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Heading back

I (Julie) will be heading back to Malawi this week. I'll be re-joining Taylor-Ann and Moriah, who have been there since the beginning of May. Together we'll be finishing up the census of Luhomero that the girls (including Bethany, who has returned to Canada) have been working so hard on.

We then have two teams joining us (see below)

Prayer request from the girlies in Malawi.

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So very thankful for these beautiful people!
L to R: Jean (baby in belly), Bethany, Dan, Jo, Moriah, Taylor-Ann
Julie returned to Canada at the end of May, and Bethany followed 2 weeks later.
More about our Partners
Tay & Mo - the ones we left behind
(clearly they're missing my presence and greatly anticipating my arrival)
During July, Marshall & Mark (Team 2) will be travelling to Malawi to learn more about our clean water projects. And will work with our partners, Hans and Reinier from the SMART Centre, installing a rope pump!
At the beginning of August the rest of the SeathBunch, along with family friend, Emma, (Team 3) will fly out for their trip. They will be participating in a number of our project areas: clean water, food security, hygiene and our education.
More about our Teams
for Teams 2 & 3
Trinity Grace Church
826 Eglinton Ave E
Sunday, July 10th
All are welcome!

An exceptional man

In one of the reports the girls have submitted, there is a story of a man, "James" who stood out to them. Here is what they wrote:

We met "James" close to the Luhomero Health Centre. His life is very similar to many other villagers that we have met. He is married with 3 daughters and farms tobacco to make a living. What set him apart was that he has a relationship with Jesus.

We have started asking questions concerning faith after getting through with the more practical survey questions. Most people will say, "God provides things for us when we beg him for them" and "Jesus is God’s son". James' answers were different in that he actually remembers when he became a Christian and has seen changes in his life since.

He explained to us that he learned about Jesus from a preacher when he was 15. He said, "Up until then, I was not living a good life. I spent my time drinking beer and going out with friends. My life now looks very different from how it was before I became a Christian. I praise God for changing my life."

It’s encouraging to meet someone like James, who is obviously so grateful to God for even more than preservation of life. As James said, “Without Jesus, there is no life”.
For years now, ANB Futbol has been donating futbol (soccer) equipment and clothing for us to take to distribute in Luhomero. Through their generosity we have been able to support elementary school teams, and extra clothing has been give to families who are in great need.

These shirts were found hanging in the sun to dry. They had been given to a family last year.

There was another family that received these shirts as well because they had just lost their home and everything they had in it. A small floating ember had set their thatched roof ablaze. They lost all the food they'd harvested for the year. And even their 4 goats, which were going to be used for food and income. We were able to supply the whole family with these same shirts!! This is one of the reasons we are focusing on housing - hoping to ensure thatched roofs are changed over to tin.

Thank you ANB Futbol!

Thank you

Toronto Cantata Chorus - We sang our hearts out at the beginning of June to 600+ people. What a night! The music was incredible! Thank you TCC for giving me the opportunity to share about Love a Village. And thank you to all those who came in support of our charity.

Icon Digital Productions Inc. for donating a beautiful banner of our logo for us to use at our events! Your gift is greatly appreciated and will be well used. :) 

Mackenzie and Jory  for creating the photo poster board for me!

Spiritual heaviness

I have received the most recent report from the girls and there is a heaviness in my heart for them and the lives they are learning about - widows and widowers, sickness physically and mentally, grandparents caring for grandchildren, hunger and thirst, orphans and abandonment, witchcraft and traditional doctors, divorce and polygamy, and prostitution for staples of food, soap and salt.

The girls report that they have noticed a real benefit of going from village to village. It is allowing them to understand some of the social dynamics better and they have found some key people who they hope to see as beneficiaries of our clean water projects in the near future!!


Prayer request from the girls

"Please pray for us and the people of Luhomero as we are becoming increasingly aware of the spiritual climate here in Malawi. From talking to some Christians, both Malawian and Mzungu (Malawian word for "white person"), we have heard many stories of witchcraft going on. The way that things are right now, witchcraft is not a crime and if you accuse someone of practising witchcraft without proof, they can take you to court and sue you. Therefore, people who recognize it as being wrong are afraid to come forward and point people out and those who rely on and trust witchdoctors continue to seek help from them."

Please join us in praying for spiritual protection over the girls.


Some of you may remember Stellah from last September. Through a generous private sponsorship that began in 2013, this young girl in Malawi was able to do what would have otherwise been impossible - pay her high school tuition and have the supplies required to finish. This private sponsorship ended in 2015. 

She was then accepted to do a 2 year teacher's college programme but could not afford it. I posted her story on Facebook last year, and due to the generosity of friends (most of whom I hadn't spoken to in years!), we were able to send her to her 1st year of teacher's college in 2015! THANK YOU!!

She will be heading back for her 2nd, and final year, this September 2016. While helping her with this expense is private and is not an official Love a Village Mission program (and is therefore not tax receiptable), it is an opportunity that aligns with our values. Without help, she will be unable to attend again this year. Would you consider helping us continue to open the door to her future together?

To learn more or to contribute toward her education, you can reply to this email or email me at

This year we will need to raise $900CAD for September 2016. (The conversion rate is in our favour right now.)


Thank you Nini, Tay 'n Mo for doing such a "well done good and faithful servant" job, for our King!
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