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When they asked if I'd be willing to write an article on having kids at home while running your own business, I not only jumped, I ran -- fast. If I am going to write an article in my spare time, it has to be something I can talk about...a lot. And talking about babysitters, iPads and how there really is no such thing as "an email design emergy," is something I can do. 

You can find my tips in this piece here for The Agency Collective. are 7 things for ya:
  1. Test your website's site speed with this tool. 
  2. How to insert a simple poll or survey RIGHT into your Mailchimp email.
  3. Still my favorite "work from home but still try to be cute" sweatshirt ever.
  4. It's Amazon Prime Day. Here are some tech deals and "mom deals."
  5. Live in GA? Mailchimp's new early voting tool wins this week. 
  6. This kid is 100%.
  7. My other new favorite newsletter.

That's all! Have a great Tuez, friends!
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