Happy New Year from Spinback for 2017!
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The Importance of Metrics
Spinback is proud to be the only studio in China to offer a fully monitored metrics system during every workout with us. All of our bikes, including the Schwinn and newest Stages bikes, record heart rate, RPM, distance, power generated and calories expended. This is displayed via Performance IQ during class, providing motivation through measurement and is able to send customers a personal Performance Summary* at the end of every session to their email inbox. 
At Spinback, we encourage the use of metrics for each individual which includes RPM, Watts and even the level of resistance undertaken in order to have the necessary tools for (individual) motivation, measurement and improvement. This also allows you to understand, with your instructor’s lead, where you should be working during each class. Whether riding indoors our out, by setting goals, monitoring your metrics, and understanding them, this will help you to achieve more gains in fitness and continue to challenge yourself along the way. And training with power (yes, it really is all about the WATTS) alongside other tools such as heart rate monitors, can make this possible!
What is power?  Power is a measure of work, or energy, produced over time. On a bike, power meters measure the energy expended turning the pedals, and express that energy in watts. Watts are the exact same unit used to measure the energy required to operate electrical appliances, light bulbs, etc. Power meters give us a way to objectively assess how hard we’re working on the bike, which means we can compare an effort today to an effort next week, next month, or next year. For example, utilizing our bikes and computers, as well as Peformance IQ, you can gauge your average watts after each session to do this. Without any way to measure output such as this, it would be difficult to know on a stationary bike if fitness is improving, declining, or staying the same.
* to receive a performance summary you will require a heart rate monitor (available for sale or rent from Spinback studios) and a member profile with us.  Please speak to one of our team to learn more and get motivated through measurement!
Our Bikes 
Spinback is not only leading the pack with our state-of-the-are technology, but we have some of the best indoor cycling bikes available in Shanghai. Having recently introduced the latest and most advanced series of bikes available from Stages, these black & blue beauties are housed in our newest Wuding Lu studio, and for a lucky few, you’ll find some in JiaShan Lu too.  
Equipped with power meters in the crank to provide a more accurate reading of RPM and watts (power) as well as an individual computer on every bike to show your current and averaged metrics throughout your ride, these are the crème de le crème of indoor cycling bikes available to you to ensure you get the most from your workouts with us.
Box & Bike Bootcamp. Combining 60 minute sessions between the bikes and boxing in our Wuding Lu FitSpace, shred fat fast and strip those excess festive season layers with this high intensity 10 session programme to kick start your new year fitness regime! Starting THIS Friday 6th of January at 7am, and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7am until Friday 27th January 2017. If you haven't signed up yet, book your January challenge by emailing Adriana

Burn & Brunch Series with Happy Buddha & Spinback. This popular series from Happy Buddha is back for 2017!  Now partnered with Spinback for Sunday 15th January at 9am, you can  join us for a spin session to get the burn at 9am, and follow this up with a healthy brunch together at Happy Buddha's Fuxing Lu location. This special event is RMB 150 per person (all inclusive)Book your bike and meal by emailing Lindsey from Happy Buddha here (please quote Brunch & Burn Spinback 15 Jan).

We're Celebrating! Friday 20th January 2017 from 6-8pm in our Wuding Lu studio. It's a new year and we want to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support, show off our new studio, and pay homage to all things Spinback. Save the date and join us!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! The Year of the Rooster is being celebrated at Spinback with a CNY themed spin on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 7:30pm in Wuding Lu. Book your bikes for what promises to be a legendary male inspired sweat session led by Jenn.
New Classes added for 2017

Wednesday nights 7.30pm at Wuding Lu - "It's all about the watts" with Jenn as she brings down the house with power and gets you to work those watts!  

Sundays 5pm at JiaShan Lu - a "Weekend Recovery Ride" to reset for the week ahead.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7am at Wuding Lu - Box & Bike Bootcamp to shred fat fast! 60 minute sessions split between the bikes and boxing.

Saturday 830am with Bjorn and Wednesday 715pm with Todd enjoy the 75 Minute Interval Training at JiaShan Lu.  Build strength, increase endurance and work those watts!

Lisa's Lunchtime Power Hour every Monday at 12.30pm in our Wuding Lu studio - build core strength and burn calories with 40 minutes on the bikes and 20 minutes on the mat.

The Hangover CureSaturdays 12pm in our Wuding Lu studio

Monday's Power Hour with Lisa!

Join Lisa for a lunchtime session every Monday at 12:30pm in Wuding Lu where you can dial it up a notch to maximise calorie burn and build core strength between the bikes and mat work. Get sweaty as Lisa takes you through tabata sprints, hill climbs, and arm work with bands to a kicking playlist on the bikes for the first 40 minutes before building core strength on the mat with various planks, pilates teasers and oblique twists with weights for the last 20 minutes of the session! Book now here or using the MindBody app.

The day has come for us to bid farewell to Roger.

Cycling with Roger always felt like we were in a Dutch techno nightclub, with heavy beats and sweaty smiley faces!  Roger's performances were always as impressive on the indoor bikes as much as on the outdoor ones. We will miss his challenging heavy watt tracks and super fast legs!  Roger made Spinback history when he completed a 3 hour ride for our anniversary party, and even when we challenged him to spin to the Titanic track "My heart will go on". It is only natural that so many would try to beat the Master during his class, but so far no one has succeeded. He is still and always will be our Number 1 Dutch instructor!  We have been very lucky to ride with Roger during his time at Spinback and he will be missed, but not forgotten.

Join Roger for his last class this Thursday 5th January 2017 in our Wuding Lu studio at 7:30pm.

We would like to thank Roger for his contribution to Spinback and wish him and Cecile all the best for their new adventures back home. Come back and visit us again soon!

Spinback is proud to be stocking gre3n coconut water in both studios as of the 1st January 2017! 

Why go gre3n? 
Coconut water is a fantastic way to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes following a workout (more so than sports or energy drinks) and is therefore the perfect thirst quencher after a serious sweat session with us on the bikes!  Not only that, gre3n coconut water is packed with nutrients, low calorie, contains potassium, has no added sugars and is preservative free so it is the perfect partner in helping to achieve your weight loss goals and to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Or cure your hangover!  Fact. 
But wait, there’s more! Coconut water is an incredibly sensitive product to sunlight and temperature, which is why fresh coconut water has a shelf life of roughly 48hours. So how can other brands put it in tetra, or worse – glass – and have a shelf life of over 1 year? That’s why gre3n uses tin - it does a far superior job of regulating temperature and keeping sunlight out plus it looks cooler. To find out more about GRE3N products, visit

Cans of gre3n coconut water will be available for sale at RMB15 each in JiaShan Lu and Wuding Lu studios. Speak to one of the team to purchase yours at your next workout with us.
Spinback would also like to encourage our customers when not enjoying gre3n coconut water in our studios, to 'GO GREEN' by bringing reusable water bottles (or purchasing one for RMB20 from our team) and utilising our water stations available in both studios for free refills during their workouts. Kindly note that single use (free) bottles of water will no longer be available in the studios.
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