My new friend Leah

Leah. A new friend. Aged 14 years. I wept as I left her today. Literally. Her story in short: Last year she developed sores on her upper right leg. She stopped walking. The village clinic didn't know how to diagnose, so they referred her to a government hospital in Mzuzu. The hospital prescribed medication that they didn't have in stock (a common occurrence) ... which would have been free. Instead, her dad had to buy the medication himself ... $20 per month. After the first month, he had no money to continue the treatment. No money. She remains with a leg with sores. Leah can't bend her leg. She has dropped out of school. Helps minimally with chores. And basically spends her days sitting around. And she's not getting better. There's no money. $20 for one month. I cried and cried. How do I go back to a country with so much available to us? Treatments that are free. Disposable incomes. Excessive consumerism. How do I live on a planet where there is such a massive chasm between what seem like two different worlds, when they're not ... we are living in the same world, at the same time in history. Today hit me like a ton of bricks.
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