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Motions To AGM 2020


Re: Guidance to Members for Submitting Motions for the AGM, 25th April 2020

Deadline for Submission of Motions – Saturday 1st February 2020

17th January 2020

Dear Group Leader/Group Nominee,
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Scouting Ireland will take place on 25th April 2020.
This letter is to remind all Scout Groups that the closing date for receipt of motions is approaching. The closing date to submit motions, by email to is 9am on Saturday 1st February 2020.
As the Chief Scout has temporarily stood aside, the Board of Directors have appointed Honorary Vice President and former National Secretary Sean Farrell to lead the Motions Committee for the upcoming
Annual General Meeting of Scouting Ireland. As outlined in the Company Constitution the role of the
Motions Committee is to receive all proposals for consideration by the meeting and approve them for inclusion on the agenda.

  • To assist Groups in preparing motions for the 2020 AGM, a Motions Form template has been produced;  Click Here
  • For an extract of the articles of Scouting Ireland’s Constitution, most relevant in putting motions at general meetings; Motions for Discussion at General Meetings; Click Here  
  • For general guidance in drafting motions and proposals and some useful terminology; Click Here
Procedure for Recording and Processing Motions and Proposals for the 2020 AGM
The following procedure will be applied to motions and proposals that are received at National Office for the 2020 AGM.
  • Each motion or proposal is given a reference number, when it is received and registered in National Office. This reference number is then used to assign a priority, to list each motion and proposal under the various motion headings; i.e. Articles, Rules and General Motions at the General Meeting. For example, if several motions are received to change an Article in the Constitution, the first motion received, in National Office, will be listed first on the list of motions on that Article.
  • The Motions Committee retains discretion to place motions and proposals in a different sequence, to ensure that all motions and proposals submitted are debated at the Annual General Meeting and that no motion or proposal is ruled out, because it is inappropriately listed (sequenced) on the Agenda.
  •  It should be noted that any motion seeking to change an Article of the Constitution, is a Special Resolution which requires the approval of at least 75% of the total votes cast, to be approved.
  • For all motions which propose to make changes to our Constitution, the Charities Regulator, require all Charities (including Scouting Ireland) to submit the motion to the Regulator, in advance of any vote of our members or delegates; for its observations and or approval. Therefore, Groups are encouraged to submit such motions as early as possible, to allow time, for this process to take place.
  • The Motions Committee are available to provide advice and guidance on the drafting and submission of motions and proposals to Annual General Meeting.
  • Consultation will take place between proposers of motions and proposals, where appropriate in order to clarify text and to ensure that a motion or proposal is not ruled out on technical grounds.
If you Require Assistance
If you require assistance or advice in drafting motions or proposals to the 2020 AGM, please contact the Motions Committee at and this assistance will be arranged.
Yours in Scouting,
Adrian Tennant
Board of Directors Scouting Ireland

Hon Vice Presidents
Provincial Commissioners
County Commissioners
National Youth Reps
All Adult Scouters

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