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Last week was a massive week for all things Mailchimp. So this email is a quick breakdown of what you need to know. There were a lot of big things that happened. 

10 Things Mailchimp Released Last Week:
1. MAJOR updates for small businesses with their Fall Release. This video explains everything.

2. The biggest update is an app re-design. I'm really excited to dig into this new look.

3. Second Act, a film series from Mailchimp Presents is back for a second season and this 7 min short film about a former postal worker turned maker of violins really struck a chord with me. It's beautiful.

4. A NEW POP-UP EDITOR! We design a lot of pop-ups for websites and Mailchimp has an entirely new pop-up editor that makes gorgeous pop-ups. If you ever need one for your website, let me know.

5. Powered by AI and 2 billion data points, Mailchimp Smarts will help your biz make more money. From "Product Recommendations" to a cool Subject Line Helper and more, so many incredible tools for businesses.

6. A new Creative Assistant tool will CREATE and resize graphics for you. A free graphic designer at your fingertips. Here's a quick video I made showing you. 

7. Create a website in Mailchimp (and buy your own domain) with the new, enhanced website builder

8. New Customer Journey Builder tool lets you automate your customer's journey based on how they interact with your business. This will make your automations/workflows a lot easier. 

9. Mailchimp has always had a connection with Square for people to purchase products right from your landing page, but now they have added Stripe as an option!

10. The Mailchimp mobile app is now available in Spanish.
So many incredible and huge updates for anyone that uses Mailchimp. What I love most about these updates is that Mailchimp has really listened to their customers and partners and has worked so hard to create a platform that helps small business owners. I think that's rad.

Have a great week, y'all!
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