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Critter Report


The good news - 3 Swainson's Hawks, injured and starving, were rehabilitated and released. One Red Tailed Hawk with soft tissue damage to a wing was also rehabilitated and released.

Two young Golden Eagles arrived emaciated at half of their body weight and close to death. Both have recovered, one was released on Saturday Sept 15 at the Parowan Gap Program for elementary school children and their families (about 80 people) lots of social media comments about the release. A video about this Golden Eagle and her release back to the wild will be published soon.

The second Golden Eagle has recovered, and we'll share details of that release next month!

We are providing many educational programs including one in Pahrump, Nevada to provide a program for the Audubon society.

And the bad, other arrivals included a Cooper's Hawk, Sharp Shin Hawk, Hummingbird, Great Horned Owl, Turkey Vulture and Golden Eagle. All had to be euthanized due to broken backs, dislocated and broken wings. We also had several non-native baby English House Sparrows and Asian Ring Neck Doves come in that couldn’t be released. One Swainson's hawk that appeared to have rodenticide poisoning, died.


Horned Lark Released!


This video contains all the stuff I took with my phone from just a few days old till release. We had no idea what kind of bird it was. Took some time for it to grow up enough for us to determine exactly what it was.

Happy to see it fly free. - Susan

Big thanks to Gayle Bass and Right This Minute for sharing our story!


Have Birds Will Travel

Have Birds Will Travel

Meet our two newest Wildlife Ambassadors!

In this video Martin introduces a new young male Prairie Falcon named Piper. Piper will share duties with our female prairie falcon, Cirrus as falconry and educational birds.

Also introduced right out of her box from a breeder in Louisiana, is Belle, a Harris Hawk.

Both birds are working hard in their training to educate at presentations with Martin and to hunt for food for the injured wildlife that visit our rehab center.


Sending out big thanks!

Park Sign

We send our deepest thanks to the Braun family, Shane Christiansen, Ben Herring, and so many others helping to make so much progress possible in the development of the Cedar Canyon Nature Park these past few years!


Piper’s Early Training!


Piper the Prairie Falcon

Piper is one of our newest Wildlife Ambassadors and falconry birds.

In this video, Martin tells of his early life from in the nest with mom and dad to in the chamber with Cirrus, our female Prairie Falcon.


A Park To Save Critters!

A Park to Save Critters

Martin tells the story of how Rocky Mountain Power/PacifiCorp donated 22.6 acres of majestic canyon property in Cedar City, Utah to create a permanent wildlife rescue facility and nature park.


Concert in the Canyon


September Campfire at the Park!

Friday September 28th at 7 PM will be Martin Tyner introducing everyone to Belle and Piper, his newest wildlife ambassadors and answering questions about birds of prey.

At 7:30 pm Steven Swift and April McPherson make up the Roots-blues duo of Mountaintop Sound, bringing you raw harmonies & fun melodies to tap your toes to!


2019 Calendar Submissions


The theme for our 2019 Southwest Wildlife Foundation Calendar is Wildlife Releases! If anyone has ever attended a Southwest Wildlife Foundation wildlife release and had the opportunity to take an amazing photograph we would love to feature your photograph in our calendar. Please share your amazing wildlife release photo from one of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation releases on our Facebook page.

Post or send as many photos as you'd like to share!



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