A late reminder for next week's image, and and an urgent request for this week!
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Hello, <<First Name>>! We live in interesting, horrible times, don't we?

In these uncertain times of national and international strife and tragedy, we must find solace wherever we can. Many resort to hedonistic impulses, but others might like to escape into another, fictional world. Some by reading, others by writing.

To this end - and because Elephant Words kind of needs something excellent to post for tomorrow - I send you this flamboyantly worded message.

Read on!

"6.15.08" by April Zosia
"6.15.08" by April Zosia
We're currently posting writing inspired by this image. It's an evocative one - book burning naturally has very particular connotations - but thus far it's inspired very different pieces.

However, we need just one more. The last post, due up tomorrow, hasn't been written yet. And I'm hoping someone within sight of these words will write it!

As always, under 800 words, any format, any genre, and as soon as possible! If you already have an account at the site, please post your piece up as a draft and inform me, and if you don't already have an account at the site, please mail me with it. In either case, you can reply to this email, or mail me direct at

Please take a look at it, and if it sparks anything, get that thing written up and on it's way to the site via the usual routes!
"Quiet Neighbours" by David Wynne
"Quiet Neighbours" by David Wynne
This is the image we're posting writing for next week. There are already two pieces done and ready, but we need at least four more.

As always, the deadline is Saturday - 5th December - and the word count is 800 words max, and everything else is up to you!

And that's this late reminder!

Happy weekend, happy reading, and happy writing!

Lots of love,

Nicolas Papaconstantinou
(on behalf of Elephant Words, obvs!)