of negative things and try to accuse people of things whether they are true or not, shame on you… shame on you for preparing all you could to embarrass the city, you’re an embarrassment to the city. …you can leave sell your house, you can move someplace else…” (see video below for Griffiths full comment to Mr. Cappello).
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That is just one of the many outburst from City Hall and the Council. Both Councilman Yuhanna Edwards and City Clerk George Brown had an outburst where they each screamed on longtime resident John Gallagher at different times. Yuhanna Edwards had another one of his outburst toward Councilwoman Debra Reynolds' husband, just to name a few of the many confrontational outburst from councilmembers in the last year or so.

These type of confrontations have become an acceptable and constant culture on this particular city council. So it is very hypocritical of Council President Griffith to public demand an apology from Councilman Thomas, who is running for Mayor against Davis, who Griffith has been a devoted, diehard, some have even said a blind follower of Davis.

Speaking about Davis, the current mayor who is on probation for failing to pay personal taxes, another thing Griffith who owes close to $82,000 in back taxes oh his own (number may be slightly lower, sources tell us he made a modest payment recent) has in common with his mentor. I guess when the leader of the city consistently get away with not paying his taxes, we see what kind of example it sets for a council president in his administration.

How can City Hall demand residents pay the high taxes that consistently go up year after year, when those in City Hall who we elect to serve us and lead the city can’t make paying taxes a priority in their personal lives. Yes personal lives, but I guess to expect more from those we vote for to represent us is asking too much. One thing is sure, corruption and excuses seem to be a main theme of the Davis Administration.
Mayor Davis himself has constantly berated and belittled Councilpersons Thomas and Reynolds (often referring to them as the Boy Wonder and Baby Girl publicly) for not voting his way on many of the things he tries to put through at every public event he speaks at including the Mount Vernon Film Festival Red Carpet. Not to mention going on the radio and publicly disrespecting Councilman Thomas on WVOX 1490 AM, calling him everything including an Uncle Tom, a hater and several other choice words in the Fall of 2014.
For the record we don’t vote Councilpersons to permit the mayor to do whatever he sees fit when it’s morally wrong, borderline illegal and/ or does not benefit the residents of the great city of Mount Vernon. While many other cities are complaining they do not have enough people in local government that look like and represent them, its worst when those who do look like you only have their own best interest in mind and do not do what best for the city, essentially selling us out the way Davis accused Thomas of doing to him .

Lastly we find it particularly egregious that Council President Marcus Griffith used the words, your “fucking wife being six months pregnant” was not a good excuse for you to be late, which you can read for yourself in the second to last paragraph of a letter demanding an apology and speaking about highly inappropriate behavior for a City Councilman. I guess that only applies to Thomas, and Griffith is exempt from using inappropriate vocabulary (which he even spelled wrong in the letter) he demands from others that serve with him. 

This is just another example of the reason we need a complete purge of the current administration in City Hall. Marcus Griffith is classic example how power can corrupt.
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