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Open Call 

Disciplinary Panel E105-2019


23rd August 2019

Open Call Disciplinary Panel

Dear Scouter,

The Board of Directors of Scouting Ireland (the Board) wish to recruit two suitable members of Scouting Ireland to sit on the Disciplinary Panel.

The Disciplinary Panel is constituted in accordance with the provisions of Scouting Ireland policy document SID-CCD04 – Scouting Ireland’s Disciplinary Process Click here.
The Terms of Reference for the Disciplinary Panel is as contained in Scouting Ireland policy document TOR-SUB13 – Scouting Ireland’s Disciplinary Panel - Terms of Reference Click here.

The Disciplinary Panel shall consist of three individuals appointed to that role by the Board on the recommendation of the Disputes Resolution and Appeals Panel (DRAP). The Disciplinary Panel shall comprise of a Chair and two individual Panel Members. The Chair shall be a current member of Scouting Ireland. At least one of the two individual Panel Members must be from an external organisation to that of Scouting Ireland.
Period of Office
After having sat on the Disciplinary Panel for a period of two years initially each member of the Panel should then be replaced by one member stepping down each year for the next three years and this replacement process should then continue on a rolling basis thereafter. The order of retirement shall be decided by the Board.
It is anticipated that the members of the Disciplinary Panel would possess a specified range of competencies (between them).
The competencies that an ideal candidate for the Disciplinary Panel should possess are detailed in Table 1 CLICK HERE.

Anyone wishing to apply for membership of the Disciplinary Panel should submit a cover letter and CV to no later than 17.00 hours on Friday 6th September 2019. Suitable applicants will be identified by applying the relevant specified competencies to their application.
The nomination process and the recommendation of the individuals to the Board (including the position of Chair) will be overseen by the DRAP.
The recruitment of the external Panel Member will be in accordance with Scouting Ireland’s current policy, at the time of recruitment, on engaging said individuals.
As a result of this open call the DRAP may establish a panel of competent persons from the applications to be used to fill future vacancies on the Disciplinary Panel.

Yours in Scouting,

Board of Directors of Scouting Ireland

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