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Pharo Newsletter August 2019

Pharo Chip Designer

A little chip design game inspired by KOHCTPYKTOP: Engineer of the People by Zachtronics.

It is an inaccurate and highly simplified tool for the design of silicon chip layouts. Unlike common educational tools for logic circuits designs, in Pharo Chip Designer, you need to face the real-life problems like propagation delays or limited amount of layers and available substrate area.

The Pharo Chip Designer runs withing Pharo 8.0 environment. Currently, it is not provided as a standalone application because the main purpose of it is not to imitate the original game but to provide a base for own experiments where you want to have full control over the input and output signals. Pharo provides an interactive environment for it.   Read more here
Another quick work in progress video for my next ESUG demo (Ronie Salgado)

Pharo and Smalltalk Events

  • ESUG 2019 Cologne, Germany 26-30 August 2019: Link
  • Camp Smalltalk as Part of ESUG: 24/25 August 2019 Link
  • Smalltalks 2019, Neuquén, Argentina, November 13-15 2019 Link
  • Camp Smalltalk - Portland, October 4  2019 Link
A robot created using Pharo, PharoThings, Pharo IoT (working in progress)

New Libraries and Frameworks

  • GitBridge: Access resources and information from the git repository containing your project. GitHub
  • GistBrowser-Pharo: Interact with GitHub Gist on Pharo Link
  • SeasideSwift: A cross-platform Swift code runner served by Seaside on Pharo. GitHub
  • pharo-minimal: A set of scripts and resources to produce a pharo minimal headless image GitHub
  • Pharo-Harbour, A simple file browser experiment for Pharo GitHub
  • Driver for I2C MPU6050 sensor (PharoThings) GitHub
  • Pharo-LibVLC: Binding ffi of libvlc for Pharo GitHub
  • pharo-llvmDisassembler: Pharo bindings to the LLVM disassembler GitHub
  • pharo-unicorn: Pharo bindings to the Unicorn library, a lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture CPU emulator framework GitHub
  • SingularizePluralize: Transforming singular nouns to their plural form and vice versa. GitHub
  • Pharo Headless - Beta Link
Tudor Gîrba - Moldable development. Talk From Curry On 2019.

Blogs and Tutorials

  • PoC: Alpine Linux Minimal Stateless Pharo Link
  • Pharo TechTalk Recoding " Contribute to Pharo" youtube
  • Analyzing Java with Moose 8 Link
  • Using a DSM to visualize co-change of Java classes Link
  • Writing And Committing First Pharo (Smalltalk) Code And Shipping For Others To Use Link

Real-time News? 

If you want to follow Pharo in real-time, we have these channels:
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