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Eagle Ate Too Much to Fly


Martin and Susan were called out to the highway to rescue a Golden Eagle that was having trouble flying. After capturing the bird, Martin saw her crop was stuffed full. Since she was otherwise healthy, his first diagnosis was that she simply ate so much she could not get over a fence along the side of the highway.

Thanks to Gayle Bass, this eagle's story was also shared on Right This Minute!


Golden Eagle Hit by Wind Turbine


In April we received a beautiful sub-adult male golden eagle that had been injured at the windfarm near Milford Utah. Its injuries were extensive with a severe concussion. Because of the concussion, it appeared to be blind in the right eye. It was unable to stand and we were afraid it may have had a spinal cord injury. Fortunately that was not the case.


Golden Eagle's Turkey Hunt FAIL


A sub-adult male golden eagle wedged between a metal fence and cinderblock wall at a home near the foothills in Parowan had been stuck for several days without food and water while suffering because of an unusually hot June. Fortunately the home owner returned just in the nick of time to find the eagle stuck in his back yard and called the SWF.


My Own Personal Eagle


Martin introduces Scout, a 17 year old rescued wild Golden Eagle. A farmer in Wyoming was threatening to shoot Scout so Martin went up to rescue him. Eagles are very special to him ever since first working with them back around the age of sixteen.


Red Tailed Hawk Released!


A very pretty little Red-Tailed Hawk made a full recovery and was released back to the wild. She was released by a group of visitors of the Red Rock Audubon Society in Vegas who spent a couple days in Cedar City and saw some sights of Southern Utah with Martin.


Second Chance Squirrel


An orphaned squirrel after some care is fat and sassy and ready to go back to the wild! Susan and Martin get her settled in near the C-overlook and leave her to make her way back in the wild.


Amazon Wishlist Unboxing & Many Thanks!


Yet again we were inundated by so many kind gifts from our Amazon Wishlist! We are very grateful to all of you who have donated items to help the critters! Added thanks to all of you who also have chosen SWF as your charity at Amazon Smile!


Concert in the Canyon


Friday, August 31 please come and enjoy the music of Musician National Touring Artist Tom Bennett! Campfire with FREE s'mores! FREE facepainting! The food vendor Dutch Oven Delights will also be selling their delicious food in the parking area.



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