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Notes from Martin

Martin and Belle

Exciting news guys, a few weeks back, I saw our first bald eagle that has arrived for the winter. They usually come in around the first week or two of November, which they did! I have since seen two more Bald Eagles while out exercising the birds! So the bald eagles are starting to arrive and we love to see them!

If you ever get a chance to come to Cedar City and Southern Utah, you're welcome to give me a call and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction to go do some eagle watching!

Thank you for all of the gifts, it really means a great deal to us and helps us care for the injured wildlife. We're just getting into the fall migration when the Bald Eagles arrive and lot of others. The rough-legged hawks start to come in, and Swainson's Hawks start to leave and so it's our migration time so we'll start getting busy very quick. All the donations, gifts, rats, mice, and quail are wonderful! I greatly appreciate everything that you guys have done for us. Thank you!


Slow Down for Eagles

Slow Down For Eagles

In this video, we try to stress the need to be alert for eagles on the road. We show three of instances of eagles that were hit by vehicles and Martin discusses this problem, why it happens, and how to help prevent it.


Young and Skinny Great Horned Owl

Young and Skinny Great Horned Owl

Martin was called about this owl near the side of a road. It had been hit by a car and was unable to fly. Upon catching the owl, Martin noticed he was very thin.

Feeling nothing broken, Martin determined likely a concussion and soft tissue damage.

The owl stayed with us for about a month rehabbing and was released on October 16th.


The Halloween Vulture

The Halloween Vulture

This Turkey Vulture arrived in late September. After an initial examination, Martin expressed concerned for one of the vulture’s wings. The vulture is still recovering, and was moved to a larger chamber a couple weeks ago.


Piper the Prairie Falcon Training Part 2


Piper is our Prairie Falcon Wildlife Ambassador. His training began back in July. The series of videos about Piper can be viewed at this YouTube Playlist.

In this video, Martin works with Piper in his yard, teaching him first elementary steps of falconry training like his first jump from perch to glove. Martin explains each step as he shows the training process.


Belle the Harris Hawk Training Part 2


Belle the Harris Hawk is our newest Wildlife Ambassador. In addition to attending educational presentations with Martin, she is a falconry bird. Her full story can be viewed in this YouTube Playlist.

In this video, Martin begins her training with some time on the glove walking around in the desert and becoming accustomed to him, the glove and her surroundings. She is also given time to adjust to a hood being placed on her head.

She is later taught to jump from perch to his glove and learning to recognize that the sound of the whistle means food.


Boxes and Boxes for the Critters!

Boxes and Boxes for the Critters

Thank You! THANK YOU!

Our deepest thanks to soooo many people who have sent us items from our Amazon Wishlist for the care and benefit of the critters!


Founders' Birthdays Fundraiser!

Founders Birthdays Fundraiser

Susan and Martin Tyner, the founders of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah, both celebrate birthdays in December. Martin's birthday is on the 9th, followed by Susan on the 16th.

And of course, all they want are useful things for the critters!

We created a fundraiser in honor of their Birthdays and have already received over $700 in contributions! That's already a lot of birthday wishes come true!

Thank you to all who have contributed!



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