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Pharo Newsletter February 2019


[ANN] Pharo Days 2019: April 4&5, Lille, France

Registration for Pharo Days 2019 is now open!

Pharo days is a gathering of the Pharo community to exchange, discuss and code with your online colleagues. Join us to share your experiences and help to make a better Pharo!

To register, please proceed to the Pharo Days 2019 web page:, or go directly to the association event.

(Yes, the schedule is still to be defined, stay tuned).

[ANN] glamorous toolkit v0.5.1

2019 is here, and so is a new release of Glamorous Toolkit, the moldable development environment based on the freshly released Pharo 7.

Quite a few things are new. The most important highlights are:
  • initial support for native windows for Mac and Linux,
  • initial XDoc support,
  • Debugger reimplementation, and
  • text editor deep surgery.
Learn more about the release here:

Take a look, and please do not be shy. Tell us know what you think and feel about it.

Have fun,
The feenk team

 [ANN] P3 version 1.2
There is a new release of P3, the modern, lean and mean PostgreSQL client for Pharo.

Version 1.2 contains the following changes:
  • P3PreparedStatement is now joined by a polymorphic P3FormattedStatement working client side on text strings
  • P3PreparedStatement & P3FormattedStatement now share the same double dispatch mechanism to process argument binding
  • Added convenience methods #listDatabases #listSchemas & #listTablesInSchema: to P3Client
  • Added convenience methods #firstColumnData & #firstFieldOfFirstRecord to P3Result
  • Added dynamic ENUM support via #loadEnums in P3Client
  • Add support for the 7 geometric types POINT, CIRCLE, LINE, LSEG, POLYGON & PATH with corresponding objects P3Point, P3Circle, P3Line, P3LineSegment, P3Polygon & P3Path
  • Add support for the INTERVAL type with P3Interval object
  • Added P3Client>>#serverVersion accessor
  • Add support for BIT & VARBIT types with P3FixedBitString & P3BitString objects
  • Add TIMETZ support
  • Organised P3 package with tags
  • More & better documentation & unit tests

The quality of open source software is determined by it being alive, supported and maintained.

The first way to help is to simply use P3 in your projects and report back about your successes and the issues that you encounter. You can ask questions on the Pharo mailing lists.

[ANN] Camp Smalltalk 2019 in Charlotte, NC at the end of March

For those that haven't heard, Instantiations is sponsoring a Camp Smalltalk on March 29th – March 31st 2019 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Please register for the event soon as spots will be limited.

Event details and registration info are available at the following link: Camp Smalltalk Charlotte 2019

[ANN] Pharo open documentation

With some other members of the community, we are proud to announce a new effort on Pharo documentation.
We launched an organization pharo-open-documentation which is user-maintained documentation related to Pharo environment, language, and libraries.

Currently it has three main projects:

  • pharo-wiki : Wiki related to the Pharo programming language and environment
  • awesome-pharo : A collection of awesome Pharo libraries, tools, frameworks and software.
  • awesome-pharo-ml : List of projects, books, booklets, papers, and applications related to machine learning, AI, data science in Pharo.

Contributions are welcome!

If you own a cool project in Pharo others could use in their own projects, send us a PR to awesome-pharo!If you have knowledge on Pharo or projects of Pharo, we would be glad if you could contribute to the pharo-wiki! Don't forget to read the contribution guidelines. ;)

We opened a Twitter to announce new entries on the pharo-wiki:

Blog posts, Lecture and Documentation

  • PharoByExample in Ukrainian GitHub
  • Building OpenSmalltalk VM for Pharo on Win 7 Link
  • VM Learning: Call Stack Management (V2, C version)  Link
  • The computational notebook of the future Link
  • Actors for Smalltalk Link
  • Pharo 7, un lenguaje de programación para el Internet de las Cosas Link
  • Continuous delivery with GT Releaser Link
  • Genetic Algorithm Link
  • PostgresV3 with Parameter Binding Link
  • Mobile App Development with PharoJS Link
  • Live tutorials inside the IDE Link
  • TravisCI and Smalltalk Link
  • LiveStream: Playing with Pharo, a smalltalk implementation Link
  • Videos of Smalltalks 2018 conference Link

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

  • PetitParser release: v2.1.0 Link
  • Hunter: a JavaScript reengineering platform GitHub
  • ObservableSlots: Pharo language extension to have slots that announce changes GitHub
  • Tabular: Support of common spreadsheets formats (CSV, XLSX, ODS). GitHub
  • Git Thermite is a tool for visualizing Git commits GitHub, Video
  • PasswordCrypt for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • DataBindings: A small Vue.js-inspired reactive data bindings framework for Pharo. GitHub
  • Experiments for using GToolkit for computational documents GitHub
  • A tool for exporting commits from a Store repository to Git using the Tonel format GitHub
  • Marvin: Prototype system based on Self for Pharo GitHub
  • Natural Language Processing Library for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • SingletonTrait: A Pharo trait for defining singletons GitHub
  • Stargate is a library supporting the creation of HTTP based RESTful APIs. GitHub
  • Python3Generator: version 1.1.0 GitHub
  • Ngram language model implemented in Pharo GitHub
  • Winter is a 2D game engine for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • My Pharo 7 "midnight blue" theme, with beige text color GitHub
  • Release v2.0.0: MaterialDesignLite GitHub
  • Seaside 3.3.0 now available GitHub
  • GToolkit for P3 GitHub

Research with Pharo

  • Aspects of software naturalness through the generation of IdentifierNames SlideShare
  • Maizo - a Chemistry project developed with Pharo Link
  • Paper: Dynamic Software Update from Development to Production Link
  • Lecture Slides about Software Visualisation Link
  • Theory & Applications of Multi-Ordered Grammars Link

Real-time News? 

If you want to follow Pharo in real time, we have these channels:

Job Corner

  • HRWorks is looking for Pharo Software Developers Link
  • Thesis: Transferring Visual Age Smalltalk into Pharo (HRWorks, Freiburg, Germany) Link
  • ObjectProfile  Santiago, Chile: Engineering position (with a strong research activity) in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering. Link
  • ZWEIDENKER GmbH is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact for more information.
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