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Pharo Newsletter June 2019


  • Smalltalk Day Japan 2019 - Media List: Link
  • PharoDays 2019: Slides.  short Video
  • ESUG 2019 Cologne, Germany 26-30 August 2019: Link
  • Smalltalks 2019, Neuquén, Argentina, November 13-15 Link
Ronie Salgado published a teaser for his presentation at ESUG19: "A work in progress video of my next upcoming woden demo for ESUG. This shows procedural textures, SSAO, an initial implementation of HDR auto exposure support, and physics"

Meetups / User Groups

  • The Programming Language Smalltalk: Heidelberg/Germany  Meetup
  • Chinese speaking users Pharo中文用户讨论组 Join on Discord: #pharo-zh
  • MunichSmalltalk, see @munichsmalltalk on twitter
PlantUML from Moose Java model in Pharo 8

Issue Tracker and Pull Request Logs

The amount of pull requests is picking up, we are now merging >200 contributions per month.
To make it easier to follow, we have installed a new ProBot: Weekly Digest, here is the first result for testing:
  •  (1 July, 2019 - 8 July, 2019): Link
The bot will create an issue tracker entry every Saturday for all the changes that happened this week.

Blogs and Tutorials

  • A first step guide to PhaROS Link
  • Telemon: Pharo metrics for Telegraf Link
  • TIG: Telegraf InfluxDB Grafana Monitoring Link
  • Pharo Compiler: add the concept of a Production Environment Link
  • A Turing Machine simulator written in Pharo Link
  • La méthode de Newton-Raphson Link
  • Automatic generation of Pharo project changelogs Link
  • Building Whatsapp Analyzer in Pharo: Parsing (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)
  • Type Checking Pharo methods Link
  • Pharo vocabulary Link
  • Tests analysis in Pharo with DrTests Link
  • TinyBlog : Créer votre Première Application Web avec Pharo Link

New Libraries and Frameworks

  • Mold: Form Validation for Seaside GitHub
  • PlaidSt: Plaid client for Pharo GitHub
  • TinyLogger: A really small logger for Pharo applications GitHub
  • Ethel: Lightweight framework for composing web service clients in Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • tekka: a modeless Japanese input method for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • PlantUMLPharoGizmo: Pharo support for PlantUML GitHub
  • Event Music Manager in Pharo and Seaside Link
  • Hunter: a JavaScript reengineering platform GitHub
  • SQLite3: A clean SQLite FFI binding for Pharo GitHub
  • Pharo-MessageFlowBrowser: A message flow browser for Pharo GitHub
  • Geranium: Energy consumption simulator for participatory modelling and decision making GitHub
  • OSProcess: OSProcess provides access to operating system functions GitHub

Updated Libraries and Frameworks

  • Seaside 3.3.4  GitHub
  • Telescope (an engine for efficiently creating meaningful visualizations)  v2.2.0
  • TelescopeCytoscape (connector to render Telescope visualization on web via Seaside)  v2.1.0
  • Python3Generator v2.0.0
  • JRPC v2.1.0 (Yet another JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation)
  • PetitParser v2.2.0 (Petit Parser is a framework for building parsers)

Pharo Consortium New Academic Member: Universidad Católica Boliviana - Cochabamba


The Pharo Consortium is very happy to announce that Ingeniería de Sistemas, Universidad Católica Boliviana - Cochabamba has joined the Consortium as an Academic Member.



The goal of the Pharo Consortium is to allow companies and institutions to support the ongoing development and future of Pharo.

Individuals can support Pharo via the Pharo Association:

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