Pharo Newsletter March 2017
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Getting Involved with Pharo

This newsletter has a specific theme: How do I get deeper involved with the Pharo community? We will present the channels we use for communicating day-to-day as well as the regular online and real world meetings happening. All other news is postponed to the next newletter, with one exception: Google Summer of Code!

Google Summer of Code

We are very proud to be selected for this year's Google Summer of Code 2017, a global program focused on introducing students to open source software development.

Students work on a 3 month programming project with an open source organisation during their break from university. Read more..

We are now looking for both Students and Mentors:


Like many open source project, as the main way to communicate we still use old style mailing lists. We have two:
  • Pharo Users: This is the list for developers that use Pharo for their own projects. This is where you ask for help. "How do I do X with Pharo" would be a question that you find here as well as questions about how the language works or why things are done they way they are. 
    Subscribe here
  • Pharo Dev:  This is the list where we discuss about developing Pharo itself. We discuss bugs that people find and how to fix them.  Subscribe here
Both lists are fairly high traffic, there are archives (user, dev) to view without subscribing.


We have an active team at Slack for Pharo users and developers. Because it is invite only, you can request your invite by clicking here

Contribute Code!

The best way to contribute to Pharo is of course to contribute good bug reports, fixes or code in general.

PharoDays 2017: May 18/19

Join the Pharo community for the Pharo Days 2017. Meet your online colleagues, programmers and hackers in real life and experience how much you can pick up in just two days. Learn about key technologies, talk to core developers and other users, pair program and contribute to Pharo. 

We will send more information about the program with the next newsletter.

Learn + Meet

There are some events organised to meet online or offline to learn about Pharo or even get active:
  • Pharo Tech Talks: Every last Tuesday. This is a online chat (on Discord) about a specific topic. Sometimes it includes a youtube live demo. Next one: Round-table Pharo6
  • Pharo Sprints: Every last Friday of the month, we organize a so called Sprint. We gather online and offline to work on closing issues together. The next one will be March 31.
  • ESUG. The yearly Smalltalk conference. You can meet many Pharo developers there. Next one will be in September 2017.
All future Pharo related events will be listed on the Events Page were you can register to get notified before the events starts.

Pharo Consortium and Pharo Association

Open Source development is, after all, not very different from normal software development. Yes, there are many contributors who contribute for free, but to create a real stable and useful system, one needs full time developers, too.

We have setup two organisations:

Pharo Industry Consortium: Here companies are members.

Pharo User Association: For individuals.

The members of the consortium and the association make it possible to have one engineer working on Pharo full time!
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