Welcome to the first issue of The Richway Wavelength, our new quarterly community newsletter.  The world has long understood the importance of community for building relationships.  This is what we need and I want this newsletter to reflect that.
Over the last 19 years, thousands of people have found the relief they so badly sought because of the hard work of our distributors.  Together, we have helped so many people and the Richway Wavelength will be a new vehicle to ask questions, share ideas and learn tips so we can continue to effectively meet the demands of our customers.

My plan is to have each issue of The Richway Wavelength will provide you with information on our products, tips, Questions and Answers, guest articles, stories about your fellow ISA’s and our very own staff.  Also, as new products roll out, you will be the first to hear about it.

The industry that we are in is strong and all signs point to it growing even larger.  At a recent conference by the Direct Selling Association, information was presented showing the Health and Wellness sector will continue to grow in 2016 and continue to be one of the world’s largest industries.  People are living longer, the rising cost of health care, people wanting alternatives, and a growing consumer focus on wellness is driving this demand.  So there is a lot of opportunity for a community like ours.

We want each issue of The Richway Wavelength to be valuable to you.  If you have story ideas, feedback, criticism, or even want to contribute, please contact us.  I want to strengthen our relationship with each and every one of you so we can continue to grow our Richway community.  My hope is this newsletter is a step forward in that direction. 

Janelle Hirano
Richway & Fuji Bio

1. Maximizing Your Earning Potential at the Trade show
2. Korean Beauty - Hydrogel Amethyst Face Mask 
3. Questions & Answers
4. Making A Good First Impression
5. Employee Spotlight - Meet Cathy
6. ISA Recognition

Maximize Your Earning Potential
Trade Show Tips from our very own ISA's

The internet has forever changed the way products are marketed and sold, but it will never replace the experience of the trade show.  According to a survey of 76 network marketing companies conducted by the Direct Sellers Association, 1 in 3
reported that online sales account for less than 10% of their revenue.  Peer to peer sales is still a critical component of network marketing sales.  Conee Spano, who has exhibited at over 50 trade shows, agrees she “only had 3 sales on my website in 9 years.  All the other sales are in person.​”
Exhibiting at a trade show has numerous benefits and offers you one of the best ways to meet hundreds of potential customers in a short amount of time.  Think of it this way, the aisles are filled with clients with money to burn and you are directly connecting with your target audience.  Exhibiting offers you the opportunity to let hundreds of people experience our products, and receive a great first impression which cannot be achieved by an internet website.
FACT : Fall/Autumn is the busy season for trade shows
The visibility and credibility gained at a trade show goes a long way to sealing the deal with a potential customer.  It’s not uncommon for a national trade show to have 10,000 attendees.  You can realistically expect to get at least a hundred or more visitors.   These people know many friends and family that could benefit from our products, so even if they do not buy you have now opened the door to future communications.
Trade Show Tips and Advice
Let’s discuss what you should do if you want to be an exhibitor at a trade show.  Exhibiting at a trade show isn’t cheap; so many ISA’s are put off by them.  You need to factor in the cost of the show, travel arrangements, and hotel accommodations to name a few.  However, like any form of marketing, with the right strategy it can be a profitable choice.
Memorable Stories at the Trade Show
“Having an Autistic preschooler lay on the Biomat and become calm, still and peaceful, and watching the parents be filled with joy and excitement while watching their hyperactive anxious child enjoy the experience and not get up to leave.”  Carrie Luke
Selecting the Right Show
With over 9,000 industry trade shows a year, you want to select the right one for your investment.  Exhibiting is a costly endeavor and attending the wrong show is a frustrating waste of time and money.  To get the most bang for your buck, look for fairs and shows in your area which target Health & Wellness, Spa, Massage, Chiropractic and Fitness consumers.   
Think out of the box, Conee Spano does. She set up a booth outdoors at the Star Mule Days. “I demonstrated the mat to farmers, rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, gun slingers, live stock sellers, mule and horse owners…”
and “became a diamond in less than 4 months … mostly because I did trade shows.”
Conee Spano helping a customer.
Ask the show promoters for attendee data.   Knowing the average age, sex, and income is important to know if the show hits our demographic.  Also ask how many people have attended past shows and how many people are expected to attend your show.  With 250 shows under her belt, Joyce Carrington goes a step further. “When submitting a proposal to be a vendor at a show, check first to see if there is someone else already participating as a Biomat vendor.”  If possible ask for exclusivity. 
FACT : According to the Trade Show News Network, 50% of the largest 200 shows in the United States take place in just 3 cities: Las Vegas, Chicago and Orlando.
The Count Down Begins: Preparing for a Successful Show
Promote the show to your customers.  There is nothing worse than setting up your booth to wait for a customer to walk in.  According to the Trade Show Bureau, 45% of attendees visit a booth because of a personal invitation or pre-show advertising.  Ensure these visits occur by inviting prospective customers to make an appointment to try the Biomat, and ask questions first hand. 

Set Specific and Measurable Goals.  Take advantage of this opportunity and set realistic goals that would make the show in your mind a success. Decide how many people you want to try a Biomat, how many people you want to attract to your booth, how many leads you want to receive, and how many sales you want to close.  Keep track of the data and compare them to your goals to determine if the show was a success.

The Swag Bag.  All trade shows give away swag bags to attendees to carry all of their free promo items and flyers.  Most of the time these bags come preloaded with brochures from the exhibitors.  Try to get your flyer in there too. 
 Memorable Stories at the Trade Show
 “A trade show vendor, who had been on his feet all day, was very sick looking (almost gray).  He sat on a mini mat and after 10 minutes, he pulled out his phone because he thought it was vibrating.  It was not.  He then asked me if the mini mat vibrated.  I told him no.  That was his improved circulation.  I explained how far infrared worked and what was most likely happening... At the end of that time he had good color in his face and stood up and thanked me for saving his day.  Very happy man.​” Marla Koupal 
Making a Good First Impression
You do not need a fancy booth to make a good impression.  However, every attendee who walks by your booth, even without stopping should know the name of your company and what you are selling. 
“We have a very Feng Shui set-up with coordinating linens, signage and backdrops. We dress professionally and are outwardly inviting to any passerby” said Gail Soucy, a veteran of more than 150 trade shows. Getting attention at a
crowded show will not be easy.  Have eye catching banners and giant pictures of our products.  Make your booth a billboard and create targeted messages to lure people in.   
Be Approachable.  It all starts with attitude.  Smile, use uncrossed arms and be welcoming.  Anyone manning a booth should be personable, well dressed and know enough to share.  It is a common mistake to write off someone who doesn’t appear to be a prospective client, but you never know.  This
person may have friends and family who could benefit from our products and by ignoring him, you lose any chance of a new lead.
Memorable Stories at the Trade Show
 “Someone got off the Biomat and said “It felt like a kiss from God."  Gail Soucy
Create a lasting memory by allowing attendees to experience the Biomat and to try our other products. Gini Kyle who has done 10 trade shows gives each attendee a full experience. “We also serve Alka-Life water after they've been on mat …  We have them listen to the 10 minute relaxation CD explaining a bit about the technology and tell them we can discuss the product when they've had the meditation.”  Another trade show vet, Carrie Luke, calls it an “experiential sale” and its success comes from “…experiencing the Biomat.”  She goes on to state “we have 3 Professional Sets and 4 Mini Mats, the Bioelt and Rejuvena.  We demo the Rejuvena on the back of the hand.  We offer 15 minute sessions and people wait in line on the mini mats while we talk to them or answer questions.”
Karen Urbanek's Booth
Lay out your booth to maximize traffic flow.  If your booth is too crowded, potential visitors will just pass by.   Your booth at a major trade show can easily be dwarfed by the competition.  The trick is to become a show within a show.  Schedule an
event at your booth on a certain topic to lure more people in.
Perfect Your Pitch. You will only have a limited amount of time to capture someone’s attention. Engage each customer, and find a common point of interest.  Conversations are about common ground, and people will like you if they can identify with you.  Use open ended questions so they respond back and you can have a conversation.  Try to avoid giving the same pitch to everyone who comes by.  By not saying anything special or unique to individuals, you are wasting a great opportunity to build relationships with people.  At trade shows you need to be ready for spontaneous opportunities with buyers.  Assume friendly body posture and look receptive to questions. It goes without saying, keep your booth clean, have breath mints and do not leave food and drinks around.  Put your phone down if someone walks in. 
Post Show Follow Up
Keep in touch with everyone who came to your booth, especially those who you think may become potential buyers.  According to Joyce Carrington, “sometimes we have a raffle item in order to collect even more people's info even if they have not had a session.” Record their names, contact information and any notes you may need.  Following up shows attendees you value them as a customer and are interested in their business. Carrie Luke follows up on leads within a week of the show “I say strike while the iron is hot and the memory of that rockin’ Biomat trip is fresh in their minds.”

Many people are very busy and it will be easy for them to forget about you.  According to the Trade Show Bureau, 83% of exhibitors do not engage in post-show marketing.  This terrible oversight will prevent you from maximizing the potential of your trade show investment.
Special FREE Trade Show Shipping!
Take advantage of our FREE shipping offer!   Any of our products purchased at a trade show will be shipped to your customer for free.  This special incentive will help you to close the sale and not let that customer walk away.  For complete instructions go to our website and download the form.  Out of courtesy, we do ask that distributors respect one another and not compete at the same shows.

“We LOVE the free shipping offered in conjunction with the expos.  We have sold over 60 Biomats alone using the free shipping in the last few years. Thank you Richway!” Karen Urbanek, a veteran of over 100 shows.

“It is a tremendous incentive to potential buyers who are looking for a deal.  Typically, exhibitors at shows offer discounts when purchased on-site at shows.  Since we do not discount equipment, this allows us to compete for attendees purchase dollars and makes them feel special as an attendee.” Carrie Luke

“In this day and age where people want "deals" it makes them feel like they are getting a deal and encourages a more immediate decision, but not always.  I feel it is a good influencer if they are inclined to act quickly.​” Marla Koupal, a veteran of over 70 trade shows.


Korean Beauty -Amethyst Hydrogel Face Mask

Editor's note- At this time, the Amethyst Hydrogel Face Mask is not available to order.  We will put up a notice on the BackOffice when it is available.
Korean pop music and dramas have gained a big following outside of Korea.  Like its counterparts, the Korean beauty obsession is rapidly spreading across the United States.  In 2015, what many believed to be a hot trend has instead become a factor which is influencing the global cosmetic industry.  High consumer demand and rapid R&D has some experts believing Korea is at least a decade ahead of the US in developing new and innovative products.  Industry insiders have taken notice, South Korean brands are claiming a bigger share of the American beauty market, which is estimated to be $44 billion according to the market research group NPD.
Although there are many cosmetic factories in Korea, we had to be very careful in choosing the right one to partner with.  According to Calvin Kim, CEO of Richway & Fuji Bio, “Our mask is for the discerning consumer.  One who only wants the best.” 
So he had to search for a company that “only used high quality ingredients and knew how to incorporate our special Amethyst powder.”
The philosophy of Korean cosmetics is to use natural ingredients which align with hanbang, their traditional medicinal theories.  Interest in skincare has been documented from the earliest Korean writings dating back to 700 B.C.E..  We sought out natural ingredients which would support “brightening, moisturizing, and tightening the skin.  These features are very important to our customers” said Calvin.
Customers appreciate the Korean approach, which focuses on perfection and prevention.  Not simply doing spot treatments, but to treat the skin as a treasured possession nurtured with the best ingredients.  Flawless and radiant skin is considered healthy and a true sign of beauty.  This dates back to a time when the nobles never went out doors and had porcelain-like skin.  “Our new Amethyst Face Mask produces Amethyst infrared rays, which will feel good and makes an overall better quality mask” said Calvin.  We have also chosen to use hydrogel as the foundation.  Calvin says “it is a better vehicle for supplying nutrition to the skin.  Paper masks simply do not compare.” 
“The original purpose of the mask was to enhance the Biomat user experience as well as have a good quality item to introduce people to Richway” says Calvin.  In Korea, there are many types of masks, some going for as high as $2,000. Our Amethyst face mask is a very special product and “is similar in concept to these."
Taking the time to look better and to be conscious of our appearance can affect our happiness and confidence.  It affects how people perceive us and tells them what we think of ourselves.  According to a Euromonitor study, Koreans spend the most on cosmetic products.  And the target audience is not just women.  Alex Taek-Gwang Lee, a cultural analyst at Kyunghee University, said that men are using more cosmetics because in South Korea, appearance is everything.
Korean spa’s can be found in Western cities which have a large Korean population.  Urbanites are becoming hip to these places known as Jimjilbang, where beauty treatments once only found in Korea are becoming easily accessible.  It is very easy to incorporate the mask into a Biomat session.  Calvin states “using the mask in conjunction with the Biomat will change the users experience.  Laying down for a long session can be boring. Now when they wake up, they will feel better and look better.”  The mask can also be used after Rejuvena sessions to further enhance the skin.
Approved Claims for the Richway Amethyst Hydrogel Face Mask
Firms sagging skin for a contoured look.
Firms areas prone to sagging.
Moisturizes, Hydrates, and Anti-wrinkle
Swiftly and effectively reduces the signs of aging and dryness.
Restores Luminosity
Improves Elasticity
Luminous skin in minutes
Prevent visible signs of aging
Softens, repairs, and brightens skin
Leaves skin smoother, softer, and more supple
A firming and hydrating mask.
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin firmness and elasticity.
Sometimes we receive a question from an ISA which we believe would be helpful to more of you. We will field these questions here and try to show examples for you to better understand our policies and procedures.   If you have a question, please send it to
Q: Can I advertise my business on Google or another platform?
A: Yes, you can.  Advertising your business is fine as long as it is not directing to an internet shopping mall such as Amazon or Ebay.  The ad must still follow our Policies and Procedures. 
Q: I found a distributor selling used mats for a discounted price.  Is this a violation of the Policies and Procedures?
A: No, it is not.  As long as the distributor selling the mats clearly states the mats are used and come with no warranty, it is not in violation of our Policies and Procedures.  New mats should not be advertised with a discount.
An example of an acceptable ad for used Biomats.
Q: Can you give me an example of testimonials I can use?  I’m still confused over the new rules in marketing guidelines for Independent Sales Associates.
A: Sure, in this issue we used two ISA testimonials found in our Trade Show article.  Our FDA consultant said the following regarding the use of them.

Example 1
“Having an Autistic preschooler lay on the Biomat and become calm, still and peaceful, and watching the parents be filled with joy and excitement while watching their hyperactive anxious child enjoy the experience and not get up to leave.”  Carrie Luke

Regarding Carrie Luke’s testimonial:  “This type of endorsement is an observation about a user’s reaction to the Biomat.  It does not make claims regarding diagnosis or treatment of a specific disease.  I think that it is benign and could be included PROVIDING that nothing more is stated, like a headline stating “HELPS AUTISM.”
Example 2
​“I've had many--This one is great.  A trade show vendor, who had been on his feet all day, was very sick looking (almost gray).  He sat on a mini mat and after 10 minutes, he pulled out his phone because he thought it was vibrating.  It was not.  He then asked me if the mini mat vibrated.  I told him no.  That was his improved circulation.  He looked at me with questions, I explained how far infrared worked and what was most likely happening... At the end of that time he had good color in his face and stood up and thanked me for saving his day.  Very happy man.​” Marla Koupal

Regarding Marla Koupal’s testimonial:  “… this is acceptable as the claim “improved circulation” is directly from the 510(K), and endorses how the improved circulation – plus rest – helped the individual.” If adding a headline to this testimonial, do not “editorialize or attach a heading that is outside the FDA approval.”
Don’t forget to send in your questions!
You never get a second chance to make a good first impression and bad impressions are difficult to undo.  Studies have shown it takes mere seconds for someone to form an opinion about you. Unlike trust, which is earned over time, being perceived as likeable or not occurs almost instantly.  So when meeting new clients it is important to control things within our power to do so. 

A sale can depend heavily upon a prospects first impression of you.  If you don’t make a great first impression you will have to work harder to develop credibility. 
Body Language
Customers will interpret our non-verbal cues by the gestures, body posture and facial expressions you use. 
Smile: When you give someone a pleasant, warm, and genuine smile you are sending the message that you are friendly and approachable. People are naturally attracted to others who are smiling.  So greet your prospect with a smile.
Eye Contact: Good eye contact shows people you are interested in them.  Be careful not to overdo it, this can be considered intimidation.
Handshake: A firm handshake accompanied by eye contact also makes a positive impression and helps to build trust.
Subtle Cues: Be aware of the subtle cues you give off.  Pressing your lips together with a slight frown is a sign of disagreement, raising your eye brows shows surprise, and do not talk to a customer with crossed arms.
Exude Confidence
It's natural to be nervous.  Take deep breaths and focus. Let your passion and confidence take the lead.  If you seem confident people will assume you have a reason to be.  Your level
of confidence is a direct reflection of your willingness and self-discipline to invest in yourself.
Voice: By speaking slowly and calmly, you will appear more confident than would otherwise be the case. When we get nervous, our voice can sound whiney because the sound emerges from our throat or nose. If you move your voice down into your chest, you'll sound and feel more confident. Speak as though you are speaking to a friend.
Eliminate Verbal Ticks:  Don’t use “uhh,” “I mean,” “you know” when thinking of what to say next.  It makes you sound unsure of yourself.
Posture: Standing up straight is probably the most important means of communicating confidence.  This can be a challenge if you are a sloucher, but get over it.  Keep your hands out of your pockets, it makes you look unsure.
Be Enthusiastic: Enthusiasm sells, is transferable and infectious. The enthusiasm you show is driven by your attitude and beliefs, so it is critical to work consistently to maintain a winning attitude.
Dress the Part
Appearance is very important.   It is hard to upgrade your appearance when you are under dressed.  A study presented in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that clothing style
plays a key role in how impressions are formed.
Look professional: Be conscious of your appearance.  Project a successful image, make sure you look professional and well groomed.  Clean your shoes and press your shirt.
Scents: Be cautious of wearing fragrances, some people are sensitive to them.  If you are a smoker, many non-smokers do not like the lingering smell of cigarettes.   Have breath mints handy.
Be a Good Listener
Good listening skills will provide you with a deeper level of understanding about a customer’s situation.   By developing these skills you will know what words are best to use or which words to avoid.
The Customer is Important: One of the keys to getting someone to like you is to show them you think they are important.  By showing you are interested in them and what you can do for them will go a long way to closing the sale.
Field Questions Gracefully: Know our products or have a FAQ sheet handy to answer the typical questions people will ask.  You will be judged by the way you handle questions, especially the tough ones.  So don’t get defensive, think of it as an interest in our work. 
Conversation Pace:  Everyone is familiar with the “fast talking” sales person.  They do not have a good representation. They speak at a rapid pace and cram so much information into little time.  Consumers do not trust fast talkers, so speak slowly and articulately. Don’t forget conversation is a two way street.
Be Likeable
If a consumer likes you they will be open to answering questions and engage in conversation about their needs and situation.  Being likeable will help you to close more sales and make more money.
Be Polite: Unless you were raised in a barn by animals, someone taught you basic manners. Put those manners to work and people will notice.
Be Welcoming:  The attitude you are broadcasting influences how you will be perceived and received.  As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”
Be Non-Judgmental: Truly likable people are non-judgmental. They recognize that everyone is trying to get by the best they know how, and they treat everyone with respect and understanding. 
Be Real: Customers can tell when you are fake and just trying to get the sale versus help them with a problem they have. Realness is the integrity that stands behind your likeability and guarantees its authenticity. 
Positive Mental Attitude: Likeable people exude a positive mental attitude. They don’t ignore hardships or failures, but consciously reframe them into healthier positive ones.  Being positive means that you can find a better solution out of a problem, rather than feeling sorry for yourself.
When you call our offices to place an order or ask a question, chances are good that you will speak to Cathy.  She works in our call center helping distributors and customers alike to process new orders and to answer their
questions.  Cathy came to Richway & Fuji Bio in 2015 and “took the position because I like to work with people.” She not only likes working with people, but enjoys helping people. Her previous job was teaching English as a second language to students in Hawaii.  She has “helped people from all over the world” and in her spare time continues to do so.
Cathy has translated English movies into Korean for over 15 years.  She has been involved with many US international releases from 1989 to 2003.  Some of the more notable movies she has translated are Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Congo, The Untouchables and the entire God Father series. When she moved to the US, she even ventured into TV, translating the FOX show Prison Break into Korean.
Cathy comes from Suwon city in South Korea.  “It [was] a small town about an hour away from Seoul, the capital.”  Suwon is known for the UNESCO World Heritage site Hawaseong Fortress.  “The fortress symbolizes the epitome of Korean
science during Chosun Dynasty.  There are 4 gates (North, South, West, and East gate) and Suwon city is in the center of this wall” says Cathy.

Cathy’s connection to Richway goes beyond answering phones.  Like many of our customers Cathy loves the Biomat and shares it with her friends and family.  “My friend’s mother has had back pain for a long time and I heard from my friend that her condition has improved [since using the Biomat].”
If you plan on visiting Korea, Cathy recommends trying steamed Kalbi, which is a marinated beef rib.  “[It’s] not the barbecued one that most of my friends like.  It’s a really soft beef dish.”  She
goes on to say “although I am Asian, my favorite food is bread, especially dark and country style bread.  My friends from my hometown make fun of me since I do not cook much rice at home. Hahahaha.” Her love of bread started from childhood but grew even greater when she discovered the variety in the states.  “I like going to Safeway to pick up freshly baked Artisan bread with lots of different grains and seeds (pumpkin and nuts).”
Tip from Cathy
When calling in your order, please do not wait until the last minute to do so.  “Sometimes the payment does not get resolved and it causes the order to move to the following week ending.”  So please call early if you want to ensure your points are added to that week.  Our call center is very busy and she alone takes care of “up to 50 calls a day.” 
If you succeed, we succeed!  Let's celebrate together!  We want to recognize the following individuals for their hard work and dedication. Thank you!
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