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Healthy Directions, Winter 2015

What Are The Signs Your Child is Using Drugs? 

By: Scott A Haselman, Fulton County Prosecuting Attorney

Sometimes parents have a gut feeling that something is going on in their child’s life, but they’re not able to put their finger on it. Many times it is normal childhood or adolescent behavior, but other times it is something much more serious. Because they are not familiar with the “drug culture”, some parents may be missing some obvious signs that their child has a problem with drugs or alcohol.
            You may think that your relationship with your child is such that they would confide in you if they had a drug or alcohol problem. Most likely they won’t. They themselves may be in denial about the nature and extent of their problem, and even if they were fully aware of the issue, drug addicts are still capable of feeling shame, and they don’t want to feel like they’re a disappointment to their family and long-time friends.

Scott A. Haselman
Fulton County
Prosecuting Attorney

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I would like to talk to my child about drug use, but I don't know how.
It is very important to talk to you children early and often about the dangers of drug use, and it is never too late to start.  Please follow this link for more information and help with talking to your kids.

I have discovered that my loved one has a drug issue... now what?
There are many resources available to help you take the next step.  Please follow this link for more information on local organizations that can help.

For additional information on substance abuse, and prevention please check out our

fayette comm convo slideshow

Fayette Community Conversation
Let’s Talk…   
about raising substance-free kids.

A youth event  about how current life choices might affect your future.

Staff Thoughts: 

By: Robin Willson, HC3Partnership Staff

                No matter what Holiday you celebrate during this season, or don’t celebrate as the case may be, almost every family has a list of traditions, habits, or quirks that are associated with this time of year!  For example, in our family we have a piñata and a visit from Santa Claus along with our gift exchange at Christmas.   This year I am making an ”end of year” resolution to update our family traditions, reducing or eliminating the adult style traditional parties, and replacing them with quality family time.  If you are interested in ideas on how to come along for the ride, here are some thoughts I have collected below for my family to consider.

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What's Trending Now?


Marijuana in the news...

 Holiday "Spirits"

YAC Update:

“Where are the tables?” asked a bewildered Archbold YAC member.  “What’s going on?”  Things looked a little different to the YAC members who attended the November meeting held at the Fulton County Admin Bldg.  A ‘Warm Fuzzy board’ decorated the wall, a prize wheel on display in the front of the room, Jib Jab video’s staring our own YAC members were playing on the screen...          More Information

Making a Difference!

Sharon Morr – Chair of the Tobacco Task Force, member of the Alcohol and Marijuana Task Force, and community leader!

Why you are involved in our coalition?
I find it very rewarding to help someone quit tobacco and though my experience is largely in tobacco, many of the risky behaviors for all drugs are similar. There is a great need to address all of these behaviors with our youth in a comprehensive manner.  I hope our coalition work will be able to help our youth lead healthy and productive lives that will enhance the quality of life in Fulton County.

What motivated you to get involved?
Through the years of working with tobacco addiction, I’ve seen the impact of unhealthy choices made in our youth. Tobacco users that I have worked with all wish they had NEVER started.  I want that message to get to our kids.  It’s the same for other drugs as well.

A Closer Look

From the Director's Desk

By: Beth Thomas, HC3 Program Director

This time of year always encourages me to reflect on the challenges and successes of the previous year.  We are thrilled that we have reached out to parents through our Community Conversations, our Parents- It’s YOUR call social media training, to the community through our KNOW You Make a Difference social media campaign and our Celebrate Fulton County event, and youth through our signature Stomping Grounds events, our #GameOn fair youth event, our #WhatsYourChoice youth event, as well as our youth empowerment program, YAC (Youth Advisory Council).  The coalition worked hard to address the health and safety concerns of marijuana use and we are pleased with the sound defeat of the pending marijuana legalization in Ohio.          

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Upcoming Events

Wauseon Community Conversation - Coming Soon

FAYETTE EAGLES - Let's Talk...

Planning Meeting - Dec 8th

HC3 is excited to begin the planning process for our next Wauseon Community Conversation, an opportunity for parents and other adults to learn and share ideas on raising substance-free kids!  We welcome any interested community member to join us for our first planning meeting for this event on Tuesday December 8, 2015 at 9 am at the Fulton County Health Department.  Questions?  Please contact Beth at 419-337-0915 or by email at

YAC Retreat 2016 - Feb. 14 at 12:00 pm - Feb. 15 at 2:00 pm

FAYETTE EAGLES - Let's Talk...

"To Infinity and Beyond"

Our annual YAC retreat is coming up in the new year.  This will take place at Camp Palmer in Fayette, Ohio.  Students will arrive on Feb. 14th at 12:00 pm and stay until Feb 15th at 2:00 pm. The planning committee has been brainstorming ideas for the t-shirt designs, and workshop presentations.  The theme “To Infinity and Beyond,” was chosen and committee members will continue meeting to decide upon decorations, games, food, speakers to fill the 24 plus hours of retreat (squeezing in a few hours for sleep). Watch our website and facebook page for more details coming soon!

KNOW:  You Make a Difference - Ongoing Social Media Campaign

KNOW:  YOU Make a Difference
Do you KNOW someone who makes a difference? 

The neighbor who always waves when you are outside?  The co-worker who offers encouragement when things are rough?  The friend who is always willing to lend an ear and a hand?

Nominate them for our KNOW:  YOU Make a Difference social media campaign.   

Follow this link to nominate someone TODAY!

Our Contact Information is:
Healthy Choices Caring Communities
606 S. Shoop Ave
Wauseon, OH 43567

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