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Happy Easter! 
I wrote and erased that greeting three times, because it feels weird to wish anyone a happy anything these days! On friends' birthdays, I've been wishing them a "happy weirdest birthday ever," for this very reason. But of course it is Easter - whether this virus, or this weather, or the world news acknowledges that fact. 

And now we've hit that point where we are starting to consider what comes next -  about what life might be like After All This, or between This Time and Next Time. We dream about being able to go to dinner in restaurants, hug the family members we've been separated from, go to church. 

I'm trying to think of this time as much as an opportunity as a crisis; now that I know what I miss, what I long for, what I wish I could do, and how quickly opportunities to do those things can disappear... well, it makes me think that I should do them, once I can. So I ask myself, what will I do, once I can do things again?  Who will I see, once I can see people again? How will I arrange my time, once it is mine to spend again, so that it really, truly reflects my beliefs and values? 

My prayer is that this crisis will drive us all to be better people, better Christians, taking every opportunity (once we can, but also, right now) to show God's love to others, to go deeper in our relationship with God, to learn more about our faith and practice it  more sincerely. Of course, this is what a parish is for - to help people do all these things - and we're still on our mission to offer hospitality and healing to everyone. Thanks for praying in support of that mission, and doing your part, whenever and how ever you can! 

Until we can gather in person again, we hope you'll keep in touch in every way possible. 
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Happy Easter, Salem! 



Happy Easter! It may be difficult to remember we are people who are called to be in communion with our Savior Jesus Christ. But we are. It may also be difficult to remember we are people who live in community, centered in the Eucharist, and guided by the Holy Spirit. But we are. To be a Christian is to remember God is with us in all things, even in this pandemic. I hope you are looking for places where God is revealing Himself to be present.

Here is one example: Last week, during the Monday of Holy Week, the Alpha group leaders for the Spanish speakers were meeting via Zoom. They were trying to put together a list of all the guests, in order to contact them and invite them to the next Alpha experience. (Via Zoom of course.) There was no master list, so each leader began to describe the people at their table, from what they remembered, and to whom they were connected. For example, this is Maria, she is connected to Lucy from working at such-and-such a place. This is Juan, who is the brother-in-law of Joseph who plays an instrument in the choir, etc. Slowly, almost the whole group was made known. As I watched this, I was amazed that all these leaders, in the middle of a difficult time, were able to piece together the community we were forming. I told them that it was a privilege to watch the action of the Holy Spirit, helping them to connect to one another, and to help them to remember each person. It is the same for us. God remembers each person and continues to reach out to us in different ways. As a people, we are called to be connected to God, through the Son, and to all the people he has called to be his own.

This Holy Saturday, we welcomed our RCIA catechumen and candidate into our community. We are connecting them to Jesus and to our MQOA community. Welcome Gail and Jesse!

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday and I will be praying the chaplet on Sunday at 3:00 in Spanish. Sadly, we still cannot offer the Eucharist, but we will also have the monstrance with the Eucharist exposed at our church doors (IC, so far) as often as possible. We also have been offering drive-up Confessions on Saturday afternoons, and will continue to, weather-permitting.  If you come to adore or confess, we ask you to stay in your car and maintain social distancing. 

Finally, I want to remind you what I said in the homily this past weekend. When Jesus appeared to the disciples after the resurrection, some did not recognize Him, and some did not believe it was Him. In our own time, I think it is important to remember that Jesus changed and so will we. This Easter, more than ever before, we are called to change by deepening our faith as we continue to be disciples of the risen Jesus. This is particularly important (and challenging) in times of stress and absence from the community. If we can trust God the Father, as his Son did, perhaps we too will see that out of this world-wide Good Friday experience, we will have a glorious and unbelievable, true resurrection moment.

One of the pastors I follow on social media has stated, “Jesus said, the new temple is Him and we can find him anywhere.” Until we can receive Jesus in the sacrament of Eucharist, we must continue to look for the risen Christ in the world around us. The incarnate glorified Christ appears to us. Come Holy Spirit, and come Lord Jesus.

Peace, Father Murray

Easter Candle at Immaculate: The Easter Candle at Immaculate will be in the window all day from roughly 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM during the Octave of Easter. We have blessed the St. James Candle and when the weather is better, we will also place that candle in the doorway to remind us that Christ is our light and that he has come to pierce the darkness of sin and the darkness that we feel with this pandemic.

Felices Pascuas! Puede ser difícil re-cordar que somos personas llamadas a estar en comunión con nuestro Sal-vador Jesucristo, pero lo somos. Y también puede ser difícil recordar que somos personas que vivimos en una comunidad centrada en la Eucaristía y somos guiados por el Espíritu Santo, pero lo somos. Ser cristiano es recor-dar que Dios está con nosotros en todas las cosas, e incluso en esta pan-demia, espero que usted esté buscan-do lugares donde Dios se esté reve-lando para estar presente.
Aquí hay un ejemplo.La semana pasada, durante el Lunes Santo, los líderes del grupo Alpha para hispanohablantes se reunieron a través de Zoom. Intentaban armar una lista de todos los invitados para con-tactarlos e invitarlos a la próxima ex-periencia Alpha. (A través de Zoom, por supuesto). No había una lista maestra, por lo que cada líder comen-zó a describir a las personas en su mesa a partir de lo que recordaban y con quién estaban conectados. Por ejemplo, esta es María, está conecta-da a Lucy desde el trabajo en tal o cual lugar. Este es Juan, el cuñado de Joseph que toca en el coro, etc. Lenta-mente, casi todo el grupo se dio a co-nocer. Mientras observaba esto, me sorprendió que todos estos líderes, en medio de un momento difícil, pudie-ran reconstruir la comunidad que estábamos formando. Les dije que era un privilegio observar la acción del Espíritu Santo, ayudándoles a conec-tarse entre sí y ayudándoles a recor-dar a cada persona. Es lo mismo para nosotros. Dios recuerda a cada perso-na y continúa acercándose a nosotros de diferentes maneras. Como pueblo, estamos llamados a mantenernos co-nectados con Dios a través del Hijo, y continuar integrando en esa conexión a todas las personas que él ha llama-do a ser suyos.
Este Sábado Santo, también recibimos a personas en nuestra comunidad y las estamos conectando con Jesús y nuestra comunidad MQOA. Bienvenidos Gil y Jesse.
Este domingo es domingo de la Divina Misericordia y rezaré el chaplet el domingo a las 3:00 en español. Lamentablemente, todavía no podemos ofrecer la Eucaristía, pero también tendremos la monstrance con la Eucaristía expuesta a las puertas de nuestra iglesia (IC, hasta ahora) tan a menudo como sea posible. También hemos estado ofreciendo confesiones los sábados por la tarde, y continuaremos, si el tiempo lo permite.  Si vienes a adorar o confesar, te pedimos que te quedes en tu auto y mantengas el distanciamiento social.
Finalmente, quiero recordarles lo que dije en la homilía del pasado fin de semana. Cuando Jesús se apareció a los discípulos después de la resurrec-ción, algunos no lo reconocieron y otros no creyeron que fuera Él. En nuestro tiempo, creo que es impor-tante recordar que Jesús cambió y no-sotros también lo haremos. Esta Pas-cua, más que nunca antes, vemos que estamos llamados a cambiar al profundizar nuestra fe a medida que con-tinuamos siendo discípulos del Jesús resucitado. Esto es particularmente importante (y desafiante) en momen-tos de estrés y ausencia de la comunidad. Si podemos confiar en Dios Padre como lo hizo su Hijo, quizás también veamos que, de esta experiencia mundial del Viernes Santo, tendremos un glorioso e increíble, pero verdade-ro momento de resurrección. Uno de los pastores que sigo ha declarado en las redes sociales que, como dijo Je-sús, el nuevo templo es Él y podemos encontrarlo en cualquier lugar.
Por supuesto que tenemos los sacramentos, pero hasta entonces, debemos continuar mirando con atención para ver dónde se nos aparece el Cristo resucitado, el Cristo glorificado encar-nado. Ven Espíritu Santo y ven Señor Jesús.Vela de Pascua en Inmaculada. La vela de Pascua en Inmaculada estará en la ventana todo el día desde las 8:00 a.m. a las 7:30 p.m. Hemos encendido la vela de San James y cuando el clima mejore, también colocaremos esa vela en la puerta para recordarnos que Cristo es nuestra luz y que Él ha veni-do a abrirse paso por la oscuridad del pecado y la oscuridad con la que nos sentimos en esta pandemia.
Paz, Padre Murray 

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We are not offering public Masses at this time. Please visit our website often for updates. 

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