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Welcome to the first Newsletter of Project SAFE YOU, a recently launched European project that is funded under Erasmus+ and aims to strengthen the fight against doping use among young people in fitness and amateur sports. SAFE YOU is an international project, running in five European countries and consisting of a consortium of leading scientists and researchers in the psychology of doping use as well as policy-making organizations and authorities. The project commenced in April 2015 and will end in December 2016.

Keeping safe youth fitness and exercise

Recent research has identified an increase in the use of doping substances in amateur and fitness sports, especially among young people. Unlike professional and competitive sports, the amateur and fitness sports industry lacks comprehensive approaches and strategies to prevent doping use. Project SAFE YOU will respond to that need by developing an evidence-based online educational tool that will teach young exercisers in fitness and amateur sports how to avoid doping use. 
Our stakeholders
Our project can benefit a wide and diverse group of stakeholders:
  • Young exercisers involved in amateur and fitness sports
  • Physical education teachers and health promotion educators
  • Organizations and NGOs interested in the health-enhancing properties of physical activity and exercise
  • Policy-makers with a vested interest in promoting healthy and active ageing through physical activity and exercise
  • Community and local sport clubs
  • The fitness and amateur sports industry
  • Academics and researchers investigating sport and exercise behaviour, as well as substance use and misuse 
Our news
Teaming up!
Project SAFE YOU teamed up with PUROSANGUE an international organization dedicated to the fight against doping in amateur sports. PUROSANGUE is based in Italy but has a global reach, and is determined to promote clean sports.
PUROSANGUE management team is shown here with members of the SAFE YOU project team, setting the stone for a fruitful future collaboration.                        

Spreading the word, making impact
In March 2015, the Greek team presented the rationale, aims and scope of Project SAFE YOU at a symposium in the framework of the 18th International Congress of Physical Education and Sport in Thessaloniki, Greece. The presentations are accessible through the project’s website:
SAFE YOU partners spread the word about the project.
In May 2015 SAFE YOU was on a news release sent on behalf of Kingston University in London. You can access the news release here:

Join us and support clean and safe sports for all

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