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Message from the Editor in Chief

Greetings fellow devotees!

Our recent new copy editor sadly had to step down due to personal obligations, so please welcome another new copy editor, Shay! And thank you so much to everyone who applied!

Big thanks to everyone involved here at Noumenia News, and to everyone who sent in submissions for this issue. As well as to everyone that reads it!

Lotus x
Torchbearer & Keybearer

Editorial Staff:
Editor in Chief - Lotus
Assistant Editor - Deanne
Copy Editor - Shay
Proofers this issue: Deanne, Catherine & Cece

                                        Message From the Assistant Editor

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time seems to go by.  Here it is the Spring Equinox of 2023. Spring is my favorite time of year.  I have often wondered if our favorite season has anything to do with our date of birth? I am a Double Aries, born on a first quarter moon.  I love beginnings – the bursting forth of new energy thrills me.  When I see my first buttercup, my heart leaps with joy. When it is tiny green buds on the trees, I want to dance in the street!  Do you have a garden? We planted our community vegetable garden last week and, in a week or so, I will head to a nursery to buy all new plants for my culinary herb garden, and some annuals for color, too! The herbs bring flavor for the food I love to cook! The little trees I put in the ground last year survived the winter, the burr oak leafing out at 2 feet tall, and the Mexican buckeye even has tiny pink flowers on it, even though only it is only about 3-4 feet tall. I am so happy it survived the cold winter.
It is a time of new projects, creative adventures into manifesting something new. Are you manifesting newness in your life? Does it excite you to be part of the creative life-force?
And here we are with our first edition of Noumenia News of 2023. I want to thank everyone who submitted something, and you, the readers, as well.  I do hope you enjoy reading this edition and perhaps you will consider writing something for the Summer Solstice.

Spring blessings,
Deanne Quarrie, D.Min.
                                        Message from the Copy Editor


I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the CoH community by editing submissions for Noumenia News. I have been studying witchcraft on and off since I was a teenager (no need to say how long ago that was!) and have been a Devotee to Hekate since 2017 when she showed herself to me in a campfire after I had been contemplating Her during the hikes of the day. I pray to Her often and She answers boldly. This past year I have felt called to study more, to engage more, and to recognize the magick in the mundane and bring magick into my daily life more. After all, life is magickal! I have made a point to schedule time for myself and time to connect with others, both current friends and by stepping out of my comfort zone to make new friends. I have begun to explore areas of magick beyond my ever-present passion for tarot and crystals, particularly focused on working with pendulms, the moon, and the Elementals. I also spend a great deal of time in nature, and in nature, I feel most connected to Hekate. When I saw the need for a copy editor, I knew it was time to step up and use my day job editor skills for a more spiritual purpose.

The love for Hekate that is shared in our world-wide CoH community is truely inspiring. I love the articles, artwork, rituals, and poetry. It is an honor to be of service as copy editor. 

May Hekate guide us,



How My Journey Started as a Devotee of Hekate
by Cat Larsson, Devotee of Covenant of Hekate

My journey with Hekate started actively on a very rainy day in Glastonbury in 2014. I met Sorita d’Este in the middle of a rain shower and she started to talk about Hekate. She talked about a conference and needed volunteers. It was a short conversation, but I knew who had called me as a 16-year-old to be a social worker. As a teen, I had a vision of being the torch in the dark and helping people in a simplistic and effortless way, but I did not know anything about Hekate at that time. Then it all clicked on that rainy day, and I got involved in Covenant of Hekate.  

But it was not a straight journey. Some of my friends scared me with terrible stories about Hekate. They told me that I was bringing death to my house and it would be my fault if someone died. What do you expect if you worship death? Others said “You don’t need a Goddess. You have yourself.” Others gave me wonderful stories about how she had changed their lives for the better. The conflict got too big, which in the end, was too much for me and I withdrew from it all. 

I gave my statue to a friend but kept some of my prints and when I had given away most of it, Hekate came back to me in my dream as another statue, which ended up as smoke and it was like my relationship with her slightly started all over again.  

In 2020, I met my partner and moved in with him. In one of my boxes, I had a print, and he took it up. It was one of Georgi Mishev’s Art and my partner recognized the goddess. He said that he had seen this lady in St Decumans church in Watchet, carved in one the side of the church benches. He found it interesting when there were similarities between the two. 

There was a local story about a lady who had died, been buried, and then got up to life again in the 1500s. The Lady Florence of Wyndham. 

The interesting thing about this is the theme of the underworld, death, and two dogs-lions. He showed me a picture which I share here as well.   

Hekate was welcome in my partner’s home, and I was allowed to set up an altar under the stairs. I had my little spot, and I started my devotional practice again. What else can you do more than say “thank you”?

Then I started again and took a course with Sorita d’Este and Emily Carding and got deeper into my devotional practice. One of my projects now is to produce two Instagram posts a week as a thank-you. That is my offering to Hekate. I also make a short devotion in the morning. I am keeping it simple. It is not always easy to make posts and I ask Her for guidance on what to write and post about. Sometimes I find something, sometimes an idea in my head and I just develop it, like I did with this article. I have an issue I must work on, and I asked how to let go whilst She works on my issue.  I received the message to go to the sacred fires and give an appropriate offering; write an article in Noumenia News about your journey with me. The candle flickered and wanted my attention. 
I looked up the deadline for Noumenia news and it was today. A client did not turn up, so I was given the time to write this article as an offering for a great Goddess. Hail Hekate. 
                                                             Artwork by Debbie Bowen.

This is a prayer I recite every morning. I love it because it is easy to remember and sets a nice and uplifting tone for the day. 
by Debbie Bowen


A Daily Prayer To Hekate 

Mother of witches 

Keeper of keys 

Goddess of stars, land, sky, and seas 

I ask that you guide me to the best version of me 

To a magical life where I'm happy and free 

Lady of darkness and heavenly light 

I honor your essence each day and night
Book Review of Entering Hekate’s Cave – The Journey Through Darkness To Wholeness- by Cyndi Brannen
By Femmy Hequet

Entering Hekate’s Cave by Dr. Cyndi Brannen is a wondrous exploratory journey through one’s inner world in search of the definitive healing of the soul. Learning the occult meaning of Hekate’s main attributes in each one of Dr. Brannen’s lessons, and following her efficient methods through the Practica and Rituals taught in this book, allow us to safely enter our Caves, meet our shadow selves and ignite our own illumination.

Each chapter is a journey in itself – from the “Deeper World” to the “Reborn”, powerful Hekatean epithets are evoked by Cyndi’s awe-inspiring words at the beginning of the chapter - very poetic words that I would also use (with her permission) as invocations to the Goddess. Then the epithet is explained in depth, denoting her admirable metaphysical knowledge and all the extensive research she did on the particular aspects of the epithets cited, as well as the myths and archetypes associated with them, which are the basis for understanding the healing techniques you will experience in the practica and rituals proposed.

A must-read, brilliant, profound, and meticulous work, in which depth of psychology and
powerful magick are perfectly brewed in Cyndi’s cauldron, to gift us the ultimate instruments for our own spiritual and emotional healing.
Book Review of Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller
By Lotus

Consorting With Spirits is a wonderful book for beginners as well as for more advanced
practitioners. The author mentions in the introduction, it shouldn’t be the readers first book on
magic as knowing some basic spellcraft and protection is essential. But you needn’t have
intermediate knowledge.

I really enjoyed the mention Mat Auryn makes in the book’s forward about crossroads; that not
only are crossroads places traditionally visited to meet powerful spirits such as Hekate or Papa
Legba, but it is a place where one can see how all paths meet and yet also diverge from each
other. I adore that imagery as it reflects my own practice so perfectly. Jason works with various
spirits from several traditions but the book allows the reader to use the tools to work the spirits
they are comfortable with.

Jason explains what spirits are and different forms of manifestation, and he speaks plainly and
honestly with little snippets of his own experiences. His conversational manner makes even
complex ideas easy to understand.

Everyone can get something out of this book as none of us know everything there is to know,
and there are plenty of gems in this book. Much of the time while reading I found myself nodding
in agreement with each bit of wisdom shared. It’s fantastic to find issues addressed such as
what is one’s own imagination and what is actually communication. And how much should we
concern ourselves with the question? As always, Jason writes with an abundant amount of
common sense along with his experience.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in conjuring and interacting with spirits!

                      Regular Features 

                                                      Hekate Inspires
                                                               By Stacy Mathias

                                                    CoH Torchbearer and Keybearer

Happy almost spring! At least here in the Northern Hemisphere. At this time I am feeling inspired to share with you an Ostara (Spring Equinox) ritual I wrote for celebrating Ostara with Hekate. It is my hope that you enjoy it and that even if it doesn’t resonate with you as is, that it inspires you to come up with one of your own. 

In Her service,



Ostara/ Spring Equinox

You will need:

    Lustral water

    Labradorite chip(s) or actual seeds that you wish to plant

    Offering for the Goddess

    Candle for the Goddess

Cast your circle

Invite the Quarters

Take three deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Dip your index and middle finger of your dominant hand into the blessed water. 

Touch your heart and say:

“May my heart beat with desire for understanding” 

Leave your fingers here for three heartbeats.

Dip your fingers again into the water and touch them to your lips and say: 

“May my lips speak words of illuminated truth” 

Leave your fingers here for three heartbeats.

Dip your fingers again into the water then touch your third eye and say:

“May my visions be filled with divine knowledge”


Evocation of Hekate: 

“Hail Hekate, Bearer of Light! 

You who are both the darkness

And the light within it.

Holy Hekate, Mother of witches, 

At this time of balance, growth and planting

I/We call upon you to bless and empower

Me/us as well as my/our intentions and goals.

I/we ask that you, tender-hearted Hekate, 

Be with me/us both now and always!

Hail and Welcome!”


Light the Goddess candle

Blessing of tools: 

“Blessed Hekate, Mother of witches, I/we ask your blessings on the tools of this Rite; (touch all areas and things as you name them) 

My/our heart(s), my/mind(s), and this/these stones, which will serve as the seeds my/our desire(s).

So mote it Be!”

Take a few moments to think of what you really want. What is it that you want to manifest? What are your goals? What are the desires of your soul? 

Once you have chosen, hold on to the thought or image of your heart’s desire while completing the rest of the ritual.


“I/we call on the energy of spring, the energy of birth and growth to empower me/us and the work I/we perform this day/night.

Today/tonight I bless and empower this/these stones with the energy of my intention(s) and goal(s) of_____________.”

(hold the stone or stones in your hands, send your energy into the stone(s). Take as long as you feel is required for the stone(s) to absorb the energy).

“I now give them the breath of life.” (Breathe in and then slowly blow your breath out, through your mouth, over the stones in your hands).

“Let them serve as the seeds of my desire, which I shall plant, and my intentions and goals will grow and manifest from these seeds. So mote it be!”


“I/we offer this libation to Hekate, Goddess who reigns over both the light and the dark, birth and growth. I /we offer this libation in gratitude for all that I/we have received and all that I/we shall receive. So it is!”

Take a deep cleansing breath.

Ring bell to bring your awareness to the present.

Release the quarters and open your circle.

Take your “seeds” and plant them outside.


                                                                Into the Green

                                      As Above, So Below ~ The Spirituality of Gardening

                                                             By Emma Kathyrn

                                                       Spring Awakening


For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is just about here. The transition between winter and spring is a time of tumultuous energy and change - one day the warmth of the sun cuts through the chill of the wind and yet other days snow threatens from a cloud-filled sky. Already the promise of spring makes jewels spring from the ground, all yellows, purples, and pinks of Daffodil, Violet, and Hyacinth. 

At this time of year, particularly for those of us who enjoy spending time outside in nature or tending our gardens, we might bring to mind our Goddess Hekate and the role She played in the story of Demeter and Persephone. In this aspect, Hekate is the driving force of the season, the courage and energy needed to push back against the gloom to bring forth new experiences. It seems only right that we reflect this in our working with the Goddess. Let us explore ways of making the most of the upcoming season in our worship of Hekate. 

Violet Honey - This is a great way of making an offering for Hekate. You can make this with any edible flower, but if, like me, you have a glorious spread of wild violets, why not make the most of them. Simply take your flowers and place them in a jar. Cover with honey or syrup and allow it to sit for a week before draining into a fresh jar. This will keep for ages in the fridge.

Spring Flowers - It’s always nice to have fresh flowers or a plant on your altar and this is the perfect time to begin bringing a bit of colour into your practice. There are no right or wrong ways of arranging flowers, but a helpful hint from my florist friend is to use an odd number of flowers and to arrange any foliage first; poking flowers in afterwards to suit your own tastes. This is the perfect use for Daffodils as they can be poisonous. 

Spring Incense - Again, you will need to make sure that the plants and flowers used in this incense are not poisonous as you don’t want to inhale anything toxic. This is the perfect exercise to get out and about for a bit of foraging. Look for flowers that add scent but also colour. Violets, Primrose, and blossoms are perfect to use!

However, you celebrate the turning of the wheel and the seasons of the year, have a good one!
                                                          The Hekatean Path
                                                                by Femmy Heqet

                                                         SPRING OF GRATITUDE

Greetings dear Magickal Beings and Hekatean Siblings! A glorious Springtime to you and yours!

As it happens all the time, before sitting to write my articles, I first always ask Hekate to let me know what She wants me to write about; which of Her precious lessons is the one to be learned this time. This time I heard Her beautiful voice saying “Spring of Gratitude”! 

Oh wow... Okay then. Thank you, Mother! Let us embrace the Spring Renewal and do a deep cleansing from our old, unhealthy habits, eh?

The lesson of Gratitude was one I learned many years ago, and used since then with extraordinary results, for I have been practicing it every day, which allows me to really attest to its tremendous benefits and magickal power.

The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word gratia, which means grace, graciousness, or gratefulness (depending on the context). We can say that gratitude encompasses all these meanings. It is the appreciation for what we receive, tangible or intangible. With gratitude, we acknowledge the goodness in our lives and usually recognize that its source may be partially outside ourselves. Thus, being grateful helps us connect to this source, which is larger than ourselves, such as nature, the universe or a higher power like Hekate.

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. It helps us feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve our health, deal with adversities better, and build strong relationships.

Numerous studies have shown how helpful practicing gratitude is, both to ourselves and to the recipients of our gratitude, and I am going to outline some of them for you today. 

Harvard Medical School commentaries on health (Miller, M.C., 2014) summarizes the benefits of gratitude which include: 

“Increased positive emotions, improved physical and emotional health, more effective coping skills, heightened enjoyment, and improved personal relationships.”

To which I personally add: And more powerful magickal skills!

Honestly, it is just a matter of changing your perception and focus.  But you can say: “Sorry Femmy, I have nothing to be grateful for. I have this terrible lonely life, a lot of debt, and have been ill for years now.” 

And my reply to you is: “I am really sorry to hear that, but you are the only one who can change this, my dear.” Just think for one moment that there are so many people in this world in a far worse situation than yours! People are trying to survive and save the ones they love in the middle of the chaotic, horrendous nightmare of war. They are dealing with desperation, uncertainty, famine, fear, and pain. (sigh)

If you change your perspective, it is easy to realize that perhaps you have spent most of your life so far only focusing on what you dislike and complaining about it. And by focusing on that s**t, you attract more of that. Despite of how bad your situation is right now, YOU are the only one who can change that and Hekate can guide you in this process. And She is already doing it, by inspiring me with the words you are reading right now. 

What do you have in your life that you can be truly grateful for? A certain talent or talents that make you so special? Your beloved children? The companion of your adorable familiar? Your partner? Your family? The food that we have in abundance that many people take for granted, wasting it, while millions starve on this planet? A very dear friend who is always there for you? Oh, for Goddess’ sake START THANKING FOR THAT! 

Let’s make a list, shall we? Let’s make a list of EVERYTHING that you have in your life, all your skills, people, treasures, and abundance that you are grateful for. Thank the Goddess EVERY DAY for that! Read your list and nurture this amazing feeling of gratitude that will bring more and more happiness to your life! Make it a habit, and you will see your life be transformed in unimaginable ways!

Helpful Exercises in the Cultivation of Gratitude

Gra 1.jpeg

Gratitude Journaling


This is a technique that involves keeping a diary of things you are grateful for every day. This is one of the most popular ways to practice gratitude.

You can recall a favorite moment during the day, describe a special person in your life, or list five things you are grateful for on that day.

It does not need to be a physical journal. It can be just a note in your phone. This makes it easier to quickly record something you feel grateful for in the moment.

Gratitude Mapping

This is just perfect for visual learners. It involves creating a visual mood board of everything you’re grateful for. Be creative and make it a very positive stimulus for yourself and everyone else in your house. You then place this board somewhere in your home to remind yourself to be grateful every day.

Gratitude Jars

A simple idea and quite easy to put into practice. Whenever something good happens or you feel thankful for something, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. You can also add a few crystals to the jar and/or a key to potentialize the energy in it and open portals for more great things come to you. Next time you’re feeling down, give the jar a shake and pick out one slip of paper. This technique will remind you of something good in your life that you should be grateful for and might have forgotten. 

Morning Meditation


A morning meditation practice should always involve gratitude. You can choose to meditate on things you’re grateful for, or on how you’ve gotten to where you are now. 

To do this, remember the past, with its pleasures and challenges (all the good and bad you’ve been through). Reflect on how far you’ve come since then. This allows you to clearly see the big picture, helping you feel grateful for what brought you to where you are now. 

The morning is often the best time to practice gratitude meditation, as it sets you on the right optimistic mood for the day. But you can also practice it before going to  bed. 


Prayer is another helpful way of generating feelings of gratitude. It’s also been linked to positive health outcomes.

Expressing gratitude to Hekate, other Gods of your devotion, a higher power, or simply to the universe is a powerful way to evoke a sense of awe and appreciation. As you pray, you can express gratitude for the world you live in, the air you breathe, people in your life, the beautiful place you name it. 

Prayer is our chance to humbly marvel at the Great Magick of existence. It doesn’t need to be a fancy ritual, just a simple way of giving thanks for all you have in your life that makes you happy. 




Volunteering is a practical way to practice gratitude. Helping those in need can inspire you to reflect on your own circumstances and bring on a sense of compassion for humanity as a whole. It has also been shown to improve health among many other benefits. 

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

There are many benefits of practicing gratitude, both mental and physical. Regular practice has been shown to have measurable positive effects on health. 

Boosts the Immune System

Gratitude has been shown to help contribute to an overall sense of well-being. 

Stress lowers the immune response to potential bodily threats, whereas, increased mental well-being can help your body fight off illness, according to medical research conducted by Carol D. Ryff, Burton H. Singer, and Gayle Dienberg Love (all medical links are provided at the end of this article).

Practicing gratitude also has the ability to improve other aspects of physical health, according to a medical study published by the National Library of Medicine, suggesting it can reduce the risks associated with heart failure. 

Improves Mental Health

Gratitude is one of many factors that contributes to positive mental health outcomes. 

A medical study from 2020 published in the Journal of Happiness Studies showed that regularly practicing gratitude can help ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Practicing gratitude regularly nurtures positive feelings and can contribute to a sense of well-being. 

Improved Relationships

Gratitude not only improves your physical and mental well-being; it may also improve your relationships. It plays a key role in forming relationships, as well as in strengthening existing ones. 

When it comes to romantic relationships, gratitude can help partners feel more satisfied with each other. One study published in 2010 by the American Psychological Association showed that partners who demonstrated gratitude toward one another reported increased relationship satisfaction and improved happiness the following day. 

Increased Optimism 

Being an optimistic person can have plenty of health benefits, including healthy aging, according to another medical study from 2019 published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. If you’re not naturally optimistic, gratitude practice can help you cultivate an optimistic mood, as suggested by a 2018 Psychology study. 

In an older study, from 2003 by Robert A. Emmons - University of California, and  Davis Michael E. McCullough - University of Miami, it took just 10 weeks of regular gratitude practice for participants to feel more optimistic and positive about their present lives and the future.

Practicing gratitude every day is a beneficial habit for both physical and mental health. It also offers potential benefits in our relationships. 

To get started with a gratitude practice, you can try meditation, journaling, or simply paying attention to the little things in life that bring you joy. If practiced regularly, gratitude will likely provide positive long-term effects to your mental health and well-being.


More Effective Ways to Practice Gratitude

  • Every day, think of someone or something that you are grateful for, creating a visual image and saying the words, "Thank you". Beginning your day like this can change your perceptions by focusing your energy on positivity and attracting more of what you are thankful for.

  • Think of everything that you are grateful for, then wish these good things for others, even people you have never met. When you extend your gratitude to wishing all good things to others, you are deepening the practice and multiplying its benefits. 

  • Say "Thank You" to others more often – and mean it. Look someone in the eye when thanking them, and tell them why you are thankful.

  • Do short walks regularly, and notice all the beauty of nature. This simple physical exercise keeps us grounded and reminds us of all the abundance around us.

  • Write a thank-you letter or email. You can nurture your relationship with another person and feel happy by expressing your appreciation for that person's impact on your life. Send it, or even read it in person. Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude letter/email a month. Once in a while, you should also write one to yourself.

  • Take some time to reflect on challenging circumstances in your life that have led to growth, on how painful moments have made us better versions of ourselves. This helps turn all the difficult experiences into valuable lessons. 


All this being said, stop complaining! Start THANKING!

THANK YOU Mother Hekate, for all thy guidance and healing, and for making me thy humble instrument.

THANK YOU Covenant of Hekate, its founders and all its members for making this a great community and a place for enlightenment and healing.

THANK YOU dear sibling, for taking the time to read this and for being the wonderful person you are! 

May Her Torch Be Always with Us!

Sources and Medical articles:

Images: Royalty free from                    

Hekate in Pop Culture
by Marcia C. Silva

                               Hekate's Realm: The Art of Liminality in Movies

Hekate's connection with transitions is one of her defining characteristics. She is there, from her role as Propylaia ("before the gate") and Propolos ("guide, companion") for Persephone to her association with crossroads, birth, and death. The liminal space is her realm. Even in movies where Hekate doesn't make a direct appearance, we can still reflect on her nature. 

But what are liminal spaces? They are intermediary areas that exist between different conditions. As such, they are often marked by ambiguity, uncertainty, and potential, as they represent a threshold between what has gone before and what is yet to come. These spaces can take many forms, including physical, psychological, cultural, and temporal.

Crossroads, thresholds, and doorways are well-known transitional places connected to Hekate. Movies such as The Road (2009) and The Lighthouse (2019), utilize physical liminal spaces to create a sense of tension, disorientation, and transformation. They isolate characters from their familiar worlds and challenge their perceptions of reality, leading to moments of change.

Hekate is also seen as a powerful ally in the exploration of the mind. She walks into the inner space where is neither fully conscious nor fully unconscious: dreams, trance states, altered states of consciousness, and other similar experiences. Movies like Donnie Darko (2001) and Black Swan (2010) employ psychological liminal spaces to delve into the character's inner worlds, confronting their fears and desires while creating a sense of unease that mirrors their psychological struggles.

Hekate's association with cultural liminal spaces is evident in her role as a goddess of witchcraft and magic. In many cultures, these are seen as existing outside of established social norms and conventions and are often associated with marginalized and oppressed groups. Her arrival in Greece from Anatolia represents a cultural border crossing as well. Cultural liminal spaces are explored in Whale Rider (2002) and The Farewell (2019), which highlight the tension between tradition and modernity, and the characters' struggle to navigate complex cultural landscapes, leading to feelings of dislocation, and subsequently, adaptation.

Temporal liminal spaces are defined as times or periods of transition, such as dawn, dusk, and midnight, and can also be related to time travel. Hekate's Deipnon can be regarded as a temporal liminal space, as it marks the transition between two lunar months. This type of liminality is the focus of Groundhog Day (1993) and Interstellar (2014), which create a sense of instability and disorientation that reflects the characters' attempts to understand the time and their place in the world.

There are even movies that employ multiple aspects of liminality to explore themes of transformation, control, and the nature of reality. Movies such as The Truman Show (1998), The Matrix (1999), Pan's Labyrinth (2006), and Inception (2010), utilize diverse liminal spaces to create a challenge of perception and push the characters toward moments of personal metamorphosis.

All these movies, although they do not literally depict Hekate, are good tools for deepening our personal understanding of the liminality of the goddess as well as showing her deep presence in the human psyche. 

This article was inspired by a video from the Du Cinema channel on YouTube titled "Strangely Familiar Places in Movies Explained." I highly recommend checking it out for further insights.

                                                              Following Threads
                                                     by Kamden S. Cornell (Lamia)

A Howling at the Crossroads: Hekate Skylakitis and the Wisht Hounds

The epithet Skylakitis (σκυλακῖτις) means “leader of dogs”, “Lady of dogs”, or “protectress of dogs”. It is used in the Orphic hymn to Hekate to denote her as particularly related to canids, which are one of the most characteristic companions of Hekate. The black dog in particular is her animal companion of choice, a creature that has its own slew of folkloric and mythological associations, which we can make very good use of.

The folklore that drew me to write this article are the European Wisht Hounds (wisht meaning “haunted” or “ghostly”) and the mythology of other black dogs, such as the Old Shuck and the Barghest. Stories of black dogs who help and harm are rampant across Europe, but they find a particular intensity in the UK. The stories are often about a dog appearing as a portent of death, either of the person who sees it or of someone close to that person. The stories seem to stem from connections between dogs, the dead, and gods of the underworld, often those with connections to the unquiet dead. Dogs as a folkloric creature are decidedly liminal, often darting between life and death as either protectors or hunters.

There are stories in which the hounds are extremely violent; either frightening, attacking, or outright killing their victims. In most stories they are ferocious, powerful, spectral beings that are most often harbingers of doom. There are some stories, though, that portray these black dogs as protectors, especially of the spirit favored. They invisibly follow the lonely traveler, the witch walking by night, or the chosen adventurer, appearing intermittently to help avert danger and in other ways act in an apotropaic or guiding capacity. 

There are also stories dealing with packs of these ghostly dogs, most often accompanied by the Old One, the Devil, the Horned One, or another of the hunting/wilderness gods that lead the Wild hunt.  To see this procession is hardly ever a good omen, though, often foretelling death or great tragedy, though it sometimes is a token of favor. One of the deities often associated with the Wild Hunt or the Howling Horde is our own Hekate, who ranges over the wild places with her pack of dogs and ghosts. The idea that these hounds are under the control of the deity they hunt with, (i.e. Hekate) means that they can be under our control, too. Through magic we can command the authority of Hekate to send the hounds whither we will.

The hounds are useful as protectors for the working area, as protectors during travel, for finding and communicating with spirits, and as aggressors toward those who trespass against us. In The Devil’s Dozen, Gemma Gary created a rite for calling on the Wisht Hounds to either protect or to castigate the target of the spell. In that rite she calls upon the “Ancient Lord of the Mound”, which is the Devil or, in her work, the Bucca. What keeps us, though, from calling on Hekate to perform a similar function? After all, she is Skylakitis. The following is an example rite I have written that may be done to summon up the hounds to protect the working space by the power of Hekate.

You will need a wand, preferably of a twisted wood, a winding horn, a brass bowl filled with khernips, a prepared incense of myrrh, storax, vervain, garlic skin, and hawthorn berry, as well as a thurible with charcoal. Begin the rite in the north, taking the wand in hand. Lift both arms out before you and say: 

Hekate Skylakitis, Lady of Dogs,

hail and welcome to this rite.

By wand, by horn, by smoke and water

Give unto me your magic might!

Put the wand down and take up the bowl with your khernips and sprinkle water as you walk widdershins about your circle, saying as you go:

Hekas este bibeloi!

Begone, begone all things profane.

The working circle now is sained.

Once you return to the north, sprinkle the incense over the charcoal in your thurible and sound the winding horn three times over, making each note last as long as your breath will allow. Take up the thurible and walk the circle in a deosil direction, saying:

Skylakitis! Kynokephalos! Kynogetis!

Hekate, Leader of the Darksome Hounds,

bring forth the howling pack

and guard the working circle bounds!

Return to the north and replace the thurible, then go about your rite as usual. Upon finishing your working, be sure to thank and dismiss the hounds to the care of Hekate, so that they do not linger and cause mischief outside of your rite. 

Just as a final note, the folklore of dogs is global. Almost every culture has some sort of canid-related mythology. Here in the Southwestern US we have our own stories of black dogs that act as both portentous messengers and shepherds of the dead. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world; there are black dogs just waiting for you to call!

                                                       Cards of the Season
                                                                  by Sosanna

In this issue, our reading is a past, present, and future reading based on the Universal Folk Oracle by Anita Inverarity.

Past: Empowerment
Keywords: Expansion, Together, Prosper, Divine
Crystal: Sunstone

Walking together with her companions, a majestic lion and a firebird. The lion signifies courage and emotions yet to be mastered; the firebird, transformation and empowerment. 

This card is pulled for this past quarter. It tells us that we have conquered much in the time that has passed. We have grown in the face of challenges that have been presented. We have overcome things that others could not imagine. As we move forward, into the present, we are greeted by the firebird, and transformation is here. Where does this resonate for you? Take some time today. Look within yourself and consider what these last months have given you, and of course, what has been lost. Together, working with the Divine, we rose up and met the challenges that were presented to us. 

Present: Mystery
Keywords: Revelations, Discovery, Secrets, Unveil
Crystal: Selenite

She walks along the reeds on the banks of Loch Ness, behind her a huge castle under the full moon. She longs for more information, a riddle to solve is her greatest treasure. 

This card is pulled for the present. It tells us that we may have some mysteries that need to be solved. We too, should walk through our current place and find a way to connect to the energy. The selenite connects us to oneness and everything. The secrets of the world are ready to be discovered and sit at our fingertips. What’s happening in your world today that may need this special attention? Are there questions that need to be answered, decisions to be made? Look within yourself and breathe. There are discoveries waiting for you; are you ready to move forward?

Future: Joy
Keywords: Affirmation, Surroundings, Light, Beauty
Crystal: Amber

She is surrounded by joy and light. She is surrounded by swallows representing good luck and positive change. Honeybees represent wisdom and creativity; and sunflowers loyalty and adoration. 

This card represents the future. It tells us that we have much to look forward to. The future is bright and filled with sunshine. We can expect positive change to come from our hard work. Our days will be filled with rewards and our efforts will be easily seen as we face the light of the sun. Think about what you have to look forward to. Prepare for the changes with dedicated hard work, much like the honeybee, and find your own flower to rest on as the days are filled with sunshine. 

Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson -

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