Notes about the Covenant of Hekate from Sorita d'Este
Keybearer & Founder of the Covenant of Hekate
Greetings all!  I am hi-jacking the Covenant of Hekate Noumenia News email today (with Lotus' knowledge, don't worry!) to write to you about a few changes in the CoH, as well as some other news.  This (longish!) email contains both updates and news about the Covenant of Hekate - and news on the Hekate Symposium 2022 and a very exciting course I am co-hosting with fellow Keybearer Emily Carding, the Torchlit Path.  ... I also have a favour to ask :-) so please read on! xx
Sorita d'Este 
Founder of the Covenant of Hekate & Keybearer
The Covenant of Hekate:
Most of you will know that I founded the Covenant of Hekate back in November 2010, a few months after the Rite of Her Sacred Fires happened for the first time.  I did so with the encouragement and support of a number of people who were devotees at the time, many of whom are still active members of the Covenant of Hekate today. The CoH remains a network of devotees, with content and activities by devotees for devotees in devotion, it continues to thrive and evolve too. 

For evolution to remain positive and move into the future, it is also necessary that responsibility is shared and that the work of the CoH is shared between its members.  Although we have Torchbearers and Keybearers, in addition to Devotee members, this is not intended as a hierarchy, rather a recognition that we contribute differently at different times and take on different responsibilities. 

In recent years there has been a wonderful group of people who have emerged to take on responsibilities for different aspects of the CoH, many of whom are much more qualified than I for different aspects of the work we do. Through their support I am able to take an important step this March - I will be stepping down from my administrative duties on March 7th but will remain as one of our Keybearers - a role I now share with a dozen or so dedicated, qualified and experienced individuals.  We also have an incredible team of Torchbearers, who are doing a lot of work in bringing devotees together in diverse ways. 

I will highlight some of the changes below, there are likely to be more as everyone finds their feet! 
All change! 

Membership applications into the future will be made through "membership centres" - these are Sanctuaries facilitated by Keybearers who have volunteered to share this responsibility.  The application process might be tweaked by some Keybearers, but will mostly stay exactly the same.  Watch out for announcements regarding this - it won't affect existing members! 
We are doing away with the Collegium who has been overseeing Torchbearer applications for the last few years.  The system is great, but the process is too clunky and takes too long.  Instead, devotees who want to take the step towards becoming a Torchbearer will have to get in touch with a Keybearer and ask for guidance.  The process and work will remain the same. 

For years now our private Facebook group has been our primary meeting space. These days though there are many other ways of staying in touch, for convenience here are some examples:

1) Facebook - Our Private Members group.  You need an invite, if you are not on there, email with your FB account email and name; and your CoH membership number.  

2) Facebook Page: The Covenant of Hekate Network
With 12000 + followers, content posted on this page reaches more than 15000 people monthly. The team do a lot to create diverse content, with quotes, reviews, and images representing the Goddess in both historical and modern ways being shared on a regular basis.

3) Instagram: @hekatecovenant 
Again, the social media team continues to create diverse content that is shared here to the more than 8000 followers.

4) CoH Events.  You can find out about events, such as Zoom socials and study groups through the private Facebook group or by keeping an eye on the Noumenia Newsletter (which is sent out to this mailinglist once a quarter). Some are open to members only - but remember, membership is FREE. 

5) Noumenia News: This is a newsletter sent out to all subscribers to Noumenia News - members and others who are interested.  The newsletter is also available in an archive on our website.  This is a wonderful resource of articles, devotional work, art, poetry, ritual and news.  Please make sure to update your subscription information and provide feedback to the editor and contributors!  Editor Lotus would love to hear from you if you have contributions, have news, reviews or art you would like to share.  

6/ Volunteer.  There are always things to do - contact a Keybearer or Torchbearer with suggestions for projects you would like to see.  We would LOVE to hear from members who want to contribute regular columns to Noumenia News (contact editor Lotus); or who would like to contribute FB Live meditations or talks; or who would like to create other opportunities for members to join together in projects.  Remember ALL our content and work is created by members for members - so it is up to all of us!  List of some of our volunteers 

You are invited.  With fellow devotee and Keybearer Emily Carding, I will be leading a 9 week devotional journey The Torchlit Path for the first time starting this March. We will be guiding participants on a journey towards devotion, with history - as well as a sprinkling of magic and divination, and a good dose of creative ideas to get you inspired.  There are only a handful places left at the time of writing, but if you are quick you should be able to join us.  More information at (including links to Eventbrite for bookings). REMEMBER, as with all Theurgia events, we have some places available on a by donation basis for those who are otherwise unable to afford the cost of the classes.  There is no prejudice at all, please check the listing for information.  
The Rite of Her Sacred Fires
We will be celebrating the Rite of Her Sacred Fires again this year at the Full Moon of May.  For the last few years I have been hosting a community gathering online for participants around the world - and I will be doing the same again this year.  Reserve your place now (its free) by going to:

You are invited to also host community gatherings in your language, region, online or in physical spaces. This is a devotional offering, and as such, ALL are welcome to participate - by themselves (solo) or to organise events and invite others. If you do organise something, make sure to post over at to let others know, and also send in details to the Noumenia Newsletter - (scroll down for info how!)
The Hekate Symposium 2022
May 6 & 7 - Save the dates! 

Tickets will be going on sale on the 14th of March!  Speakers are being confirmed and more information will be available nearer the time. Last year was incredible - and we hope to deliver another diverse and interesting program for you all this time around to build on the knowledge avialable!  If you would like to present at this year's Symposium, there are still a couple of empty slots - email with your proposal - including some background information about your interest in Hekate. 

And it is an important one for the future of the Covenant of Hekate! 

I would love you to come over to the CoH's members page on Facebook (private group for members-only) and introduce yourself (if you have not posted for a while!).  In addition, I would love to see you share your ideas and hopes for the CoH, reaching out perhaps to others who want to see the same things happen and to team up and make it happen!  Remember, the CoH is all about members working with other members to create opportunities for sharing, learning and connecting - so it is up to you to make it happen! 

Ideas include: Research projects, creating community rituals, leading meditation groups or discussion groups in online spaces, sharing your work (you can even share your blog links, reviews and art with the social media team if you would like to see it included and made available to the thousands of followers they provide content for!).  Also actively participating in what is available, such as the online socials (see below) and Noumenia News (reading, sharing, and contributing!). 

Did you know that we have regular social meetups on zoom?  They are organised by Stacy (Torchbearer) and fall on the third Sunday of every month. Info in the Events section of the members-only FB group. It is a wonderful way of connecting with other members and devotees - all are welcome. If you don't have access to the group, send a brief introduction to who you are and why you want to join and we will forward it to Stacy - 

If you are not in the members group, you can email, including your membership number, and we will do our best to get you connected. 

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