Announcing Northwest Folklife's 2022 Cultural Focus, Metamorphosis: In with the Old, In with the New

Northwest Folklife’s 2022 Cultural Focus, Metamorphosis: In with the Old, In with the New, celebrates people’s natural propensity for change.  This year we explore themes of transition, transformation, and growth – themes central to the folk lineage and process.
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Manifesting Change

Folklife in our Communities:  Initiate and deepen relationships to amplify the work and voices from within communities.

Workforce Development & Creative Economy:  Bolster people, organizations, and initiatives that contribute to a strengthened creative industry; value and elevate investments in the cultural labor which sustains our creative ecosystem. 
Hybridization: Digital Storytelling: Make archived media more accessible and engaging; Produce new programs which strengthen cultural education, bring new opportunities, and widen the reach of artists and audiences.
Cultural Focus

Art Reflecting Life, Life Reflecting Art

This year’s approach to our annual poster design is a little different than in the past. We have invited four artists to collaborate on this design process, in phases. Each artist will create a layer, building on the previous artist's contribution. Like a relay race, not only will each artist be responsible for their own leg of the race, but the interim moments of passing the baton, and the exchange of ideas within each transition, will influence the direction of the art. By the end, we’ll unveil a unique, collective vision that can also be shown as a comprehensive design, as well as displayed in component pieces.
Meet the Artists
1st Round:  Liz Tran: @liztranstudios

Channeling subjects such as dream imagery, mycology, the psyche and outer space, Liz Tran explores the shape of nature, with the infusing of fantastical, pulsing synthetic hues. Through a variety of media and cross disciplinary practices and collaborations, she creates atmospheres that aim to activate.
"For the Folklife Festival poster I focused on the process of eclosion. As the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis it prepares to experience the world as a completely different creature. This is just one way the natural world reminds us that we have the ability to transform.”  - Liz Tran
2nd Round:   Terence Smith:  IG @TerenceSmith58 


3rd Round:   Megan McDermott:  ​​ IG @gobsofcolor


4th Round:   Rae Akino:  IG @rae_akino
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