Update on beautiful Leah

Leah had surgery on her leg on September 10 to clean out the dead bone from inside of the bone in her right femur. The surgery went well. However, upon my arrival Monday 20th, (10 days after her surgery), we found she had a new open site below the bandaging that was oozing creamy liquid. We took her on Tuesday 21 for her post-op follow up and bandage removal appointment. The open site indicated the infection is still heavily in her bone. She required another surgery to clean the sinus of infection leaking from the bone. This occurred Thursday morning. She is now back in the village. But her condition is very serious. The infection is not under control. We await a follow up visit on Monday to find out what can be done for her. With osteomyelitis, infection is very difficult to cure. It can keep recurring as well even if cleared up at some point. This beautiful girl. She needs your prayers for healing. For comfort through the pain. And for wisdom for the doctors to know what else they may be able to do for Leah. She’s been on heavy doses of antibiotics 6 weeks through June and again now for another 6. If the surgery hasn’t proven successful, I’m not sure what comes next. She’s very ill.

She is a strong and courageous 14 year old girl, who smiles through the pain and greets us with joy. I just love her beautiful face and gentle spirit. She is warm and friendly. And kind. Her spirit sparkles. Please pray for her.

I will keep you posted.
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