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Pharo Newsletter September 2018

Success Story: Daywork

Daywork ( is a new czech web portal designed to simplify searching for temporary jobs and workers. Workers are notified of jobs matching their skills and requirements, reducing the effort needed to find the best one. Companies may select the right candidate based on rating and reviews from other companies.

The portal recently went into production and attracts more and more potential workers and companies.

Backend of the portal is developed in Pharo 6.1 and uses custom web framework Eleven - stateless alternative to Seaside. "Pharo allows us to seamlessly work on multiple platforms and live objects manipulation and debugging proved to be great help and time saver", said Jan Blizničenko, lead developer of Daywork.

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Feenk Log


We again got carried away and forgot to update the world about what is up in our corner. Here is a summary:

Bloc & Brick

  • Text editor stability has been significantly improved
  • Improved support for selection in the text editor
  • Support for typical editing keybindings (copy, cut, paste)
  • Text editor debuggability: twitter1, tweet2
  • The text editor can handle emojis tweet

GT Inspector

  • We now have an initial version of a working inspector with resizable panes tweet1 tweet2
  • It shows a display string for the current object tweet
  • It can handle errors in the definition of views gracefully: tweet
  • We now have multiple extensions expressed in the new Inspector: tweet1 tweet2

GT Documenter saw multiple enhancements.

  • We can now resize various previews live: tweet1, tweet2, tweet3
  • It now relies on the annotation mechanism from Pillar: tweet
  • We can now link classes and expand their definition: tweet1, tweet2
  • The preview of examples can handle errors gracefully: tweet
  • We can run examples in place, enabling a smoother tutorial experience: tweet
  • We have new documentation expressed in it: tweet

Have fun, The feenk team

Blog Posts / Tutorials

  • Understanding XMLParser Validation Link
  • XMLParser Performance Tips Link
  • Tutorial: Built a docker image for Pharo and Zinc Link
  • Exemplifying software: Documenting and testing software through examples Link
  • A quick memory game using Pharo’s dynamic spec builder Link
  • Pillar Quick Start Link
  • How to build a website with Pillar Link
  • How to build a blog with Pillar Link
  • A mini scheme in Pharo Link
  • Project based learning Link
Controlling a Turtlebot using PhaROS: Goals planning and Automatic docking

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

  • smalltalk-geohash: Pharo package to decode/encode Geohashes to/from latitude and longitude (geolocation) GitHub
  • NeoVIM client in Pharo Link
  • Pharo binding to libssh2 library GitHub
  • Clap - is the Command line argument parser for Pharo Link
  • Controlling a Turtlebot using PhaROS: Goals planning and Automatic docking Link
  • MCZ -> Git Migration GitHub
  • Roassal and Hololens Link

Real-time News? 

If you want to follow Pharo in real time, we have these channels:

Job Corner

  • HRWorks is looking for Pharo Software Developers Link
  • Thesis: Transferring Visual Age Smalltalk into Pharo (HRWorks, Freiburg, Germany) Link
  • ObjectProfile  Santiago, Chile: Engineering position (with a strong research activity) in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering. Link
  • ZWEIDENKER GmbH is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact for more information.
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