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Pharo Newsletter March 2018: 2 Year Newsletter Anniversary!

This newsletter started exactly 2 years ago: March 2016 we sent the first newsletter. The idea was to send a newsletter per month with 3-4 small articles. We managed to send 6 newsletters in 2016, since February 2017 it was sent every month (Archive is here). We had to added a "Random News" Section last fall because there was so much happening. But now we reached a complete different level.

For this newsletter, the Todo list that we collected since sending the last one (Feb 1) has over 60 entries to look at. This is enough content to fill all newsletters for the whole rest of 2018!

So please do not be shocked, this will be long.

Pharo TechTalks

The recording and slides for the January and February TechTalks are online Links to all videos and slides are in the archive at

Future TechTalks:
  • March 29: Report 2017 Pharo Consortium and Association.  Event       
  • April 12: Pillar. Event
  • May 17: TBA
  • June 14: TBA
You can subscribe and download calendar entries here:

Virtual Reality with Pharo

Virtual Reality Live at Thales with Pharo, done by P. Laborde, E.Lepors and M. Ouddane.This Demo uses Pharo and its Woden 3D Engine developed by R. Salgado.

Playing with face detection in Pharo

Modelling pictures and faces to explore Azure Face API

In this tutorial we build a tiny object-oriented model for highlighting faces within pictures. We also extend the IDE while developing the model.
read the full tutorial on Medium.

Feenk Log: Bloc, Brick and GT

Here is an update of the work on Bloc, Brick and GT. As always, please do let us know what you think.

  • Improved the deletion in the text editor and covered the scenarios with examples
  • Worked on the text selection. Still work needed for selection to be production ready: Link
  • Balanced rope structure for even better performance of the editor. Overall, the performance of the text editor improved 2x. Link
  • Selectable curves: Link
  • Resizer overlay. The tweet below also shows how we can now easily script dragging behavior in examples: Link
  • Diagrammer is a new engine for drawing diagrams based on Bloc. This is the first version, and we will continue working on it in the following weeks, so stay tuned for more news. This is also one of the first Bloc applications: Link
  • Andrei put together a beautiful description of a scenario in which an application is molded interactively in the Playground & Inspector. The subject is face recognition, and the resulting code is both functional and explainable. This is intended as a tutorial material that shows what moldable development means and how it changes the way we program: Link
Have fun,
The feenk team

Pharo7 News 

Pharo 7 development has picked up speed... a combination of many factors: many project are getting finished and in a state to be merged. Both the git support in Pharo as well as the Bootstrap and the CI setup are seeing more and more refinements.
  • 307 Pull Requests closed since 1st February.
  • We surpassed 1000 closed pull requests for Pharo7 on March 8. Link
  • SmartSuggestions improvements. More infos
  • We merged Statefull Traits PR on Github
  • The new Calypso Code Browser has been added and is the new default browser.
  • Added the possibility to extend the Playground similar to the Inspector PR on GitHub
  • The foreign function interface can be used without the source file
  • We are experimenting with the PharoLauncher as the default download Link
  • ... and many more
If you want to help reviewing pull requests, we have a new description here: 
For a full Tutorial how to create and submit Pull Requests, watch the Video on youtube.

Bog Posts and Videos

  • Component Suppliers in Willow Link
  • Massive String Comparison Performance Boost Up-coming in the Cog VM Link
  • Sista VM Screencast Link
  • Pharo v. Cloudflare Link
  • Documentation for MLNeuralNetwork - the object-oriented implementations of artificial neural networks in Pharo Link
  • Moldable analysis with Moose Video
  • Podcast: Changing the way we code w/ Tudor Girba Link
  • Bachelor Thesis: The Moldable Editor Link
  • Tabular Debugging View in Bloc Link
  • Documentation of Moose platform's query system. Link
  • Not new but still good: The Book Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns Link
  • Roassal Tutorial Link
  • Migrating code with SmaCC Video
  • Hello, digits! In this post, I describe training a neural network in Pharo to perform handwritten digit recognition. Link
  • Not new but if you read till here and do not know it: "Perfection and Feedback Loops" Video
  • Social Data Journalism with Pharo Link
  • Pharo as a Ticket Machine Link
  • Mine Sweeper using Bloc Link
  • Pharo Pathfinder, another Bloc Game Link

New Libraries and Frameworks

  • RSSTools-Pharo: Tools to work with RSS feeds. WebsiteGitHub
  • Pharo Install - A tool for installing Pharo packages GitHub
  • pharo-vnc-supervisor - Docker Image for Pharo web development GitHub
  • Code Critics Bar Chart for Pharo Smalltalk GitHub
  • Teamtalk: Simple library to execute Pharo Smalltalk code in a cluster of Pharo Smalltalk instances. MapReduce is also supported. GitHub Slides
  • TVL-Logic: Implementation of three-valued logic in Pharo GitHub
  • pharo-sentry: Unofficial Pharo SDK for GitHub
  • CloudflareUn: Pharo library to unwrap Cloudflare. GitHub, Blog
  • Cruiser: A Pharo Tool to package applications Link
  • Cons: A Lisp-style lazy cons list. Can handle Smalltalk streams and infinite generators (blocks) as though they were lists GitHub
  • RFC 6733 (diameter base) parser and toolkit GitHub
  • A Shape Grammar Editor Written In Pharo GitHub Thesis Video
  • ELIZA-Pharo: Pharo Smalltalk implementation of ELIZA, an early natural language processing computer program Site
  • Territorial is a Smalltalk package for geopolitical territory building, including an API for enumerating territories in geopolitical objects. GitHub
  • An IRC Client for Pharo GitHub
  • Pseudoterminal emulator for Pharo GitHub
  • Zinc-intercepting nock port for Pharo. Link
  • I2C Support for PharoThings GitHub
  • BMP280 and MCP9808 sensors for PharoThings GitHub
  • Small library for the MCP3008 microchip ADC GitHub
Terminal Emulator GitHub

Updated Libraries and Frameworks

  • SNS support added to AWS SDK for Smalltalk GitHub
  • OSSubprocess: 64 bits support preview release Link
  • DiscordSt: An API wrapper for Discord written in Pharo has been updated. There is now a special #discordst channel on our Discord server. GitHub
  • New version of Ba-st-Webstack (Willow) News
  • PharoThings, the Live programming platform for IoT projects, ist at release 0.2.2  GitHub

Pharo Consultants

If you need help for commercial projects, we have a listing of available Pharo Consultants

ESUG 2018: Smalltalk Conference


The ESUG board is pleased to announce that the 26th ESUG conference/summer-school will be held in Cagliari, Italy 10-14 September 2018; with Camp Smalltalk 8-9 September 2018. The conference is co-organized by University of Cagliari and the Agile Group of the faculty of computer science.

Pharo Club Ukraine

The Pharo Club is the Ukrainian branch of Pharo open source community Hosted by the Ukrainian Catholic University.

Realtime News? 

If you want to follow Pharo in real time, we have these channels:

Pharo Consortium News

New Member
The Pharo Consortium is very happy to announce that ENSTA Bretagne has joined the Consortium as a Platinum Member.

About For more infomation, see, individuals can support Pharo via joining the Pharo Association:

Job Corner

  • Inria 3 Year Starting Research Positions Link
  • Inria 3 Year Advanced Research Positions Link
  • ObjectProfile  Santiago, Chile: Engineering position (with a strong research activity) in the field of artificial intelligence and software engineering. Link
  • ZWEIDENKER GmbH is looking for Pharo developers (Cologne, Germany). Contact for more information.
  • Postdoc Advanced Development Tools for Dynamically Languages Link
  • [PhD] From Relational to NoSQL databases. Link
  • [PhD] Virtual machine for debugging high performance computing Link
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