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Google Summer of Code

This year, Pharo was part of the Google Summer of Code. The results are now in:
  • Advancing in Pharo Code Quality Support by Myroslava Link
  • Improving FastTable and extending its possibilities by Elhamer Link
  • Pharo DataFrame by Oleksandr Zaytsev Link
  • Enhance Pharo Command Line Interface by Rajula Vineet Reddy Link
  • Improving the VM Profiler by  Sophie Kaleba Link
Playlist with all videos here.

Success Story: Contestia

Contestia ( is a general-purpose Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform following a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Our first MVP (Contestia Darwin) is aimed to help hosting startup contests and hackathons. You start defining the input form. Once you start receiving applications, you invite evaluators to work on them. Finally, you choose the criteria to determine which applications pass to the next round(s) (or win the contest). You get immediate visibility of how the contest is progressing, identifying any hotspots you need to pay attention to.

Currently, one of our key customers, BBVA's Innovation Center, is using Contestia to manage all the workflow details for the BBVA Open Talent 2017:

The world’s biggest fintech challenge for startups, which this year has grown significantly. A truly global hunt for the best of the best in the world of fintech and digital banking

Contestia is based on an event-based microservices architecture. The core and other services are running Pharo 6 and are integrated with other microservices based on different stacks through asynchronous messaging using RabbitMQ and REST APIs.

Pharo has been a key piece to successfully apply our Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach for Contestia development. We have developed a service following an hexagonal architecture and based on event sourcing and CQRS. Pharo provides an agile live development environment that allows us a very fast development pace and building a reliable and maintainable software system said R. Luque from


Update: Debris Publishing / Quuve Research & Portfolio Management Platform

A while back our team presented Quuve [1], a customizable investment management ecosystem for professional investors. We also discussed the technologies employed to build it [2] (it is developed on Pharo and deployed on GemStone). We are reaching out again because we recently revamped our website [3] and created a number of promotional videos that demonstrate Quuve's power [4]. We would appreciate your help in marketing our wares!

Quuve is the world's first fully integrated and customizable research and portfolio management platform. The system offers powerful features never before seen by the investment community and it empowers users to tailor tools in ways that accommodate their idiosyncratic investment style. In the coming years, customization, data-inheritance, shared databases, machine-learning, and robo-trading will become standard among investors of all sizes, and we expect Quuve will blaze the trail.

If you have any questions about Quuve please let us know. 



Libraries, Releases and Random News

  • New cell widgets for Fast table: FTCheckBoxCellMorph Link
  • Calypso update: many improvements and migration to GitHub Link
  • msgpack-smalltalk 1.2.9 is out. Timestamp encoding/decoding in the latest spec is supported. Link
  • A powerful and extensible workflow management engine, written in Smalltalk Link
  • TelePharo. Tools to manage and develop remote Pharo images Link
  • Renraku release 1.0 — already integrated! Link
  • Lowtalk, A new Smalltalk dialect to replace Slang. Link
  • Reflective Series or The Power of doesNotUnderstand Link
  • Pharo Development Process Link    
  • Pharo is now on FaceBook Link
  • ZWEIDENKER GmbH upgrades to Gold Consortium Membership Link
  • Studio is a productive environment for working on your programs Link
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ZWEIDENKER GmbH is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact for more information.
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