Bringing clean water to the villages

Over the years we have trained almost 300 people how to use Sawyer Water filters. This community of over 4000 people only have 10 working bore holes. That's 400 people per bore hole ... IF all 4000 can reach them easily. But they can't. This community is spread across a huge area - approximately 30km radius. There's just no way these bore holes can serve everyone.

In the area of clean water, the goal of Love a Village over the next few years is to have at least one Rope Pump in each of the 42 villages and as many of the 1000 households as possible to have a Sawyer filter to further treat the water they draw.

I often hear people saying "water is life", when we talk about water here. It's true. And lives are still being affected by the contaminated stream water they drink from. I've personally witnessed the cows standing in the same part of the stream (drinking and defecting), as people who are washing their clothes and drawing water for cooking, drinking and bathing, in the same spot.

In this picture you'll see the team girls preparing buckets for the filters we will distribute during our training sessions. Due to poor internet here, I can only successfully upload one photo per newsletter. Once I'm back in Canada, I will send more.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get clean water through Sawyer filters to these beautiful people who so desperately need it. I can tell you, the villagers are absolutely ecstatic about how we are helping their community.

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