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Pharo Newsletter December 2018

Success Story: RMapViewer

RMapViewer is a tool for chemists to visualise and analyse chemical reaction maps composing of isomers and the reaction pathways between them explored by the GRRM (Global Reaction Route Mapping) software package. The user with RMapViewer can search for particular isomers that matches against several chemical structural descriptors, such as (1) SMILES, (2) InChI, and (3) CAST, as well as (4) topological chemical structures, locate the pathways between two or more isomers specified as a reaction reactant and a product, and animate the motion of a molecular change via chemical reaction along its reaction pathway. RMapViewer has been developed by the support of the "Maizo"-chemistry project (link).

glamorous toolkit alpha.3

Another month has swooshed and now it’s time for Glamorous Toolkit alpha.3:

The key things that changed are as follows:
  •  We rewrote Documenter. This was challenge, but the results are more than worth it. One visible thing is that now the previews get cached, and as a consequence we can actually work inside the document. But, perhaps the more impactful thing is that we can now toggle the visibility of Pillar markup. We think it significantly improves the experience and consequently, the value of the live documents.

Have fun, The feenk team

Video IoT Hackathon Cologne

IoT Hackathon Cologne

Blogposts, Lecture and Documentation

  • The STON Specification Link
  • SmallIPFS: a Smalltalk Interplanetary File System API (portuguese) Link
  • TL;DR: Learning Smalltalk Gist
  • Lecture: Advanced Reflection. MetaLinks Link

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

  • Robert C. Martin's packages dependency management metrics for Pharo GitHub
  • Type system for Pharo augmenting GtCoder GitHub
  • Examples and tests touching methods made accessible in GtCoder GitHub
  • Teapot micro web framework for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • A simple package for units GitHub
  • Implementation of JSON schema for pharo GitHub
  • Yet another JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • Moose Algos contains generic libraries for various analysis algorithms. GitHub
  • DeepTraverser offers a library for traversing object graphs. GitHub
  • RoelTyper is a simple type inferencer for Pharo GitHub
  • Version 1.0: TaskIt is a library that ease Process usage in Pharo GitHub
  • A Pharo turtle logo play ground GitHub
  • Pharo Ethereum Driver V1.0 GitHub
  • Petit Parser is a framework for building parsers. GitHub
  • Simple implementation of Bitcoin's BIP39 mnemonic and seed generator GitHub
  • Seamless: Distributed object network for Pharo GitHub
  • Firmata implementation for the Pharo Language GitHub
Lambda World 2018 - What FP can learn from Smalltalk by Aditya Siram 
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Real-time News? 

If you want to follow Pharo in real time, we have these channels:

Job Corner

  • HRWorks is looking for Pharo Software Developers Link
  • Thesis: Transferring Visual Age Smalltalk into Pharo (HRWorks, Freiburg, Germany) Link
  • ObjectProfile  Santiago, Chile: Engineering position (with a strong research activity) in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering. Link
  • ZWEIDENKER GmbH is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact for more information.
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