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A message from Martin & Susan

Martin and Belle

We want send a BIG THANK YOU to our many donors who believe in us and support us financially, physically and emotionally. Many of you have been supportive of the work we do long before the Southwest Wildlife Foundation became a 501 C 3 non-profit on September 29, 1997.

In the past twenty years your support has helped us provide more than 2,000 wildlife and environmental educational outreach programs to schools, scout groups and community events reaching more than 800,000 people; care for over 1,600 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, releasing more than 950 back to the wild, giving them a second chance at life and freedom...


Hawk, Hawk, Vulture, Eagle

Slow Down For Eagles

Four Critter Tales! A cooper's hawk not quite released. Arrival of sharp-shinned hawk. A quick peek at the Halloween vulture. Martin and Scout on the job!


Eagle Hit By Car | Concussion & Neurological Issues

Young and Skinny Great Horned Owl

Martin meets with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to pick up a Golden Eagle that was hit by car in Boulder, Utah area. After a quick exam, the eagle is brought back to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.

This video includes the first few days of the Golden Eagle’s stay with us. On the first day, the eagle can barely stand and needed to be fed.

The Golden Eagle is still in our chambers and still recovering.


Hissing Vulture, Fighting Golden Eagle, Horrible Falcon

The Halloween Vulture

This video includes a few follow-up visits with animals introduced previously, as well a quick glance in on our Wildlife Ambassadors during mealtime. It concludes with an excerpt from one of Martin's Educational Wildlife Presentations.


Rescue of Great Horned Owl

The Halloween Vulture

Martin is called about an injured Great Horned Owl not too far from his house. Using two new cameras donated to the Southwest Wildlife Foundation, he shared his trip out to find the owl.


Piper the Prairie Falcon Training Part 3


Piper is our Prairie Falcon Wildlife Ambassador. His training began back in July. The series of videos about Piper can be viewed at this YouTube Playlist.

The training of Piper, our male Wildlife Ambassador Prairie Falcon, continues! In this video, Martin takes him to a new area and continues their work. Piper flies from glove to lure in many practice sessions working toward his first flight.


Belle the Harris Hawk Training Part 3


Belle the Harris Hawk is our newest Wildlife Ambassador. In addition to attending educational presentations with Martin, she is a falconry bird. Her full story can be viewed in this YouTube Playlist.

Part three takes place at the Parowan Gap. Martin gives a recap of previous training then begins the next step: working with the lure.



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