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Message from the Editor

Greetings fellow devotees!

There will be another special Samhain/Halloween/All Saint's Day/Day of the Dead issue this year! Please have your amazing submissions sent in to by October 14th please! 

  • artwork
  • recipes for incense or treats etc.
  • hymns and rituals
  • essays about the various traditions and history of the season 
  • and other ideas are welcome!

Wishing you all the very best!

Lotus x

Editorial Staff:
Editor - Lotus
Assistant Editor - Deanne
Proofers this issue - Deanne, Catherine & Cece 

Massive thanks to Spina di Cardo for the new Noumenia News header image!

                                   Message From the Assistant Editor

A Morning Conversation

Each morning as I sip my first cup of coffee, I sit by my altar, built just for Her. She has a statue there as well as a black dog by her side. This morning there is a plate with offerings of dried rose buds, seeds and thistles that came from a bouquet given to me by a dear friend. Also on the plate is some mugwort from the garden, dried and ready to burn in Her honor. I should put all of that on a nicer plate, but no, I will just sit with Her for now.

I sit quietly, stilling myself, listening to the morning wake up around me. The feral cats that I feed are all out on my porch hoping to receive something tasty from me, but they know that food comes at dusk, not at dawn. I had to go out earlier and take the plug end of the cords of lights around the top of my porch away from them and hang it high out of their reach. They are young and were having quite a time playing with it.

I light the candle as I contemplate my day, wondering what it will bring. I put my thoughts out to the Universe and to Her that it will be a good day without strife, my body aches eased and my breathing calm, and hopefully, that my cough will not get in the way in the rituals I will be doing later in the day.

I feel Her presence more as I get older, sometimes it almost feels as though She is waiting. She seems in no hurry, however. I am not done yet and She knows that.

Hekate, this journey we have had together has made for an interesting life. Full of good times and grand adventures; so much to learn and the love I have for it.  We have had our moments, you, and me! I remember once stomping my foot while talking with you. I know I should not have done that but in truth, you gave me what I asked for. It did not turn out well but, I cherish the brief time that it lasted. I never tried stomping my foot again, however. I am older and wiser now, Dear Hekate.

I feel so blessed to have had your guidance, even when I did not always know it was You. The doors that have opened and the keys you gave me to open others, have made my life rich. I feel such gratitude for the blessings, I have received.

Dear Hekate!
For Life!
For Love!
For my children,
Their children,
And theirs!
Now, four generations of us.

For Friends,
The Sweetness of Sisterhood.
I am blessed.

We are approaching a change,
The Dark Times,
The time of introspection
Rest and Renewal.

I know you journey with me.
Dear Hekate.
I feel you next to me
Your hand always ready
To guide me though
And across each threshold.

For Life!
For Love!
Dear Hekate!

I sit for just a minute more, reconnect to the sounds coming in of the morning. I hear the hustle and bustle as the world wakens. And feel such gratitude for everything.

Many blessings,
Deanne (Bendis)
Torchbearer & Keybearer
Book Review of ‘Endymion or The State of Entropy’ by Kurt Ward
by Lotus

I recently received a copy of this book to review, and I am quite grateful because my goodness, it is a stunning book! It was self-published in July to coincide with the bicentennial of Percy Shelley’s death.

The book was inspired by the Romantic poets John Keats and Percy Shelley, who in their time had a great deal of interest in Classical Greek and Roman literature and culture, the foundation of Western Civilization. Keats and Shelley often emulated the Greek poets and reflect this in their work in this book as well.

The book is also inspired by Jung and his Individuation Process; “the achievement of self-actualization through a process of integrating the conscious and the unconscious.”

From the author:

“This is a mythological portrait of my struggle for self-actualization to integrate the conscious with the unconscious. Or to put it in another way, an illustrated fantasy which conjures a world in which archetypal characters from Greek mythology battle for dominance as Endymion, the main character attempts to wake himself from endless sleep. It is a part-epic battle, part-psychotherapeutic journey written in poetic meter as one continuous dream where Jupiter, Diana (Hekate - Artemis - Selene), Zephyrus, Hermes and Endymion wrestle with reason, fear, hope and divine inspiration.” 

Rebecca Yanovskaya, a freelance illustrator working in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres, lushly illustrates Enydmion throughout. Each page of art is utterly exquisite and complements the written piece perfectly. 

This bibliophile edition of the book is clothbound in the loveliest shade of green linen and gold stamped. The paper has a wonderful texture, thick and rough edged but soft and it is easy to turn the pages. There were 250 copies made of this version and if you would like one, be quick! You can email Mr. Ward at his website: If there aren't any left, you needn't worry at all as the book is also available on Amazon in both paperback and hardback!

I recommend this beautiful book especially to fans of Keats and Shelley, of Jung, and to those that love the Ancient Greek and Roman myths. It is a lyrical play that is timeless and universal to our human experience.



The British Museum item # 1909,1201.207 -  Designed by: Camillo Pacetti (Rome;1787) 
Factory of: Wedgwood (under Wedgwood, Josiah I).
Etruia, England - This example is likely 19th Century. 
From the website: "Plaque, jasper ware, coloured green, rectangular, ornamented with an applied moulded relief in white jasper of the Triform Goddess (Diana, Luna, Hecate, the sky, the earth, the udnerworld) with a boar's head on a rock at her left and a dog at her right."

Is Hekate Truly the Witch Queen?

by Raven Bluefeather

 We have been told Hekate, She who bestows wealth and power on any whose prayers and sacrifices She receives with honors, is the Queen of the Witches; but how do we prove this, not only to others but to ourselves?

 Let's take a short walk through Greek and Roman writings and glean from the ancients, beginning with Hesiod. According to Wikipedia, Hesiod was an ancient Greek poet generally thought to have been active between 750 and 650 B.C., around the same time as another poet, Homer. 

 Hesiod attributes many different powers to the Goddess Hekate. She was usually regarded as the Goddess of Witchcraft but it's not clear whether he was actually describing the benefits of magical incantations or simply the results of standard prayers to Hekate. He does, however, tell us She is a night-time Goddess of Witchcraft by citing the naming of her parents; father Perses (the Destroyer), who is connected with Persephone the Mother of Witches, Aeetes and Kirke (Circe), and mother Asteria (Starry One), a Goddess of the Night. Hesiod also tells us Zeus honored Hekate with splendid gifts, a share of the earth and the unfruitful sea, along with a share of the starry heaven. She is also exceedingly honored by the "Deathless Gods".

Hekate is a torch-bearing Goddess of the Night with a train of ghosts marking Her passing by the baying of hounds as well as sitting by worshipful kings in judgement. When men are ready for battle, She is on hand to grant victory and glory. 

In Homer's accounts, She is a protectress by lighting the darkened underworld as Persephone fled to safety.

Apollonius called her Brimo, night-wanderer of the underworld (Nyktipolis Khthonic), Queen of the Dead (Anassa Eneroi) stating She wears a garland of fearsome snakes coiled around oak twigs… and hounds of the underworld barking shrilly around Her. He also wrote, "Hekate gave ‘witches’ the power to draw down the moon from the sky by calling Her the witch Medea. Selene is lamenting to Hekate when she says, "How many times have you disrobed me with your incantations, making the night moonless so that you might practice your beloved witchcraft undisturbed?". And then again in Ovid, Metamorphoses 7, Hekate is called Medea, Nox (night, Nyx) and Mother of Mysteries… "who knowest all my enterprises and dost fortify the arts of magic". 

 Hekate is the source of Medea the Witch's magical powers; she tells us of her deep connection with the Goddess Hekate when Medea calls upon Hekate as "her chosen helper" when cursing her husband Jason when he was planning to leave her. Also Medea's nephew Argos addresses Jason speaking of Medea, "You have heard me speak of a young woman who practices witchcraft under the tutelage of the Goddess Hekate" and again Hekate and magic are connected when Khalkiope is trying to persuade Medea to assist Jason when she says, "At dawn I will go to Hekate's temple with magic medicine...". 

Sappho linked Her with Aphrodite and intercourse since the later generally took place at night, possibly referring to sex magic. 

While Bacchylides puts Hekate in the same space with Nyx, calling Her the "torch-bearing holy daughter of great bosomed Nyx (night), wandering through the night with dark ghosts.” — Orphic Hymn 1 to Hekate. 

Though we've somewhat covered Hekate's relationship to Medea and her magic, there is a wealth of writings associating Hekate with magic, ritual and witchery. Knowing this instills in us a surety that Hekate is indeed Queen of the Witches and is faithful and generous to Her true and loyal devotees.

Blessed be and merry meet!


• Hesiod, Theogony 404 for (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or 7th B.C.)

• Theoi Project -Greek mythology-Hekate

• Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter 19 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) ( Greek epic C7 or 6th B.C.)

• Sappho or Alcaeus, Fragment 23 (trans. Campbell, vol. Greek Lyric 1) (Greek lyric "6th B.C.)

• Bracchylides, Fragment 1B ( trans. Campbell, vol. Greek Lyric IV) (Greek Lyric C5th B.C.)

• Orphic Hymn 1 to Hekate (trans. Taylor) (Greek Hymns "3rd B C. To 2nd A.D.)

• Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3. 840 ff (trans. Rieu) (Greek epic Cord B.C.)

• Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. 55 ff

• Ovid, Metamorphoses 7. 162 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic  C1st B.C. to Cast A.D.)

• Euripides, Medea 396 ff (trans. Vellacot) (Greek tragedy Cth B.C.)

• Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3. 329 ff

• Apollonius Rhodiys, Argonautics 3. 735 ff

Create A Simple Hekatéan Talisman
By Marek Rozenberg-Holszanski 

Perhaps one of the easiest & cheapest ways to create a Hekatéan "talisman" or "amulet" is in the form of a blessing or protection cord, either from red shoelaces, red ribbon, a length of red wool or embroidery thread:
Tie 9 or 13 equally distanced knots in it, on each knot recite the Ephesian letters: "Askei Kataskei Eron Oreon Ior Mega Samnyer Baui Phobantia Semné", (pronunciation guide: ASS KAY CAT ASS KAY AIR ON ORE RAY ON EE YORE MEGA SAM NYEAR BAH WEE FOB ANT EE YA SEM NAY) imagine that a wee Hekaté emanation enters each knot with each recitation, blow on the cord, or on each of the knots, then tie it round either one of your wrists, imagine that 'tis blessed by M'Lady, for the sake of protection & then, every time you see this cord about your wrist - 'twill remind you of her presence.
This could be a gift for anyone, or even tied around the wrist or placed on the person of the deceased before their burial or cremation, tied on the top of a rear view mirror or steering wheel of a car, kept in your wallet or purse, perhaps with your keys, even a gift for a child, it won't need to be taken off when swimming, showering or any other activity - when it naturally frays or falls off - it's served its purpose & would be very easy to create a new blessing/protection cord.
                       Announcing the 2nd round of the CoH Postcard Swap!
                             Open to all members of the Covenant of Hekate!

The first round was a lot of fun and a big success! We are planning to get the images of the postcards that were sent that year put up onto the CoH website at some point and will do the same for this round too. Names will not be put on the website, only the front sides of the postcards and locations.

How it works:
Provide your name (an alias is fine) and your address in an email to Lotus and Christina at, and include how many cards you would like to send – between 1-3. Deadline to have your info emailed to us is September 30th.
We will randomly match everyone up to get/receive the number of postcards they ask for and ensure they come from different countries.

The postcard should be reflective of where you live or directly related to Hekate. A postcard with mystical & magical themes would also be suitable. And please, if you sign up for the swap, ensure that you will send the postcards you agree to!

Thanks to Christina Moraiti for making this graphic!

                 Regular Features 

                                              Hekate Inspires
                                                     By Stacy Mathias

Here, where I live it is that time again. The kids are going back to school, the leaves are beginning to change. That means we are once again heading into the dark half of the year, or as some call it, the shadow season.

This is a tough time for some folks. There are those that suffer from seasonal affective disorder, others that begin to think about the upcoming holiday season and become overwhelmed with feelings of sadness and depression. Perhaps this will be the first holiday season without a loved one present. Perhaps they are in a monetary crisis, trying to figure out how they will provide for family over the coming months, or how to make “Santa” come for the kids. There could be any number of reasons why someone might have a challenging time with the shadow season. 

When I feel this way, I turn to Hekate for guidance. There are a multitude of tools that can be employed for this purpose. One of the first I try is meditation. This tool is helpful when feeling alone, it helps me to feel connected to Her. Her associations, such as animal associations and symbols are also useful.

I look at the snake. What the snake teaches me is that growth happens, and it is part of nature. It also reminds me that it is okay to shed what no longer matters, what no longer brings me happiness or joy, and anything that hinders my growth. Dog have long been employed for the purpose of protection. When we are feeling overwhelmed, sad, and vulnerable, feeling protected can help. Owls have long been associated with wisdom, and farsightedness. Connecting to the owl can help us to look at the big picture, reminding us that tough times do not last forever. 

When feeling lost in the darkness, I connect to her torches. Her torches light up the darkness, bring wisdom and reignite my inner fire, also called the witch-flame. I envision Hekate touching my heart area with her Torch, which brightens and strengthens my inner fire. 

Another symbol to work with when feeling overwhelmed are Her crossroads. I have been known to write out on paper how I am feeling and why. I then take this to the crossroads and either burn it or bury it there, leaving the feelings associated with my burdens with the Goddess. 

The dagger teaches that it is okay to sever ties with people, places, and things. This can be a huge relief, to cut ties with obligations that are not ours to bear, but we have taken on anyway. 

Then we have the key. The key teaches us that we can lock away or unlock things. When feeling overwhelmed, it can be helpful to lock some things away, to enable one to process one thing, thought, or feeling at a time. We can use the key to unlock the doors that lead to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Symbols and animals can be combined, used together to help us overcome our obstacles as well. 

This is what I have been inspired to share with all of you. It is my hope that it helps our community navigate shadow season. 

Please do not take any of this as a replacement for professional mental health assistance. If you are experiencing feelings of depression, or hopelessness please contact a mental health professional or your doctor.

                                                   Into the Green

                           As Above, So Below ~ The Spirituality of Gardening

                                                    By Emma Kathyrn


Mugwort is perhaps one of my favourite plants to use in my witchcraft practice and one that is always kept stocked in my apothecary cabinet. It is so very versatile that it is invaluable and I’m lucky that it grows in abundance in the area where I live.

Mugwort, as its Latin name, Artemisia Vulgaris suggests, is associated with Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon and all things wild. She is also associated with chastity and linked to childbirth and  as we consider the attributes and uses of this wild herb, the links with Artemis will become ever more apparent. I also associate this herb with our beloved goddess Hekate. In the town where I go, it grows in liminal places, the edges of fields and the like. As Hekate teaches plant lore and knowledge, then it makes perfect sense to use this herb as an offering to her.

Medicinal Uses

Mugwort is an emmenagogue ( it stimulates and increases the menstrual flow), a nervine ( calms the nerves), bitter and  antiparasitic and as such, it can be used in the treatment of a variety of disorders including menstrual pain, irregular periods, depression, anxiety, digestive issues and can help increase the appetite. It must be said though, that because of its ability to bring on menstruation and uterus contractions, pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant should avoid mugwort. As with any herbal medicine, if you are on medication or have any serious health problems, always seek medical advice from your doctor before taking herbal remedies. Other than the considerations already mentioned, if you are otherwise healthy then mugwort is safe to use.

The easiest and perhaps most effective way of taking mugwort is as a tea made using the fresh or dried flowers and leaf. Simply steep in freshly boiled water for around five or six minutes, strain and drink. Be warned though, mugwort is bitter tasting and the tea is not pleasant to drink. To make it more palatable try sweetening with honey or sugar or disguise the taste by combining other more flavorful herbs such as lavender or camomile. Mugwort can also be taken as a tincture. To make a tincture of mugwort, place the dry leaves and flowers in a clean jar and cover with a good quality spirit such as rum, brandy or vodka. It is important to use dry plant matter as the water content of fresh plants will dramatically shorten the shelf life causing the tincture to spoil. Leave to stand for at least a week but longer if you can. Strain the liquid into a clean bottle and take a teaspoon or two as needed.

A salve or ointment can also be made using the dried flowers and leaves. Mugwort salve is great for treating and easing dry skin and symptoms of eczema and can also help with deep tissue and skeletal pain. To make the ointment place the dried plant matter into a clean jar and cover with melted coconut oil until it is completely submerged. Next heat the oil by using a bain marie (double boiler) or stand the jar in a pan of water and heat very slowly and gently for five hours, making sure the pan does not dry out. I use my slow cooker, part filling the crockpot with water and standing the jar in it. Cover and turn to the lowest setting and leave for between 5 and 8 hours. Strain the oil into a clean jar and leave to cool. If you don’t like the texture of coconut oil, if you find it too greasy then you can add beeswax during the slow heating process. I have found that using a ratio of 5 parts coconut oil to 1 part beeswax gives a nice texture but don’t be afraid to have a play around until you are happy with it. When it has set, massage into the affected area.

Magical Applications

Mugwort is an ancient herb noted for its magical properties, it was indeed mentioned in the 10th century old English Anglo Saxon Nine Herb Charm. As we have already touched upon, mugwort is very much associated with Artemis but also Hekate so it can be used in all aspects of work with her. Burn as a loose leaf incense, use the tea or wormwood brandy / rum /vodka as an offering or libation.

Mugwort can be used to help induce a meditative state, lucid dreaming and even astral projection, simply take the tea or tincture before bed. Mugwort also banishes nightmares and it is quite easy to make a little sweet dream pillow stuffed with the dried herb. If crafting isn’t your thing then you can fill an organza bag or make a bundle by placing the herb in the middle of a small piece of muslin and tying with a thread or ribbon of any colour. Alternatively, hang a bundle of mugwort by your bed to ward off nightmares.

You can create a talisman or charm to protect your home and ward off evil and you can get as creative as you want with this. Craft a dried flower door wreath and hang on your front door or grow fresh mugwort in a planter and place it on your doorstep or by the entrance to your home. Make incense to clear away any negativity or tie a smudge stick of mugwort, hang to dry and burn this to cleanse your home.

Mugwort truly is a most versatile herb and one that is inextricably linked to witchcraft, magic and the divine. If you are wanting to start on your own herbal journey, then you won’t go far wrong starting with magical mugwort.

                                                       The Hekatean Path
                                                      by Femmy Heqet

                                  Do you (really) believe in Magick?


Have you ever asked yourself why can’t all witches have the life of their dreams? We have the right Tools, we have the knowledge of crystals, herbs, potions, planetary aspects, Elements, and everything we need to co-create Reality and manifest anything we wish for, yet not all of us are successful in doing that. 


What magickal boundaries separate those of you who cannot manifest all your goals from those of us who achieve whatever we want? And yes, I am putting myself in the second group intentionally, but not to boast about it, only to affirm that YES, YOU ALSO CAN!

Thus, my question to you is: Do you REALLY believe in Magick? How many great achievements in your life can you attribute to Spells you have cast? 

I thought of this theme when I heard about a good friend of ours who has been struggling with having to go back to work, after being retired, because their pension is not enough to provide what they need. Despite the social-economical aspects that are also involved in this issue and can see in common statements such as “blame the government,” “blame the system,” “blame capitalism,” etc., aspects most of us consider bigger than ourselves, we ARE BIGGER than that! So, let’s talk about beliefs, shall we? And let’s start from the roots of it:


1: To consider to be true or honest; to accept the word or evidence of; to accept something as true, genuine, or real; to have a firm or wholehearted religious conviction or persuasion; to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something.

2: To hold as an opinion: TO SUPPOSE.

Can you see it now? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives us 2 definitions of “believe”! And most of us only use the second one without even noticing it! What is the difference between considering your Magick true, honest, genuine, real and to “suppose” your Magick works?

Now, for “suppose” we have: “to lay down tentatively as a hypothesis, assumption, or proposal.”

Hmmm…. Which meaning carries more manifestation power? The one which is a “firm conviction” or the one that “lays down tentatively”? And which one of the 2 meanings have you been applying to your life or been using when casting a spell? Doesn’t the 2nd meaning imply a certain doubt? If someone asks you “do you really believe in Magick?” and you answer: “Yes, it is true.”, how is that different from the answer: “I suppose.”?

Many authors have already written about the Laws that rule this Universe and affect us all and our power of co-creation. Those who are well versed in Quantum Physics know such Laws and perhaps you also have some knowledge of them. So, I don’t need to restate them here. Instead, I want to go to the core of them which for me has proven to be the main root of all the Laws: Your BELIEF system!

You can only create, manifest, co-create if you really BELIEVE you can! If there is any trace of doubt in your heart, even if it is just a brief thought that passed through your mind, that is not BELIEVE, that is SUPPOSE and you are already sabotaging yourself. And how do I know that? I have been experimenting with myself and doing my homework on studying myself and my belief system. Questioning it, analyzing it, subjugating it, and rewriting my own beliefs over the years, after thousands of failures.

And who has been my Master, Mentor and Guide in this process? Yes, Hekate.

Many times, when instead of “believing” I was just “supposing”, She was the one by my side, pointing it out, reminding me of this huge difference and guiding me through the labyrinth of subtleties that my belief system had imposed on me, which represented the difference between achieving what I wanted or getting frustrated in the process, as our friend is unfortunately experiencing right now, and perhaps many of you.

If you firmly believe that She has the keys that open all doors, do not only hold Her Key, BE HER KEY! Back to the first meaning of “believe”- accept something as true, genuine, or real! That’s all it takes! TO ACCEPT IT AS TRUE! 

Oh, my Goddess, but that is precisely the biggest obstacle, isn’t it? The evil boundary between you and your Magick made manifest: To accept it!


Go find your reasons! It could be that you “believe” you’re not ready for that. It could be that in the innermost layers of your heart you “believe” you deserve whatever is happening to you because Karma is part of your belief system! It could be something someone told you during your childhood, that was part of THEIR belief system, and you accepted it as true, because that was a dear person to you! It could be your belief that by casting a spell you will be causing someone else not to get what they want because that now is coming to you…Who knows? Only you know. It could be a whole bunch of limiting beliefs, all together, and you are simply not aware of them. Many of them are hidden in your subconscious mind. It is your work to dig them out and eliminate the ones that do not serve you and rewrite your belief system.

So, that’s all it takes to really believe, and not to suppose. And because you believe, because you accept it as true, genuine, and real, you feel GRATEFUL for that!! And that moment is when Magick truly happens! You feel it NOW because you know it’s true, it’s yours! And it is these 2 powerful energies combined, your TRUE BELIEF + YOUR GRATITUDE that can manifest your reality. 

As Hekateans, we have already been granted Magickal Powers. And She wants us to use them! Responsibly but freely. We just need to rewrite our belief system and when doing Magick, always use the #1 meaning of BELIEVE. By doing so, we are becoming Her true Heirs, walking along the Path of Enlightenment to also become a goddess or a god one day. 



                                          Images free download:

Hekate in Pop Culture
by Marcia C. Silva 

Hekate on Netflix’s, The Sandman

The first season of The Sandman on Netflix premiered on August 5, 2022, and has already been acclaimed by critics, being in the top 10 on Netflix in several countries, in addition to receiving 7.8 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

The TV show is based on the comics written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics between 1989 and 1996. Both tell the story of Lord Morpheus (Dream of the Endless) who escapes from the prison created by a mortal wizard, where he remained for decades. Upon his release, Dream goes in search of his lost tools: the Dream Sand, the Helmet of Dreams, and the Dreamstone.

(Warning! This article contains spoilers from now on)

Hekate appears at the very beginning of the story (S01E02): Imperfect Hosts. Hekate plays a very decisive role in the plot, as she is the one Morpheus consults before moving on in his quest. In The Sandman, Hekate is equated with The Fates. She is called the Three-in-One, the Three-Who-Are-One, and the One-Who-Is-Three. Another recurring theme we see when Hekate appears in pop culture is her three forms being the same as the Triple Goddess (maiden, mother, and crone). To learn more about it, I recommend this article written by Sorita d'Este.

In episode two, Hekate is first mentioned in 6'55" when Morpheus says: "There is only one sure way for me to find my tools. I must summon the Three-in-One (...) The Fates see past, present, and future, and they know all."

Morpheus considering summoning The Fates/Hekate. Credits: Netflix (2022).

Next, Morpheus collects three offerings. The first is a four-way crossroads, "since one meets The Fates at the crossroads"; the second is The Hanged Man, meaning "surrender and sacrifice for the greater good"; and the last one is a serpent, "a symbol of transformation; of life, death and rebirth".

Morpheus gathers a four-way crossroads as an offering. Credits: Netflix (2022).

With the offerings in hand, Morpheus goes to The Fates/Hekate and says the following invocation (16'40"):

"I, Lord Morpheus, Dream of The Endless, summon The Fates, the Three-Who-Are-One, the One-Who-Is-Three. The Hecate."

The Fates/Hekate appears in three forms. Her form as "mother", swallows the serpent that Morpheus offers. She then says that Morpheus can ask three questions. For each question, he will receive only one answer. Morpheus then asks each of them where one of his tools is and each face responds with a riddle and a vision. At the end of the questions, they "merge" and disappear.

The Fates/Hekate on The Sandman (S01E02). Credits: Netflix (2022).

The Maiden. Credits: Netflix (2022).

The Mother. Credits: Netflix (2022).

The Crone. Credits: Netflix (2022).

The One-Who-Is-Three. Credits: Netflix (2022).

As a final analysis, let's summarize the elements that are related to Hekate in these scenes:

  • Hekate triplicity and "physically" as the maiden, mother, and crone. Three separate bodies that unite as one.

  • Hekate appears syncretized with The Fates, the one who can see the past, present, and future.

  • She is liminal, as she assists Morpheus in a time of transition.

  • Her symbols are the crossroads and serpents. She also is associated with the night (the place she appears), the color black (clothes), and bones (necklaces).

Check out some more images below. All credits to Netflix (2022):

The Three-Who-Are-One.

Morpheus saying Hecate's name.

The Mother form swallows a serpent.

                                        Introducing a new column!  
                                               Comix by Powder

Hi I'm Powder! I like to think that the art that I bring into the world comes from the person behind the eyes, the inner self, maybe a soul figure. And although Powder is not my given name, it is a chosen name that feels like a fit for who I am when I see the things I try to portray in art. I have a special love for magic, dreaming and questioning reality, I love to see things in a special way, a way that makes everything seem a little less binding, and makes people feel a little more wonder. I worship Hekate especially as Kalliste, fairest and as Anima Mundi. For me, she is that figure who has led me all my life and I may not understand why and where but I trust she leads me where needed. I hope that my images portray something of her essence for you all.
                            Hekate as maiden and guide and night wanderer.
                                         Hekate as an underworld guide.
                                           Hekate in friendship with Pan.
                       Hekate as wolf, mourning together the pain of Pan's chains
                                              Cards of the Season
                                                        by Sosanna

In this issue, our reading is a past, present, and future reading based on the Wild Goddess Oracle by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber for the upcoming quarter.


Past: The Maya - The car represents the past. This card represents our ability to discern the truth from lies. She represents our inner strength to see through the veil of falsehood that is presented and see directly into the truth. Within us is a source of energy that allows us to find the point at which another produces deception, circle in and reveal the lies. Lies are around us, we can see what they are and know the owners for who they are.

Present:  The Free Spirit - This card tells us that we can change at any moment if needed. Our hopes and dreams are here for us, and we can choose to follow them. We are in control of our own happiness, or sadness. We can right the ship and sail into a world of hope or despair. We are unique beings and can offer the world a chance to sing. We are the voice of happiness. Run like someone left the gate open!

Future: The Dawn - This card reminds us of the new beginning we see every day. The sun gently rising over the horizon; birds singing and a nice fresh breeze across our skin. This the card of renewed hope and the energy of the sun warming our very core. This is our future, our hopes, and dreams. We have within us the force to take on the day and welcome whatever comes our way. 

What has this past season meant to you? How are you managing the changing world around you? Do you need more support? Looking to the present and future, what are these cards telling you? Focus on what is happening in your recent past and present - Has the Maya provided you with useful information? How about the future? 

Our reading this season tells us that there have been challenges in our past. Lies have been told, deception present. We have found those lies however and are using our own positive energy to create a safe place for our free spirit to blossom. We control the narrative and have created a story that allows us to continue on our path of honesty and commitment. Only our decisions will paint the story of our lives, our future is bright and positive. We have control of our own destiny, and this season will be a season of happiness and growth.

Journey with Sorita & Emily on the Torchlit Path of Hekate starting this October ...

The Torchlit Path is a 9 Week Journey through the history, mysteries, myths of Hekate - through Devotion and Creativity. We had a fantastic response to this course when we offered it for the first time earlier this year, and having made some improvements we are now offering it again for all of you interested in furthering your understanding of the Goddess Hekate.

The Torchlit Path is created specifically for those of you who value history and what we can learn from those who walked this path before us - but who (like us) have your feet firmly in the 21st century.  By exploring Hekate's history, myths and symbols and using ritual and devotion, as well as creative techniques we are able to gain experiential knowledge of Hekate's Mysteries.  

The course consist of weekly lessons, provided as recordings - alongside live Zoom sessions where participants are encouraged to engage in discussions and debates, followed by a weekly group devotion.

Register soon because space is limited.

We hope you will be able to join us on this exciting journey!


Sorita & Emily



            Photo of the statue at the British Museum [Credit/Courtesy: Christina Moraiti ]
             The Statue of the Goddess Hekate Must Remain on Display.

             If you haven't already, please sign this petition to the British Museum!
       Adverts & Sanctuary Updates

                                    Membership Centres

The Covenant of Hekate has six sanctuaries run by Keybearers that are now also membership centres. Rather than applying for membership as it was in the past, and having everything filter through one person, we are now sharing that joyous responsibility.  You will see the Membership Sanctuaries listed below and you may contact any one of your choosing. Best it be one close to you. Also, best to select one by the language you speak. If, however, one does not mention your language, write to one of us, using an email address below and we will help direct you.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Language: Portuguese (Br)
Francine Derschner, Keybearer e Patricia Elizium

The Sanctuary of Hekate Hegemonen located in São Paulo, Brasil is focused on the research and study of the History of the Goddess Hekate as part of the journey to get closer to her mysteries. Our rites and practices are modern, inspired by Western Mystery Traditions as well as Hellenic Polytheism. We are always seeking, through historical bases, to make Goddess worship accessible to the needs of modern devotees. We choose the epithet Hegemonen, which means “Guide”, to name our Sanctuary, for just as Hekate guides Persephone on her journey from the underworld, each of us was brought and guided by the Goddess Hekate to answer her call. As Hegemonen guided and illuminated our steps, we wish to be a light for new seekers willing to know and experience the Goddess Hekate.

The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos
Coventry, United Kingdom
English Language
Kenn Payne, Keybearer

The Sanctuary of Hekate Polymorphos, based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, seeks to facilitate and support a growing community brought together in celebration of the Goddess Hekate in Her many forms and names, helping individuals to find their way along the Paths to Hekate, meeting in fellowship, a spirit of understanding and learning from each other.

Sanctuary of Hekate Propolos
Location in Austin, Texas
English language
Deanne Quarrie, Keybearer

 The Sanctuary of Hekate Propolos, was created in the month of July 2019, to provide a space in Austin, Texas for those who honor Hekate or who would wish to know more about Her. We do this by offering occasional rituals to the public as well as “meet-and-greet” meetings to form community around the Sanctuary. Our vision is to widen awareness of Hekate and to offer opportunities for the community in ways to honor Her. We serve as a membership Center For the Covenant of Hekate in Texas.

This site maintains a shrine where you may leave prayers, petitions and blessings.  Information about the Covenant of Hekate is available there as well as about the Sanctuary of Hekate Propolos.

For those who wish to study may do so with us at the Liminal Thealogical Seminary.

Sanctuary of Hekate Propylaia
Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife , Spain
English and Spanish
Contact: Giovanna Diaz, Keybearer Languages

We honour Hekate as the world soul and the guardian that stands at every entrance to the crossroads of the mysteries. We hold daily devotions, rituals, workshops, classes, reading and formative activities for all members as well as having communal rituals in the Hekatean modern festivities. 

Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditis
Location: Athens - Greece
Languages spoken: Greek & English
Christina Moraiti, Keybearer

The sanctuary located in Athens, Greece is focused on historical evidence of Hekate's worship and the learning of the Greek language as part of the path towards her understanding and worship. The sanctuary organises tours and trips in the archaeological sites of Attica where Hekate had been worshiped among other Gods or on her own. 

Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo
Keybearer: Renee Olson
Location: North Carolina

The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo will be a virtual first sanctuary where I will provide support and guidance for those looking to walk with Hecate along the middle path. We will honor the five virtues and conduct our days in line with the goddess. We will focus our energy to help those in need, protect those who cannot protect themselves and lift those who have fallen.
The physical sanctuary will be located in Seven Springs, North Carolina on a small 3.5 acre plot near the Neuse River. When possible we will conduct rituals for the dark moon and solstices.
Our work for the community will consist of supporting those who are less fortunate by supporting our local outreach groups. Blessing Box of Goldsboro and Furever Paws.
We will be a public sanctuary open to members and non-members of CoH.

Do you have an update you'd like to share about your sanctuary? Or do you have witchcraft wares you sell or services you offer such as cartomancy or spells? Advertise here! Email for more information.
 Become a Columnist! 

Is there a particular aspect of spiritual, magical or creative work with Hekate you are passionate and knowledgeable about?  Do you want to develop your writing skills, and perhaps your portfolio?  Maybe you just sincerely want to see the CoH community grow and develop?

Noumenia News is looking for columnists - individuals who can commit to writing on a Hekate related topic for each edition (4 a year & an extra issue in October to celebrate Samhain/Halloween/All Saints day/Day of the Dead). We've had some wonderful new columnists join us but we definitely have room for more! Here are some suggested topics we could still use columnists for:
  • Astrology, symbols etc.,
  • Crafts & recipes.
  • Study of the PGM, Orphic Hymns etc.,
  • Interviews with CoH members.
Want to be involved?  Email your proposal to!

We are also ALWAYS interested in individual submissions! Feel free to submit your art, written pieces, photographs and anything else that reflects your path with the Goddess.
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