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Vultures and a big snowball!


We discovered a very cute vulture at the Cedar Canyon Nature Park. Our thanks to the person of mystery who contributed it to the trail head!

We have all kinds of people to thank. We've seen so much support, Martin has described it as a snowball rolling downhill and getting bigger and bigger!

Thanks to so many new contributors, we're seeing new milestones in interest and involvement. We are happy to welcome web hosting provider, pair Networks, who now host our web sites!

We're incredibly grateful for all the help for the critters!


Boxes of Thanks!


We are so grateful for all the gifts for the critters! Every item, every donation, every moment of volunteering helps us helps the critters.

You are welcome to visit our Amazon Wishlist or see other ways to help and get involved!


Eagle Arrived Unconscious

Have Birds Will Travel

This eagle arrived at night, as weak as could be. With doubts for recovery, Martin immediately began care. As the eagle struggled to even swallow, she received around the clock small feedings.

After about 24 hours with Martin’s care, the eagle showed some signs of perking up. After a day of just sitting still, when Martin arrived to feed her, she moved away from him.


Sick and Near Starving Eagle

Park Sign

This Golden Eagle arrived at early evening. After a thorough check over, Martin found no phyical problems so moved him to a chamber and prepared a meal for him.

The eagle struggled to swallow the meal and was very weak in Martin's arms. There was not much improvement during the second feeding at 3am.


Four Hawk Stories


This video includes short tales of four hawks: two Swainson’s Hawks and two Cooper’s Hawks.

In story one, Martin captures a healthy recovered Swainson’s Hawk from one of the rehabilitation chambers. The Hawk is healthy and ready to return back to the wild where he belongs.

This release had some urgency to it in that the Swainson’s Hawks were due to begin their migration.

The same urgency held for release of hawk number two. Both were this year’s young and after a recovery have their second chance to make it in the wild.

Both Cooper’s Hawks in the video were caught after a big meal. The first helped himself to a pigeon in Martin’s yard. The second captured sparrows in someone’s front yard.


Belle's Early Training

A Park to Save Critters

After a few days to recover after her trip from New Orleans to Utah, Martin begins Belle’s training as a falconry bird. Much of her early training is about getting her comfortable and feeling secure in her new home. The more time he spends with her in a secure and respectful way, the better all her training will go.

Belle will pull double duty at the Southwest Wildlife Foundation as both a falconry bird and wildlife ambassador. As a falconry bird, she will hunt and provide natural foods for the injured animals we care for. In her role as a Wildlife Ambassador, she will attend countless educational talks with Martin.


2019 Calendar Submissions


The theme for our 2019 Southwest Wildlife Foundation Calendar is Wildlife Releases! If anyone has ever attended a Southwest Wildlife Foundation wildlife release and had the opportunity to take an amazing photograph we would love to feature your photograph in our calendar. Please share your amazing wildlife release photo from one of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation releases on our Facebook page.

Post or send as many photos as you'd like to share!



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