Malawi News #4

Passports and apologies.

Hello friends and family. Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of communication. There are several factors, none of which is a good excuse on its own. Our days are full and time is slipping by ever so quickly. We find ourselves up early and to bed late most days. I have made several attempts to get connection and upload photos, but to no avail. Internet is slow and drops frequently. Although this can feel frustrating at the time, it is something that is fully accepted as part of life in Malawi. And I love it! Always a challenge and adventure.

So, I still have et to get some of the updates from the girls out. I will keep trying.

For now ...

1. Passports will be picked up for three of the Seath children on Tuesday, August 2. Please pray they are there, as there is a slight chance one won't be.
2. Team 3 departs Toronto early morning on Thursday, August 4 and arrives in Malawi at the guest house late at night on Friday, August 5. Please pray for safety and peace for the trip. And for all the last minute things that need tying up for the Seath family and Emma before they fly.
3. That Tay, Mo and I will get accomplished all we need to in these last few days before the team's arrival. There is a ton to do!
4. Continued health.
5. Energy and strength for our partner Daniel as he juggles two jobs and the ever present necessities of our team. He has been going full steam since our arrival in May and is also going from early morning to late at night.
6. Everything is going so very very well here. The accomplishments of the girls are huge! We are learning so much through the surveys they are conducting with our Malawian friends.
7. Final days of funding for Emma. She is at 81% of her target. We know God will provide. And are thankful for His provision.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support in all we do as we serve our King here. Our hearts are pummeled with smiles and tears on a daily basis. There is so much here that goes beyond comprehension. Knowing that we have friends and family who are praying for us is a huge gift and so, we are deeply grateful.

Love a Village, in partnership with Rural Development Partners IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of some of the neediest people on our planet. We are able to love the poor as God has commanded. Thank you for your support.

~ for the team
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