Joy & gratitude amidst adversity. So much to learn.

~ a message from Julie while in Malawi ~

They are here. This very moment. They pour down like a sweet balm on the thirsty creviced soil. They fill the dried up river beds and streams. THE RAINS bring a future of new growth and new hope - perhaps a brighter future this time? They are welcomed beyond measure.

Yet, they come with adversity too.

At this moment, I am sitting in my dry home. Listening to THE RAINS pound heavily at my metal roof. I watch them through my glass window. I am dry. But hundreds of my friends are not. They sit huddled together in a corner of their hut. Men, women, boys, girls, young and old. Entwined together on a solitary dry spot of the, now muddied, dirt floor as THE RAINS make their way through the hut’s somewhat protective (straw and rat-chewed-hole-creating plastic) ceiling they’ve set up for “protection”. My friends are damp and cold. But somehow. Somehow. They are filled with an overwhelming joy and deep gratitude that THE RAINS are here. New growth. New hope. A potential future of filled tummies for ONE whole year. They sit huddled day after day, night after night, with thankful hearts. They are thankful amidst their adversity.

I have so much to learn.

I have so much to share.

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