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Pharo Newsletter March 2020

GitHub Digest

  • Weekly Digest (24 February 2020 - 2 March 2020) Link
  • Weekly Digest (17 February 2020 - 24 February 2020) Link
  • Weekly Digest (10 February 2020 - 17 February 2020) Link
  • Weekly Digest (3 February 2020 - 10 February 2020) Link

Mediaclue: Web based media assets management


I'm a Pharo lover for many years. A huge thanks to all of you, making Pharo possible! As a giving back I would like to open source some of my business projects (Thanks to my supporting customers, too). The first is a web based media assets management called "mediaclue" (Think of it as a image/audio/video/document sharing platform, e.g. for teachers inside a school):

(Everything is ready for simple install into a fresh Linux server with included Ansible provisioning scripts to create the whole appliance)


Andreas Brodbeck

P.S. The UI language is still german at the moment, but that should turn multilanguage eventually

Tutorials and Blog Posts

  • Concurrent Programming in Pharo: This book presents the basic elements of concurrency in Pharo. Link
  • Building Webapps Like it's 1972 Link
  • 99 bottles of beer, auf Smalltalk (The Beginning of Extreme Programming) Link
  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Pharo Link
  • Tutorial for Roassal3 Link
  • Presentation about Grafiscopio at FOSDEM Link

Research with Pharo

  • The Kendrick modelling platform: language abstractions and tools for epidemiology Paper
  • Sub-method, partial behavioral reflection with Reflectivity: Looking back on 10 years of use Paper

uFFI Booklet v1.0

We have been working a lot in the last months in the documentation of uFFI, and we are happy to announce a first stable version of it that you’ll find in a link below :)
The booklet talks about uFFI, how to use it, how marshalling works, how to use structures, unions, etc.
And it is aimed for the version present on Pharo8.0.

Of course, a v1 does not mean it’s perfect. Future versions will include new chapters/features that are on the pipeline such as callbacks and how to specify string encodings in your bindings.

Cheers, Guille on behalf of everybody that helped and contributed to this

New Libraries

  • Territorial: Package for Geographic Information Retrieval GitHub
  • StringUtilities: StringSlice. GitHub
  • ImageForm: Small Lib for basic Image processing GitHub
  • PragmaCompatibility: Project to manage the `keyword` -> `selector` compatibility of Pragma before and after Pharo 6.1 GitHub
  • ReStoreForPharo: Relational database persistence for Pharo objects GitHub
  • RSSTools-Pharo: Objects to work with RSS feeds and the Fever API GitHub
  • Casino: A Pharo Smalltalk project that migrates web projects from Java to Angular GitHub
  • mediaclue: Web based media assets management GitHub
  • NeoDNS: Experimental in-image DNS implementation for Pharo GitHub
  • Dawn Theme - A Warm Dark theme for coding in Pharo Link
  • COVID-2019 - Analysis of Coronavirus outbreak data with Pharo GitHub
  • Pharo-YUML: Simple YUML Link generator to document classes in Pharo GitHub
  • Pharo-Teachable: A teachable object for Pharo GitHub
Dawn Theme - A Warm Dark theme for coding in Pharo Link


In the February newsletter, a wrong link slipped through: 
  • Smallbook, Tool for creating presentations with basic slides GitHub


  • ViennaTalk (a LIVE IDE for VDM-SL): New Release Codename Porto GitHub
  • PolyMath 1.0.2, the computational framework for Pharo GitHub
  • Pharo-VistaCursors: Changes the Pharo cursor on Windows GitHub
  • Pharo-Harbour: A simple file browser experiment for Pharo GitHub
  • PharoJS: Develop in Pharo, Run on JavaScript http://pharojs.orgGitHub


  • ZWEIDENKER is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact <> for more information.
  • PhD Position Inria: Advanced and extendable tools and virtual machines for debugging  Link
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